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Fiesta de Colores! @ the South Broadway Cultural Center January 25th

We are really looking forward to doing this show at the South Broadway Cultural Center in conjunction with Ballet en Fuego! New Mexico has such a unique cultural scene and we love being a part of it. We'll be showcasing a fusion of dance and music from Mexico and Spanish speaking countries around the world. We're not shy about bringing the beauty of the Spanish-speaking world together in one place. We've been influenced by so many beautiful cultures and feel enriched by them. A little bit of… Continue

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Crossposted to the Desert of the Real Economic Analysis.

When the Author was in High School he wanted a Corvette. This discussion ensued with Hal Prickett, one of the Author's favorite teachers:

Hal said that at my age (with a smirk) that it would be irresponsible to own such a car.

I replied that is it not irresponsible then for an older guy…

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My Disney Collection

One of my goals in life is to get all of my favorite Disney movies on DVD. It doesn't matter what anniversary edition it is, I don't care what the special features are or if it has two discs instead of one. I just want to see what some of my favorite Disney movies are like updated and enhanced. And I want to be able to watch them lots of times without rewinding. ;)

My Collection:

The Fox & The Hound

The Lion King

The Lion King 2

Mary Poppins

Robin… Continue

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WANTED: Secretary of the Arts

Just imagine how a cabinet position of that title would affect arts educators, professionals, students, community organizations, theaters, buskers, radio stations, sculptors, doodlers, and just about everyone you know.

Well everyone's talking about it - especially Quincy Jones, the person who seeded the idea and Jaime Austria, the orchestrator of an online petition for President Elect Barack Obama. Click the following link to read… Continue

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How will I marry thee?

I grew up in Albuquerque (except for the few years my family lived in Austin, TX and Atlanta, GA). My family moved to New Mexico from Calgary, Alberta Canada in late 1980. I was 3 then (and I just aged myself!) and don’t remember much about the move. By the time we moved here, my dad’s brother and cousin and other ‘relatives’ had already settled here from either Canada or East Africa. So the Indian Muslim Community (a group also knows as the Khojas from the… Continue

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We Make Monsters

San Francisco artists Mati Rose McDonough and Hugh D'Andrade came to town at the start of the New Year to paint this playful & kid friendly Monster mural in our Main Gallery. On opening night a local performance duo, The Church Animals, set up their casios and guitars for a quick set of equally playful tunes. This video shows the mural in the making, set to one of The Church Animal's stickiest tunes.

This eve, Friday Jan 16th, is the Old Town ArtsCrawl.… Continue

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Morning Fix: Change is in the Air


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Morning Fix: Being Bad


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The Art of Science

Is there anyone out there that still believes art should not be part of basic school curriculum? I certainly hope not! Art – and music – can easily be part of any literature, math or science lesson. One of the finest examples of art intersecting with science is a program called Protect our Wildlife Corridors – Community Mosaic Mural. Fellow DCF member cc, also known as Cirrelda Snyder Bryan, is… Continue

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Morning Fix: So Called


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I’ve Been Running

When I was a kid, running was embarrassing for me. I’ve always been an athlete, but never a small, spry gazelle athlete who could run for days. I’ve always been the athlete who doesn’t throw like a girl and could beat any guy in H-O-R-S-E on the basketball court.

I was a chunky tomboy during my elementary school years. Not the best years to be chunky, not only because of the ridicule from painfully honest/stupid kids, but also PE class and the mile run tests they put you… Continue

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Our Children Is Learning

But apparently not our Principals...

This morning's Albuquerque Journal has a front page story about (once again) Rio Grande High School.

Rio Grande High School Principal Al Sanchez, a 28 year employee said he was told he would be moved but decided to retire instead... says the Journal...

Says Sanchez: "I don't want to move nowhere else."

I taught at Rio for ten years. It was a wonderful experience for me. I was a faculty… Continue

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Agriculture Collaborative Meeting: The Buzz Around Community Gardens

Agriculture Collaborative: January Meeting Notice

Topic: The Buzz Around Community Gardens

Date: Wednesday January 14th, 2009 @ 9:00AM

Location: MRCOG offices located at 809 Copper Ave NW,

(across the street from Robinson Park, just North west of 8th + Central)

Speakers include:

• Wade Paterson, co-founder of Action Buzz Neighborhood Garden and Director of Arts and Community Development for the Harwood Art Center, “Can-do” pointers for a… Continue

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My Top 20 Albums of 2008

I recently wrote a column for Local iQ magazine listing my favorite albums or 2008 (excluding jazz and classical).

I want to share it. Obviously, these type of lists say more about the listener than music within, but maybe you'll find something new. There were a handful of artists that didn't make it on my list that I feel a little… Continue

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Microsoft Word Tip of the Month - January 2009

Converting Fields to Text

Summary: You can convert them to text to remove their dynamic nature. (This tip works with Microsoft Word 6, Word 95, Word 97, Word 2000, Word 2002, and Word 2003.)

Special fields have a great number of uses in Word. You already know that you can use fields to insert everything from the date and time to summary information for a document. There may be times, however, when you don't want to use a field for… Continue

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Heart of the Bosque

Zoom past the Bosque on I-40 or any of the other bridges during winter and the Rio Grande looks gray and dormant. However, if you take the time to chat with it up close, there's color, life, motion, and sound.

Of course, the color is muted, as is the bird chatter (until you wander far enough from the bridges), but it's there. The year-round Canadian geese nap on sandbars, or drift in the lazy current.…


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Those Lobo Women: Albuquerque's Team

THE PIT, UNIVERSITY & CESAR CHAVEZ SE--The Lobo women's basketball team fought its way back into the top 25 in the AP poll yesterday. The ESPN/USA Today poll comes out later today shows the Lobos in 27th. This is pretty exciting. I have had season tickets for Lobo basketball for decades...going back to the Stormin' Norman Ellenberger years. Oh, at… Continue

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Morning Fix: A City Real & Imagined


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We Caught a Schipperke

Miss Melanie : Caught in the Act

We set out this week to catch a feral cat that has been causing chaos at BunnytownUSA. Our efforts have gone for naught with the cat getting most of the food and escaping unscathed. Today however, we caught a curiously hungry Schipperke instead. She was released immediately and no animals were harmed in the making of this photograph, in fact, Miss Melanie rather… Continue

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Hope and Renewal in Barelas

I went to a party last weekend and was outed as Barelas Babe.

My identity is no secret, but once people discover this, cocktail conversations head in a predictable direction. So I spent more than a few minutes last Saturday night talking with a longtime Albuquerque realtor about changes in Barelas. When you live in a community it is easier to notice incremental changes, especially if you walk it daily. For the infrequent visitor driving… Continue

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