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Parking Details for NMSO 10/25/08

As many of you already know, Barack Obama will be at Johnson Field at UNM on Saturday night. Security is going to be tight and they are closing down all parking lots immediately around Johnson Field.

For the NMSO Pops concert Saturday, October 25, all patrons are encouraged to park in the G Lot. Free shuttles will operate normally for NMSO patrons only, requiring all patrons to present their ticket to the show as they are entering the parking lot. All shuttles are wheelchair… Continue

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Something tasty this way comes

Last night, I accused a well-known figure from ABQ's restaurant scene of sorcery.

Human sacrifice was really the only explanation I could come up with. The deliciousness really was unholy. I'm talking, of course, about Farina's pizza crust. Moist and chewy on the inside, crisp and perfectly browned on the outside, this pizza crust made me get on my knees and thank all the deities I… Continue

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Morning Fix: More and Less


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Aaron Lewis' CD Release Party

Tomorrow is the day we've been waiting for! My husband and business partner, local guitarist/composer Aaron Lewis, has finally released his second CD! Space Travel is a great grouping of instrumental guitar music, with a dreamy piano piece at the end of it all. A fitting title as the CD will take you on a journey through space and time. I'm not just biased either! Aaron will be the first to admit that I am one of his harshest critics. I do love his music though. It doesn't hurt that he… Continue

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Why I Love a Particular Albuquerque McDonald's

I love the sound of New Mexico Spanish. For me, it’s like a warm blanket.

The sound of it reminds me of my grandmother's tiny kitchen up north. She can ramble on, mixing Spanish words with English with ease as her hands turn white with flour over the stove. Then, of course, there's the crackling AM radio station with barely audible Spanish corridos about heartbreak and death, and the dusty dog slobbering all over the screen door just… Continue

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Refreshing our Short-term Political Memory

In 2004, there was a mysterious fire in the bosque, and our fire department responded to it. Also in our bosque was a device for converting vegetable oil into biodiesel. Because of the suspicious nature of the fire, our sheriff brought APD to the scene of the crime. Sheriff Darren White ordered a lockdown of the scene because of the biodiesel converter, and two things happened: one, a media circus, documented… Continue

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CD Release Party and Gordon Lightfoot

I am so excited for this coming weekend. On Friday I get to host my CD release party for my new cd Space Travel. I am gettiing everything together and ready to show. By everything I am going to have my Space Travel portfolio out for people to look at all the stages it takes to release a cd. Notebooks for concepts, Design planning, Compositions, etc.

Secondly I get to go to Gordon Lightfoot this weekend for Paula's birthday( if you don't know Paula check out Chroma Studios blog). Her… Continue

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Remodeling in the Duke City

I'm doing it. It's happening. My house is getting a makeover and there are no TV cameras to capture it, no host to give a play-by-play, no viewing audience in the millions. The single 1940s floor gas heater I've huddled around in the winter will be gone, the ancient metal casement windows replaced, the outside insulated, the inside reconfigured.

It was a hard decision to make about eight months ago when I was considering buying a new house… Continue

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Morning Fix: Shutter That Window


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Financial Crisis Teach-In at UNM - Open to Public

If you're like me, you might be scratching your head a little bit about what caused the financial crisis. Well, the UNM Law School is hosting a teach-in on the financial crisis on Friday, October 24th, from 11:00 am to 2:45 pm in the Forum at UNM Law School (117 Stanford Dr. NE). The event is open to the entire University community and the public.

The teach-in will consist of several panels of scholars from across the University,… Continue

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15 seconds of everything! - brought to you by the flip-flop… Continue

Added by Caroline Blaker on October 22, 2008 at 3:30pm — 1 Comment

Looking Back - Looking Forward

I can remember driving to New Mexico from the east coast about eight years ago, heading back home to my roots you might say, and getting gas as I pulled into Albuquerque. I paid $1.19 per gallon and I was worried about how my wallet was going to stretch around the high price of fuel. It had been cheaper in Virginia. How much cheaper I cannot tell you, but I remember thinking that $ 1.19 per gallon was going to kill me in the long run. Later that year I bought a small motorcycle and was thrilled… Continue

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Change Downtown

Being in the business of tourism, I am a recipient of lots of stuff pertinent to this industry. We all know there has been a push to make big changes downtown; to create a design to bring in more big conventions and more tourist dollars. What exists now isn't enough to draw in large scale groups. The feeling is that New Mexico has so much to offer, and we are already an attractive tourist destination, but we can't monopolize on this unless we create a… Continue

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A dear, sweet co-worker is moving back to his hometown of Houston. Since he and his wife have two gorgeous new babies, they decided they needed to be closer to family. While getting his Los Duranes home packed up and ready to rent, Jason found a matchbook under his house. It is old and weathered and for some reason he hung… Continue

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Morning Fix: Just Chilly


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Rosita on the Rock

During the Halloween season I usually get requests for more of the "Voice in the Darkness Series" stories. I will post some of them here in the next couple of days leading to Halloween. The story on this segment is based on what my late grandmother told us as being true. All the grandchildren would sit around her listening to every word coming out of her mouth as she recounted the events with so much detail. This event happened many year ago… Continue

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Thank you, Dave, for Loving the Blues

Don't have a picture of Dave, so this will have to do.

This week is KUNM's fundraising drive. Please tune in Wednesday evening, Oct. 22nd, during the Blues Show and donate to KUNM in memory and honor of Dave Denny.

In Albuquerque: 277-4357

or toll free: 866-899-5866


Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2008 11:26 AM

Subject: KUNM DJ Dave Denny, 1944-2008

It is with… Continue

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I had a girlfriend accuse me once--long ago, when I was much worse at relationships--of being gone from ours long before we'd broken up. It was probably true. And while I've gotten better at being with another person, I have a confession to make: I'm doing it again. Bailing out before the iceberg's even struck. Exiting before the captain's turned off the Fasten Seatbelts sign. Ducking out before the curtain call.

It's true:… Continue

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On (possibly) not being able to vote -

Every time I think about voting, I feel ill.

This isn't because I have anything against the candidates, the process, my status as a citizen, or the ultimate outcome. Quite the contrary, actually. All of these things are in place according to how I would wish them in a hypothetical world. Even more so, I'm enjoying history's unfolding every single day and staying informed.

I also did everything I was supposed to do. I went to vote for change dot com and filled out my… Continue

Added by Caroline Blaker on October 21, 2008 at 3:36pm — 7 Comments

Is Albuquerque too big to be pro-America?

Unlike Sarah Palin, I like it big.

Big as in giant men on Harleys cruising down Route 66. Monster ATVs spraying sand at Montessa Park. Shooting ranges, duallys, and football stadium sized mega churches on the… Continue

Added by silencio blue on October 21, 2008 at 3:30pm — 6 Comments

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