November 2011 Stories (15)

The Sunday Poem: Gina Marselle... Neptune

"Where the hell are all the stars?" asks our mountain.  Sometimes the landscape has all the answers, sometimes not.  But that is where we look..


Gina Marselle teaches English and reads her poetry at local coffee shops and art galleries.  Earlier this summer she was featured…


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Goodbye Gilchrist House.

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The Sunday Poem: Elaine Schwartz... In a storage room at the Smithsonian

Elaine Schwartz finds her brilliant images in the dusty boxes of a storage room.  The fierce truth of her thought contrasts with the orderliness of these stanzas...stacked in the corner of this…


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Local Flavors

   The final session of the arts marketing conference let out at noon. We were on our own for lunch in Louisville before we scattered back to the many corners of the country from whence we'd come. I could have chosen any one of a…


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Tampon Recall in NM!

Tampon Danger! 

reposted from our Self Serve(d) blog…


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The Sunday Poem: Erin Northern... Silent Sundays

Well, it's Sunday: church, a drive, dinner with the family. This wonderful piece captures the feeling of living out your Sundays in the midwest and then sorting everything out from a spot on the mighty mesas of New Mexico.


Albuquerque poet Erin Northern is the co-organizer and host…


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crash[blank] johnson supports pardons for marijuana offenders


"if i am elected president of the united states, i'm going to pardon all non-violent federal convictions for marijuana," said former nm governor gary johnson in an address to the international drug policy reform conference last week. the conference was hosted by several advocacy groups, including l.e.a.p. (law enforcement against prohibition) and the…


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Lasting Images

Denise Schultz spent 30 years teaching young directors in UNM's Department of Theatre and Dance. Two weekends ago, she was at it again, this time leading a session on staging for local directors associated with the…


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Oldies are Cool Again

I am the Morning Guy at Real oldies Cool 107.5 FM in Albuquerque.Please Give our station and try. Cool 107.5 Plays 60's and 50's oldies with some 70's. If you like Cool and Believe in LOCAL where your advertising dollars stay here and if you want results...give us a try



Double C

Cool 107.5

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Touring New Mexico: Fort Sumner and Billy the Kid

Fort Sumner is famous for two reasons:  Billy the Kid and The Long Walk.  Although the story of Billy the Kid is not ever going to be as important as the very serious history of the Navajo’s Long Walk and imprisonment, the death of Billy the Kid is what draws most tourists to Fort Sumner. And actually the…


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crash[blank] more from the marigold parade



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crash[blank] dia de los muertos marigold parade - bicycle edition



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The Sunday Poem: David Wilde... Dia de los Muertos

Who has not seen David Wilde roaming the streets and coffee houses of Nob Hill with a sheaf of papers and a smile?  Who has not noticed the bottle of malt vinegar on his table?  This former academician from the United Kingdom is a Central Ave. boulevardier of the first order and, according to the…


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Heed the Warning

If you want to save your friends money and grief, please share this blog with them.

Since we at Popejoy Hall began bringing shows like Wicked, Les Misérables and…


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