December 2007 Stories (116)

Holosonics... Do we really need this?

Isn't modern day life full of enough intrusions and distractions that we can do without someone "beeming" ads into our skulls?!! It's one sure fire way to make sure I never buy a particular product.

Hear Voices? It May Be an Ad

and this guy sounds like a total tool:

"Joe Pompei, president and founder of Holosonics, said ... the technology was designed to avoid adding to noise pollution. "If you


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ISO Lady Londonderry in ABQ

It's my favorite tea from way back in my Arkansas days. Lady Londonderry is a classic English black tea with hints of strawberry and lemon - it's soothing and flavorful with a slightly flowery edge. Having gone years without running across it at the usual haunts like Ta Lin and Cost Plus, I set out to seek it out in Albuquerque. (Pictures Coming Soon - I'm having technical difficulties!)

I called Summerhouse Tea & Trading Company that had been located on Harvard near UNM. But the… Continue

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104.7 - .6 = 104.1 The Edge Today

Listen Live

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In which I abandon my abacus and gain a window on the world

I vividly remember when my elementary school (K-7) got its first computer. It was kept locked away in a back room behind the library, to be used for who knows what. A group of us “gifted” types were let into that room once, for a stimulating demonstration of Pong (or some reasonable facsimile—I’m not exactly an expert on the history of electronic gaming). I was impressed—but, then again, I was impressed by TVs that had buttons instead of the UHF & VHF knobs.

My next computer… Continue

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Foghorn Leghorn

I took a quick jaunt out of the Duke City today to go down to Roswell. And what did I hit from Tramway to VAUGHN? Fog and lots of it. Fog the thickness of my favorite green chile stew.

The trucks hauling silently by were mere wisps of their usual macho selves. WTF? Fog? All the way to Vaughn? It's criminal I tell you. Who do I talk to about this?

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AMAFCA's Tumbleweed Snowman

You know Christmas is right around the corner when this big guy greets you as you travel westbound on I-40. Thanks to the wonderful folks at the Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority for keeping this tradition alive and giving me a reason to smile during morning traffic.

Anyone have a name for…


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Note to Self- Don't take stuff for granted

My boyfriend, a native New Mexican, left Albuquerque for 7 years to go to grad school in Florida. (A couple years of school and a few more years of being stuck in a Podunk, deep south college town). We met there, and a few months after the birth of our son he managed to convince me to move across the country to New Mexico.

Since our arrival we've been enamored with the things that I suppose every flatland Easterner is... the brown, the mountain, the volcanoes, the mesa. I had never… Continue

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Representing the musical heartbeat of Nova Scotia, DRUM! features twenty musicians, dancers, drummers and singers from the four principle cultures of the area, Aboriginal, Black, Celtic and Acadian. Elements from each of these cultures are brought together in a heart-pumping fusion of music, dance poetry, video, rhythm and song.

The land we now call Nova Scotia was once known as Megumaage, named by the first known inhabitants of the… Continue

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Stories below the fold...

Between Gerard Butler and the Trib's demise and Martin Heinrich in a motorized bathtub with Johnny_Mango's girlfriend, there's a lot going on here.

That's why we only feature certain Albuquerque-focused stories on the homepage. But don't…


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Morning Fix: Keep the Change, Ya Filthy Animal!


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dcf after dark

I'll admit I like a little fix late at night. the internet is a great way to avoid last minute homework or housework (yes, those are two different things) before bed. I like to watch the "latest activity" column and wish a quiet good night to my fellow late-night fixers (hmm, that phrase sounds a little shady). it's the time when I'm likely to scroll through all the discussion topics and peruse the posts that didn't catch my eye earlier, when I didn't have much time to spare. the posts and… Continue

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We Are Box Canyon Crazies

An interesting theory at least:

"...Albuquerque is in a BOX CANYON...and the preveiling winds keep recycling themselves, flowing up and down and around the box. That is why Albuquerque is the CRAZIEST CITY in all of NM...the naturally

recycled air...all those hundreds of thousands of people breathing in

the same carbon dioxide they… Continue

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Martin Heinrich! Motorized Crappers! And More!

NOB HILL--Watch out! Here come Martin Heinrich, speeding toilets, my girlfriend, and 500 gallons of water all at the same time. Well almost.

Last Thursday I went to Heinrich’s blogger lunch at his campaign headquarters downtown.

The picture above shows Martin, campaign staffer Matt McMillan, and… Continue

Added by Johnny_Mango on December 11, 2007 at 10:03am — 7 Comments

Is The Tribune Saved or Doomed?

Since Joe Monahan decided to write today how the Albuquerque Tribune

is apparently still doomed, I thought back to driving home from work

one night while listening to KUNM. Monahan says, "no buyer for the ABQ Tribune has emerged," but the KUNM report said otherwise. While they were not completely optimistic, if I remember correctly, things did sound pretty good to me.… Continue

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'Dirty Girl' backs out of CD-01 race

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, the outspoken local author of Dirty Girls Social Club, has decided to abandon pursuit of the congressional seat left open by Heather Wilson.

In leaving, Valdes-Rodriguez throws her support to my personal fave…


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Asshole Coworkers, they are everywhere

So today was the perfect example of why I hate some of the people I work with, I am sure outside of work, they may be decent humans, but inside the confines of the PD, they turn into complete and utter assholes. There is one guy especially, when he gets to work, something must just snap inside him, and he turns into Robo Cop Asshole. He is mean to everyone, turns everything into an arguement, and is basically, the most annoying person on the planet. He wears a fanny pack, which makes it even…


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Christmas trees

I just went with the family and got a nice, squat little Christmas tree from the Delancey* Street people over near/behind Winrock Mall. Every year we end up on a wild goose chase around the city, driving aimlessly, looking for a place to buy a tree, and I say "Damn! I should have made a Duke City Fix post asking where people get their trees!"

So there, I've done it. Where do you all get your trees?

*I'm pretty sure I'm spelling this wrong. It might be… Continue

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enjoy your chile, and the haunting vista of the volcanoes

It's a rainy British evening, and I can't find a roommate who's eaten a burrito. This year, I'm studying abroad in Wales with UNM as my launch pad. I know it's good for me to be in a place where I can say "chinga tu madre" and get a blank look instead of a "puta!" and a punch, but right now I have no idea why. The sea rolls in limp and gray, and everything seems small, dull, and spineless. I dream of green chile.

My current Arabic boytoy looks Mexican, but thinks "pendejo" is really a term… Continue

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