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Are Working Class Acupuncture Clinics Becoming Essential Elements of Health Care?

This month Community Acupuncture Albuquerque (CAA) is celebrating being part of POCA: the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture. It seemed like a great time to interview the founder of CAA, Nityamo Lian, DOM,  about how she became involved in the…


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Little Beaver Town, or what’s left of it, is still open for business

OLD ROUTE 66 EAST OF TRAMWAY--Maybe you’ve been asking yourself, “What ever happened to Little Beaver Town?”  But some of you may not have been alive in the late fifties, so let me add a little background: at one time Red Ryder and his sidekick Little Beaver were hot sellers on every comic book rack…


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Morning Fix: Kids on Coffee

  • Maybe you saw it on the DCF Facebook page: another new mixed-use development downtown...this time creeping into Barelas. Except for the Uptown thing I posted yesterday, it seems like downtown is where all the building action is these days.
  • What does…

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ABQ Pics: Off Road

Cemetery on Lomas.

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UNM Celebrates Open Access Week

University Libraries has organized a celebration of Open Access Week and is celebrating with a number of events.  This is a terrific opportunity to talk about transparency with the librarians and friends who champion the idea every day.

Open Government: Promises and Pitfalls

Tuesday, Oct. 21 • 3:30-5 p.m. • Law Library, Room 2402 (free parking provided in the L lot for attendees of this session)

Moderator: Jon Wheeler, data curation librarian, UNM College…


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A Common Bond

When most people think of what a hero is, they might think of the brave first responders of 911, or maybe emergency room doctors that save lives.  Yes, they are all heroes.

What about the everyday heroes that touch your life in ways that are so significant, your life is changed forever?

Meet Mary Oishi.  Many of you know her as a …


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Morning Fix: Black Coffee

  • Name 3 of America's top 5 cities for coffee: Seattle, Portland...Albuquerque? So say the readers of a big national travel mag (and they may not even be aware of Zendo or Michael…

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NM Pics: Hello Central!

Range Cafe in Bernalillo.

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City of Rocks, NM

From our friend Doug R. Check out his adventures at Exploring New Mexico.

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A day at the Rail Yards Market

Today was a great day.  As a representative of the Harwood Art Center's outreach program, Creative Roots, I was part of the …


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The Sunday Poem: Pamela Nomura...

Pamela Nomura came to Hartford, Connecticut via Hawaii, and calls both home. Recently, she spent time in the Southwest, exploring Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, and the Chama Valley. She feels a deep identification with the ancient peoples who inhabited this landscape, and something tells me she will be…


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NM Pics: River View

In Bernalillo.

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Early voting all over ABQ starting today

Early voting continues in Albuquerque, and now you have 18 Bernalillo County voting locations, open as of today.…


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ABQ Pics: Interlocking Zia

Added by Dee Cohen on October 18, 2014 at 6:59am — 4 Comments

Please! Do NOT send in the clowns!

They are here, in Albuquerque.  Beware of the…


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What To Do In ABQ

Friday, October 17

  • Oh Myyy! To Be Takei, the documentary about the king of funny of on Facebook and Star Trek icon will be at The Guild for one show only! (7:00pm)
  • Two…

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NM Pics: Buddies

In Los Cerrillos

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Morning Fix: Rose Ceremony


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The Absolute Best Restaurants in ABQ

I love food, and I don’t think anyone that knows me would dispute that. As such, I like to try different restaurants around Albuquerque. I have found certain restaurants that I like better than others, and specific reasons I like these restaurants. In any case, this list is based on food, and is completely my opinion.

The absolute best restaurants in ABQ include:


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