May 2011 Stories (30)

Pridefest 2011

Pridefest throughout New Mexico is more than gay and lesbian people celebrating who we are as persons.  It asks people who are not gay or lesbian to be more than tolerant.  It calls for acceptance, which is both a civil right and a human right.  And with that its time to prepare for Pride in New Mexico!


With a sizable gay and lesbian population and a scenic setting at the base of the soaring Sandia Mountains, Albuquerque has become one of the more gay-popular destinations in…


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A Parent Writes Winston Brooks on the Last Day of School

After the 5th grade graduation ceremony at Zia Elementary School, a parent walked up to my wife MaryAnn and said, "This is for you."  Here is what she gave her.



May 2011

Mr. Winston Brooks


Albuquerque Public Schools

Dear Mr.…


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The Sunday Poem: Mary Oishi... one woman's hallelujah

The Rapture on your mind?  Maybe not the When of it, but the Why?  To a young poet, "There was no hope unless there was a savior out in space somewhere coming for me."  Tough times.  Mary OIshi revisits where all that came from and what it meant.


From the back cover of her new book…


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A New Jersey Yankee in King Solomon's Court

Journal entry: Thursday, December 22 2010

"Hang up the phone!" I demanded in a whisper.

With her hand cupped over the speaker, Jessi argued, "No way, Liv. Every girl on campus wants to go out with this guy, and you won't talk to him?"

"Just tell him I can't. He knows why. I'll tell you everything after you get rid of him."

Jessi reluctantly told him what I wanted, and then clicked off her cell phone. "Okay, Liv. You happy now? Are you crazy, girlfriend?… Continue

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Recovery Cat 5.28.2011

There are those, too, who suffer from grace emotional and mental disorders, but many of them do recover if they have the capacity to be honest.

Alcoholics Anonymous (1939), p. 58

We went back through our lives. Nothing counted but thoroughness and honesty (p.… Continue

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Inflating Cats

I walked into the auditorium of the Music Hall in Kansas City to set up for video interviews with three members of the Cats company. As I stopped and listened, I could hear the constant hiss of air compressors. I knew they would…


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Passion for life

Many people call America “The land of opportunity”; few truly understand the meaning the way I do.  Like many brave Vietnamese, I was one of the “boat people” who escaped from Vietnam in 1980 to seek freedom and opportunity.  Only twelve years old at the time, I was sent alone on a small boat along with fifty other people who were strangers to me.  They too had to leave their heritage and families behind with hope to build a new life in America.  I did not know that there was a high price to…


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Relay for Life - Help Please

Among my many interests, work and involvement in the Duke City I am also a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life.  There are teams throughout the City looking to raise funds by various means to support cancer research and support cancer patients and their caregivers.  The team I belong to is called the Court Jesters, because we mostly work in legal support services.


Here's my pitch:  I am coordinating a fundraising event on Friday, August 12, a…


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8 Albuquerque-Area Day Trips For You Adventurers

I know that many of you are looking to get out of town this Memorial Day weekend...if only for a day.  Or maybe you just need a few ideas to nudge you into taking that Subie out for a carbon-busting good time.  This piece, which I wrote for last month's…


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The Sunday Poem: Merimee Moffitt.. In Whole Foods

Poems like this make me open my eyes.  The drama and beauty of life is all around us.  Merimee Moffitt runs a story by us while standing in line.  You can't help but fall in love all over again.


Merimee Moffitt lives in Nob Hill. She is a co-editor of The Rag, a monthly poetry…


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Recovery Cat 5.21.2011

"EXERCISES (such as Jogging, Nautilus, Walking, Aerobic Dancing, Stretching or Aerobic Exercises, Shadow Boxing, Skipping…


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A Burqueno at Bay-to-Breakers

Sunday, May 15th, was the centennial running of the Bay-to-Breakers 12K footrace in San Francisco. It’s an iconic race in an iconic city. The annual race takes its name from the fact that it begins at the northeast end of the city - just a few blocks from San Francisco Bay - and continues across the city to finish on the Great Highway, adjacent to the Pacific coast - where breakers crash onto the beach. Since its inception as the Cross City Race in January 1912, created as a way to boost the… Continue

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A Passion to Perform

Jeffrey Moss, director for two different shows coming to Popejoy Hall next season.


   This Sunday, we unveil our 2011-2012 season to current subscribers at our renewal party. But preparations for putting a new season together have been taking place since at least September.…


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Summertime is ice cream time!

This might rightly go in the food group, but I figure this sort of public service announcement should be shared with everyone.

Ice cream used to be easy to come by in the university area. The Hippo was a much-revered establishment that used to keep our bellies cool and our hippie creds current. It's been gone for ages. And there was a Baskin Robbins at Central and Buena Vista that was open for many years.  Its closing about 5 years ago (maybe longer now?) was a huge…


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All New Mexican's need and deserve safe roadways

Because we are people there will always be crashes; as a group we are just not capable of perfect driving all the time.  But the kind of crash that claimed the life of one cyclist and left another in very critical condition last week can be made less likely.


One of the first complaints from motorists about cyclists is when they see a cyclist run a red light or commit some other traffic code infraction.  While I don’t think that cyclists should run red lights, can anyone site…


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The Sunday Poem: Jessica Helen Lopez... Always Messing with them Boys

Jessica Helen Lopez speaks with more passion than just about anybody I know.  This is the title poem from her new book which is just out from West End Press.  She is reading this morning at Church of Beethoven, and…


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Recovery Cat 5.14.2011

Blind faith is a faith that leads to fanaticism and dogmatism... blind

faith is a faith that we have to defend and impose on other people in

order to feel validated and safe.

Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements Companion Book, p. 49…


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The World is Smaller Than We Think

Tomorrow is a big day for UNM graduates. As some of you may have read, I’ll be among those marching in regalia. Part of my mind will be elsewhere, though.


I’ll be the first to admit that my education…


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House Rules

If you invited 1,975 people to your house, you'd lay down some rules, wouldn't you? We do. The hard part for us at Popejoy Hall is to create rules that don't restrict people's ability to have fun. Some of the rules we have do cause a few grimaces, so I thought an explanation might help.



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