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Last two nights of River of Lights

The Aquarium opened the year we moved back to Albuquerque. It was such a treat to take my 18 month old daughter to the café and get to sit down for 15 minutes while she ate and watched the fish. When they first opened the café had mac and cheese, beans and rice and some other pre-school favorites.

When our twins were born a few years later I would take all 3 kids and we would circle the jellyfish tank. The babies would fall asleep and I would sit and watch the shark tank while they… Continue

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Morning Fix

It's a really cold morning here in the Burque, the kind of day where a cup of coffee and a jigsaw puzzle beckon, and I plan to indulge in some Wii boxing with the kids. Yesterday Maddie, my 8 year old, kicked my ass. I have been stretching all morning in anticipation of an awesome grudge match. Mwaaaahahahaha...

Murders were up in Albuquerque this year,… Continue

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Ujima and Duke City Fix

It is Kwanzaa time again. I posted “Habari gani?” on my Facebook status update earlier this week, but found just one taker. Is Kwanzaa fading away as a holiday tradition, I wonder?

No matter.

I like the holiday (though as I mentioned last year, it is not one that celebrates my own ethnic heritage, but it does celebrate the African-American heritage of family… Continue

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Morning Fix--Extra Late Edition


Whaddaya mean today isn't Sunday? But Charles is home!

Sorry peeps, I am remiss.

So let's get straight to the haps...

Long lines at Sunport? C'mon, its only Sunport. Try JFK or LAX or the dreaded ATL! Wussies.…


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Massive Ticketing Fraud on the Rail Runner?

Somewhat strange happenings on the train over the last couple of weeks makes me wonder if the RR (and taxpayers) are being cheated out of millions in lost fares:

-An agent, not a conductor and someone I did not recognize, was performing at "ticket audit" of all passengers. Said individual took your ticket and scrutinized it for about twenty seconds. No bar code scan or any other kind of cross check was observed. It seemed like most everyone in my area "passed".

-Conductors… Continue

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The Pause

It's early morning on the Sunday after Christmas, and I am home in Albuquerque – where I've been the better part of the last three weeks, barring quick jaunts to see family in various other parts of the country – watching the sun rise and drinking my morning tea. I am not a winter person. I vastly prefer warm to cold. And yet the bare branches across the sky have a certain austere beauty.

I haven't been doing too much thinking about, well, anything, these last few weeks. It's hard to… Continue

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The Sunday Poem: Amy Beeder... The Charges Are Stalking & Arson

All poets are dangerous, but this poet is explosive. "Powder speaks; dirt is mute." I'm starting to feel uncomfortable.

Amy Beeder is the author of Burn the Field (Carnegie Mellon University Press, 2006). Her poems have appeared in Poetry, Ploughshares, AGNI, Poetry Daily, and The Nation, among other journals. She teaches poetry at the University of New Mexico.

The Charges Are… Continue

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Umoja and the Proselytizers

I've been posting daily to my Bareleña’s Blather blog during this winter break. Today's post is about the Kwanzaa principle of Umoja and working to stay in unity even when religion is thrust upon you by door-to-door proselytizers.


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Morning Fix--Merry Christmas Edition!

If you live in Fringecrest, did you hear a blood curdling scream around 5:40 am? Well that was at our house, when our kids reacted the way you would expect someone who opened their door to the Publisher's Clearinghouse Prize Patrol upon opening the Wii that Grammanita got them for Christmas. We apologize for the early wake up call.

It's Christmas. What did Santa leave under your tree? My husband was amused that his mother sent him a Mary… Continue

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Help With Song ID?

The other day I posted on The Family Plot Blog ( the refrain of a song that I heard during a young man's memorial service a year ago about this time. The memorial service was for Ben Kivitz, who died at age 21 of testicular cancer, and was held at Sandia Prep. Can anyone help identify the song and the musician?

"Put the keg on my coffin and think of me ever so often, never lose this day, pray for… Continue

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Morning Fix--Christmas Eve Edition

My kids are sooooo excited. Panting with anticipation. What will Santa bring the Compton kids this year? We have a code process in our house, we talk about the upcoming Wii-kend, for example. It is going to be a really good Christmas I think.


If you were thinking of getting a tramp stamp this Christmas, be sure to check out your… Continue

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Let it snow, let it snow!

A little snow before Christmas is always a good think. More of couse is better.

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Morning Fix--Christmas Eve Eve Edition

I got a really great email yesterday from the University of New Mexico, which began... Cara, It is my pleasure to congratulate you as the winner of the UNM nomination for the Truman Scholarship. The selection committee found your achievements exemplary, and we are very happy to name you as a UNM nominee...

Wow! I am so excited. For more info on the Truman Scholarship go to It is a really a big… Continue

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A Christmas Gift From My Dad

Here is a story I wrote for my friend's blog red Ravine. Enjoy and Merry Christmas to everyone!

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Getting ready to spend all of the 23rd flying back to Albuquerque from Michigan, where I've been for 10 day. My husband has to take 4 planes and I have to take 3...mercifully, I am the one that gets …

Getting ready to spend all of the 23rd flying back to Albuquerque from Michigan, where I've been for 10 day. My husband has to take 4 planes and I have to take 3...mercifully, I am the one that gets a straight flight at least to Salt Lake City. In SL City though, it's snowing. We're hoping we won't get stuck there. I'm tired of travel and ready to get back to my house. Can't wait.

I'm looking forward to spending the next 5 1/2 weeks or so eating as many green chilies as I can get my… Continue

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The Composition of Community Begins with the Sound of Friendship

Felix Wurman, Albuquerque’s own founder of Church of Beethoven, had the opportunity to study cello with Jacqueline du Pre, the world famous cellist taken down by multiple sclerosis (MS) in her prime. They were also friends and cello is not the only thing he learned from her. I know: because I’m lucky enough… Continue

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Toiling Over Tamales at Christmastide

The busiest place in South Barelas on Christmas Eve is not a church, but a temple of tamal-making – El Modelo. Longtime (and not-so-longtime) residents of Albuquerque have memories of lining up and waiting to pick up tamales to enjoy on Christmas Eve with their families. For more than a decade, we’ve joined in this tradition.

Some restaurants are more than just a place to eat – they are places where food is intertwined with memories.… Continue

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14x18" oil portrait. See this painting develop on Youtube at: Follow my art blog at:

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Morning Fix

I always feel very conversational when I blog, like I am talking with you over a cup of coffee, instead of writing while the kids good morning peeps!

I made it through finals, managed to do minimal damage to my GPA, and plan to spend the rest of the holidays relaxed. I may catch up on "Weeds."

Here is a heartwarming tale...just in time for Christmas,… Continue

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The Sunday Poem: Maria Leyba... Las Madrecitas

Maria L. Leyba was born in The Women & Children's Hospital that once stood on Central & High. She was raised in Barelas where she still resides in her childhood home with her husband, Jerry. Presently she teaches preschool at A Child's Garden. She was born into a Mexican family of weavers & storytellers & has been writing all her life.

Las Madrecitas

Keep rising

lighting fires in

cold… Continue

Added by The DitchRider on December 20, 2009 at 8:00am — 6 Comments

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