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Albuquerque truck farm, ca. 1910

Vegetable display at an Albuquerque truck farm, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Date: 1910? From the collection of the Palace of the Governors.…


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At the Urban Homestead - Growing Your Own Fodder

Well, we got a lot of snow here in Albuquerque last weekend - as it melted it slowly percolated into the soil, watering trees, perennials and soil.  You could almost hear the "ahhhhhhh"!

Added to that, a raven checked out our yard this morning, there are baby tomato and chile plants on the rack fitted with…


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Morning Fix: Boiling Point


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AbQ Pics: Tiny House

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A Trip to Old Mexico right here in New Mexico?

A trip to the Los Altos Ranch Market is more than just a shopping trip.  It's about the music, the colorful aisles, the smell of fresh corn tortillas and much more! …


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Builder and Makers: Juli Hendren

Juli is an actor, theatre artist, traveler, and arts leader. She is authentic, funny, insightful, curious, and dedicated to the transformative power of theatre in our community.…


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Morning Fix: Tumbleweed posse


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ABQ Pics: Feet & Paws

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The Dinner Bell - Doggone it

Say you find yourself on the West Side, or lost in the maze of roads and shops around Cottonwood Mall. You're hungry, but you want something fast--but not that same old stuff found on every corner. Rejoice, Urban Hot Dog is there for you.

Urban Hot Dog has been open for a couple of years now.  As…


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Who Are the Fort Sill Apaches & Why Is Governor Martinez Against Them?

Yesterday afternoon, in a story posted on the Deming Headlight website,  veteran newsman Steve Terrell of the Santa Fe New Mexican reported that a writ of mandamus has been filed by the Fort Sill Apaches to force Governor Susana Martinez to negotiate a gambling contract with the tribe.

Up until a…


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Morning Fix: Cut-rate mobile dental


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ABQ Pics: Apodaca Dodge

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West Bluff Paintings

I have lived in the West Bluff area for over two years now and I've been working on several paintings. My most recent painting is entitled Snow on the Bluff and is available for…


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Morning Fix: Aftermath, sunshine


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ABQ Pics: Frozen Mannequin

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The Sunday Poem: Rich Boucher

Rich Boucher (first name common enough, last name enduring a variety of pronunciations, even from those who know him) is a familiar face on the Albuquerque poetry scene. With his unique personality, dark humor, “noir” aura, and engaging stage presence, he has carved a beloved place for himself in all…


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ABQ Pics: Ghosts of Summer

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Seriously? Some common sense, folks.

From the PIO at APD:

Please advise your viewers/listeners that the City of ABQ and the City of Rio Rancho have deployed barricades on SB NM528 from Westside Blvd. into Abq. Several subjects have moved the barricades and then became stuck on the hill, requiring rescue. The barricades are in place for everyone's safety and should not be moved or bypassed.

In related news: Has anyone seen the chains for my tires? They must be around here somewhere.

Added by Sophie on February 28, 2015 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

Burque Music Scene: Femme Fatale

The hair.  Oh that 80s hair!  My best buddy Pete and I would head to Graham Central Station or one of the other top 40 clubs in town and dance all night to Babe Ruthless.  Lead singer Lorraine Lewis was a powerhouse singer with energy and sex appeal to drive the…


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