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The Battle of Albuquerque: What Happened Here & Why

Throwback Thursday!!  ABQ & the Civil War

NOB HILL--This week marks the 148th anniversary of the so-called "Battle of Albuquerque." It started on April 8, 1862 and ended sometime after darkness fell on April 9th. There was only one casualty: A Union Major, Thomas Duncan, while dodging a bouncing…


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Morning Fix: Tuesday


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BOSQUE FIRE (4/5/2010)

Hispanic Cultural Center in Heavy Smoke

Hispanic Cultural Center and Bosque Skyline

In an early hello to spring, a fire in the South east area of the Bosque caused a lot of smoke to fly northwards over the whole town today. The fire itself began near the river and did not jump the banks. However, the smoke poured toward the Hispanic Cultural Center and looked pretty horrendous for a… Continue

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Spring Traditions: Old and New

The Easter bunny is no more at our house. Actually, I think she left a while ago, but my children just decided to humor me so that I could indulge in the fun for a few more years. I knew the gig was up this year when in response to my question, “Shall we put out the Easter baskets?” I got one set of dramatically rolled eyes and a snicker that morphed into a snortle.

It is not only the Easter bunny changing things around… Continue

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Morning Fix: Monday


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Latest pieces

"Flow of Life" 17x23" oil on canvas

"Chicken, One" 18x24" oil on canvas

I've been traveling a ton lately. I'm in Seattle right now, heading to California in a few weeks, and missing my home in Albuquerque like CRAZY. I walked in the blowing wind, cold and grey and rainy today in Seattle while talking to my daughter who was out walking in the desert in Albuquerque, by our… Continue

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Here and There

My front tire keeps going down. Very slowly, but down it does go. Doesn't appear to have a puncture, so is this due to elevation? And yet the rear tire doesn't lose air nearly as rapidly. I need a new pump. The one I have sucks. Well, blows actually, but you know what I mean. It might as well suck, I guess is what I mean. I don't think you should have to pause to take your pulse when airing up a dang bicycle tire, y'know?

It is a few days past our one-year anniversary in Albuquerque.… Continue

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Mind Leaping

Born in New York City and educated at the University of California, Berkeley, poet Arthur Sze has been a longtime resident of New Mexico. For many years, he has taught at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe. His work is infused with, and inspirited by, the textures and colors of the New Mexican landscape and cultures.

In Archipelago, Sze's poems hybridize the spirit of a Zen garden with native culture and other geographies,… Continue

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The Sunday Poem: Margaret Randall... Brazil Is the First to Fade

Now, with the unimaginable literally within view, let us take a little time to reflect on what it might feel like.

Margaret Randall continues to fight the good fight. She is international in her focus and importance. And this morning, as she does every Sunday morning, she will walk by my house on her way down the hill to the Central Ave. Flying Star. This poem is from an as yet unpublished manuscript called RUINS. The photo is by… Continue

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Sound Journey

Alex Ross's The Rest is Noise contextualizes twentieth century modern classical music historically, and in that way informs the reader about both the music and history. The long chapter about Russian composers under Stalin was especially enlightening.

In addition Ross shows how the innovations of modern music seeped into the late century's pop music, and indeed how strict categories of classical, pop, folk and world music become… Continue

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A Sonic Bomb

In Ranters and Crowd Pleasers: Punk in Pop Music, 1977-92, Greil Marcus asserts that the pure utopianism of the Sixties failed, and punk entered that vacuum in 1977 to clear a cultural space.

By the 1970s, rock ‘n’ roll had degenerated into grandiose stadium rock, endless jams and superstar excess (see Rolling Stones). Punk was a stripped-down, back-to-basics, DIY and often working class response from England's industrial North: a sonic… Continue

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Black Music Revisited

LeRoi Jones (aka Amiri Baraka) brought a poet's sensibility to his jazz criticism. In Black Music he writes about the singer Billie Holiday in the piece "Dark Lady of the Sonnets": "Nothing was more perfect than what she was. Nor more willing to fail. (If we call failure something light can realize. Once you have seen it, or felt whatever thing she conjured growing in your flesh.). At the point where what she did left singing, you were on your… Continue

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Morning Fix: Friday


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Sticks and Stones

It has been one of those weeks at work. I’m sure everyone reading this has been there at some time. The week started off with a barely manageable number of things on the To Do list, and then a series of crises made life even more challenging. Suffice it to say that my 8 hours of beauty sleep a night did not happen until 72 hours passed. And that was a cumulative 8 hours in 72.

But all is copacetic now that I’m back in Barelas.

I… Continue

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Rules and standards

• Love

• Justice

• Truth

• Courage

• Respect for yourself and others

• Honor (as defined by self and relationship to the community)

• Loyalty to friends, family, and local community

• Respect for Nature and all its creatures

• Service to the Community

• Promote self growth and the growth of others

• Hospitality

1. Love: is the honest open affection for family, friends and the local community. There are many forms of love other then… Continue

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The Tundra of the Logical

Of Dwarf Bamboo (Greenfield Review Press), Marilyn Chin's first volume of poems, Denise Levertov said that the poet "draws on ancient cultural sources and at the same time reflects something wholly Western, urban, and contemporary--so that we have here two kinds of sophistication combined, in proportions uniquely determined by her strong personal sensibility. The results are strong with an authentic and captivating strangeness, beauty, and… Continue

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Rose, Li-Young Lee's first book of poems, swam against the current of modern American poetry in two ways: its Romantic extravagance of feeling, and the tender, loving father-son relationship at its heart. The first point is obvious, the second less so. In such poems as Theodore Roethke's "My Papa's Waltz" or Robert Hayden's "These Winter Sundays," the father-son bond is riven with coldness or violence, however dancelike. In contrast, the father… Continue

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Chasin' The Trane

In his lifetime, tenor saxophonist John Coltrane had his share of acolytes and detractors. While followers of bebop alto saxophonist Charlie Parker scrawled “Bird Lives!” on walls after his untimely death at 34, Coltrane is arguably the only jazz musician at risk of canonization by his adherents after his death at 40 in 1967. After escaping the ravages of alcohol and heroin, the saxophonist told an interviewer without irony that his ambition was to… Continue

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3 Year Anniversary - Shirts on Sale!!

Today, April 1, marks the three-year anniversary of the Soy de Burque Revolution. To celebrate, the original Soy de Burque T-shirts, both men's and women's, will be on sale for a limited time only. Visit us here.

Thank you for your support over the past three years. Viva Burque!

Here's something to dance to… Continue

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Morning Fix: Thursday


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