Rob Creighton Garrison
  • 58, Male
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • United States
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Live elsewhere but still reading here. Thanks for a great site, Chantal and DCF!

Profile Information

Where I Live:
Portland (actually Milwaukie but close enough) Oregon
About Me:
My wife and I recently moved back to Oregon from Albuquerque. We realized our home is there after all. Thanks to all for making us feel welcome. :o)

I love Life. If you don't, please keep it to yourself, thanks.

If you define yourself by what you despise, please do us both a solid and go bother someone else with your pithy critique of the world's ills. If you aren't happy with your life, take steps to change it that DON'T include trying to persuade me that my life sucks too. Whining is tiresome.

I love animals and prefer them to most people. My conversations with my pets tend to be lengthier and more satisfying, anyway.

I love food. I hate the discipline that demands that I not eat any and all foods that I see. In my youth I learned to love really dangerous food. Now I'm middle-aged and have to watch what I eat. This sucks. Let's just talk about something else.

I like to exercise. No I don't. That's a big, fat, stripey lie. What I mean to say is that I exercise so that I won't be a gigantic wheezing old guy in my "twilight years".

I cast out the demon terbacky on July 1, 2006. I think I'd still like to smoke, but I'm sure I'm wrong.

My consumption of whiskey improves the companionship of those around me.

I now post my blog on Blogger, Thoughts.Com, and PortlandNeighborhood.Com.
I'm an anti-social social butterfly. Thank the godz for the internet, huh?
Favorite Thing(s) About Albuquerque:
The desert (chapparal, whatEVER), the food, the more reasonable cost of living.
My Website:
What I'm Reading:
Duke City Fix!

Rob Creighton Garrison's Blog

Running To Catch Up

Posted on September 19, 2010 at 1:02pm 0 Comments

It's approaching a month since we've returned home, and being “idle” (are people who are searching for work “idle”? I think NOT) has started to gently nibble at my joie de vivre.

I just a couple of days ago received a form letter via email from a prospective employer thanking me for interviewing but informing me that the position has been filled. Most other applications I've made have been via website and email, a process I find much more stressful than face-to-face interviews (for… Continue

Stamina Shmamina

Posted on August 15, 2010 at 10:33am 5 Comments

I don’t know about ya’ll but for me, eating too much and too late in the evening leads to odd dreams. Last night’s offering found me enjoying an Emmy prize with Jon Hamm (he plays Don Draper in Mad Men). Too bad the prize was two seats at the Olympic Games where we watched a yak-driving competition, and there was only one team and one yak. I was disappointed, naturally, and Mr. Hamm was livid. Where does this stuff come from?

Our travel date is fast approaching and the missus… Continue


Posted on June 27, 2010 at 11:01am 17 Comments

Have I said lately just how much I love Albuquerque, and New Mexico in general?

If I haven't, I feel the need to state it anew. I love the climate, the landscape, the cuisine, and the great people we've met in person and on-line (via Duke City Fix). I feel great about the opportunity I've taken to revisit the state of my youth (geographically speaking; I've never left the figurative state) and I'm doubly glad that my wife, who had her doubts prior to our relocation, has loved it all… Continue

Woe. Wide. Uh. Wides A Widow Woe-uh.

Posted on May 9, 2010 at 11:30am 11 Comments

It's not every day one gets to participate in a rescue, and it's not a bad way at all to begin an afternoon. It's also an opportunity to understand that, as sucky as you think your day is going to be, someone else's day might have the potential to suck way harder.

Had some business to wade through at the North Valley Mail Carrier Annex on Montano yesterday (Saturday), and the missus graciously agreed to drop me off before running her errands. I was going to be there all afternoon,… Continue


Posted on April 18, 2010 at 12:31pm 10 Comments

Because I have no cohesive narrative in mind...

One thing I hate: Making a sangwich and squeezing the mustard bottle to get an ejaculation of mustard water. That's just disgusting. Yeah, I was in a hurry and didn't shake well.


Who loves tumbleweeds? I love tumbleweeds. On the drive home from work last week I was very nearly broadsided on Jefferson by a swarm of 'em surfing a great gust of wind across the roadway. The wind alone was cool (I may be alone in… Continue

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At 11:38am on September 12, 2009, Señorita Ruth said…
lol! i totally relate. the post-event-i-missed conversation is always a social minefield to get through.
At 9:13am on August 25, 2009, once banned twice shy said…
Sadly, a lot of places do that. You can contact Jim Arrowsmith with the city (I am pretty sure his number is on the city website if you go to bicycling), or call 311 and they will hook you up. It really is easy and I don't see any reason why your company wouldn't let the city do it. Oh, said they have no common sense...
At 10:27am on August 24, 2009, once banned twice shy said…
Rob: Did the management tell you why they were banning bicycles in the facility? Anyway, why don't you ask them to ask the city for the bike lockers? The city will install them for FREE and all a cyclist has to do is pay a one-time key deposit (might be $5.00). Go ahead and give it a try. All they can do is say no--but I think they are being asses to ban bicycles in the facility and then say they aren't willing to contact the city to get bike lockers. Try this on them: any employee who bikes to work costs them LESS in healthcare and sick days.
At 9:37am on May 27, 2009, Benny the Icepick said…
//The weight weenies will marvel at the vacuum tugging at their $300 jerseys as they pass.//

That is some GREAT imagery!
At 2:07pm on May 11, 2009, Benny the Icepick said…
Congrats on getting a job!

As for the altitude, it's supposed to take 6-8 weeks for your blood to achieve the appropriate density of red blood cells for maximum oxygenization (yeah, I made that word up). Lung capacity, leg strength, and overall stamina are a different matter altogether.
At 5:20pm on May 10, 2009, Dick Chingadero said…
Well, I hope you came to the right place. Running a warehouse is always a good job skill, though I don't know about these days.

Back in 1983, my first wife and I moved down here from the Tacoma area, Washington having the second worst rate of unemployment in the country at the time. We left town mere seconds before Bill Gates and his cronies arrived.

I worked as a graphic designer/advertising dept. manager for about 20 years. I've also been a college student for the past 5 years. I'm graduating from UNM next Saturday. I work as a research assistant for a UNM professor. I'll be back in the fall for grad school, though, pursuing an MFA in creative writing. I've got a teaching assistantship, so I'll be teaching English 101 in the fall.

And I beg to differ. I think most ex-newspaper journalists would LOVE to make a living as bloggers.
At 8:58am on May 7, 2009, Dick Chingadero said…
Hi Rob
I saw your note that you are doing a job hunt. What sort of work do you do? Do you have a DSM-IV for a job, or is it left over from college days?
At 9:41am on May 3, 2009, Benny the Icepick said…

Welcome to Albuquerque! Friday 15-May is National Bike to Work Day, and BikeABQ will be handing out breakfast and brand new 2009 bike maps to riders at seven food stops around the city. You should find the one nearest you at It'd be a good first journey on your bike!
At 1:42pm on April 7, 2009, Sun Dog said…
Glad to see you made it intact, more or less. I'll be making a similar journey sometime in the next year....with only one cat...coming from the midwest.
At 10:26am on April 7, 2009, once banned twice shy said…
Well, you'll find the weather to be infinitely nicer to ride in, but you might also notice that some of the motorists have a way to go in accepting the cyclists here. If you stick to bike routes, though, you'll find motorists who are more accustomed to us two-wheelers...

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