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lower student ghetto
About Me:
Favorite Thing(s) About Albuquerque:
I am the unofficial mayor
What I'm Reading:
les mis, gault-millaut 1994, larrousse gastronomique (original edition), seed savers catalogue 2008, american history desk reference

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At 8:33pm on August 6, 2008, Anne said…
I was in the Bosque today and a naked long, haired guy passed me jogging...no shoes, not tan line ANYWHERE...he looked like a biblical character..one of the people possesed..it's weird cuz I'm reading a book on Mary Magdelene..everyone was plaged by Demons back then..I guess they are now too..like that Canadian chap that beheaded the guy next to him on the bus and ate pieces too..It's not something you see every day though...more common in San Fran, but not here.
At 8:29pm on August 6, 2008, Anne said…
I dunno..I'm sure a Hummel..those are so icky..I should find one though...oh like an innocent little fisher boy with a bucket...
At 1:14pm on August 6, 2008, Miriam said…
Glad to help you out. Anne said she talked to you yesterday. What are you doing now? Where are you cooking?
At 9:29am on March 31, 2008, the hand model said…
yo' dude what exit you from, (EXIT 15E)
does jersey even have a hockey team, oh yeah, they used to be the rockies from colorado.
jeez, remember when the redwings sucked and mcsorley played for the oilers and was gretzkeys hitman?(THE GOOD OLD DAYS BEFORE SUN BELT HOCKEY)
I really don't think that the etouffee I made was the best ever but if you wanna give props than that is cool. (YES, IT WAS)
It took me for ever to find this but i did. I remember everyone who was in the room that night (ME, TOO, AND I THINK THEY'RE ALL GONE FROM ABQ NOW)
and, honestly, I thought handmodel was your wife, or ex wife( YES, EX WIFE),
who knows, its been so long.anyway,
I am Dick on DCF, although I think I am being blocked, probably scientologists or something, they are taking over this town.(YES, THEY ARE)
BTW I still have that Bruins LP you guys bought me, and I cant thank you enough for it. it was from 72 and I think that was the last Cup the bruins ever won. (GLAD YOU STILL HAVE IT, AND IT MIGHT BE A WHILE BEFORE ANOTHER CUP GETS RAISED IN BEANTOWN, THE CURSE OF RAY BORQUE, PERHAPS?)

anyway, drop me a line( HERE YOU GO)
we'll stay in touch ( as long as your not a scientologist, than I am in trouble for saying bad things.) ( I'M NOT A SCIENTOLOGIST BUT I DO LIKE BECK)
At 6:52pm on February 27, 2008, Rita said…
Dick--loved that about your cottonwood logs in the fireplace--I cried from laughing so hard!!! that's funny as shit!!!
At 9:35pm on February 3, 2008, Phil_0 said…
Hey, I got a bit more info on the pirate radio station: there are a few people involved and they broadcast out of a few locations around UNM and downtown. You know, out of people's apartments and the like. They only try to broadcast every so often, and can only get a signal occasionally, so when they do they kind of just play whatever's at hand, usually punk, HC, noise, that kind of thing. The last time I heard it it was mostly crusty punk-type stuff. I'll try to find out some more, but I think it's kind of just an informal be-listening-when-they-get-a-signal kind of deal, no schedules or regular programming or anything like that.

I never thought of it before, but yeah, there's a very fine line between late Reps era/solo Paul Westerberg and Bryan Adams depending on how you look at it. There might not really be any line at all except the one I'm insisting on imposing in my head.
At 11:36pm on January 30, 2008, dick said…
haha, thats funny. I was thinking of "Best Years Of My Life". because I was checking out P. Westerbergs site and they were showing all the influence The Replacements had on late 80s pop and Bryan Adams was one of them ( crazy to think about but The Replacements created that pop sound, but it happened while we were listening to it so we didn't notice, but others did,) I didn't think about Kids Of The Black Hole, that was more a fantasy in high school. I guess I lived out my fantasy on that one
At 7:50pm on January 30, 2008, Phil_0 said…
If you saw him at an Agent Orange show then yeah, that's my cousin. He loves those guys and got me into them back in the day. I don't know, the party house life could sound like a Brian Adams song or it could sound like an Adolescents song...depends on your perspective I guess.
At 10:48pm on January 29, 2008, Phil_0 said…
It'd probably be the first one..I ask because he's a relative.
At 3:04pm on January 29, 2008, Phil_0 said…
Yeah, I think I know a guy who's involved with them at some level. I'll see if I can find out more information. Hey, did you by any chance know a guy named Chuck Hildner back in the 80s/early 90s?

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