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Mike Judge is the creator of the popular Fox Network cartoon "King of the Hill" and the Juvenile Bacchanalia "Beavis and Butthead". The characters of these shows, interestingly enough, bear some resemblence to the Republican Presidential aspirants and their spouses.

Let's Have a Look!

Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain.…


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Morning Fix: One of Our Favorites


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Missing the Duke City

I'm well into a three week California road trip via rail and bus. I've been to Huntington Gardens, Hardly Strictly, seen traditional Japanese tattooing, caught a Ry Cooder & Nick Lowe concert and rolled out into the delta vineyard areas. I've had cheese from the Cowgirl Creamery, Point Reyes Blue, sourdough, sushi and Rip Van Winkle Rye Whiskey. I've gotten ill on the owl bus in San Francisco, busted my knee at the Asian Art Museum, flew under the bay on BART and walked through the fog in… Continue

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Gotta Love the Pit Bull !!! Please Help!

Burque Babes and Bullies will be donating.. Will you?


We would like to announce the NEW ALL OR NOTHING CHARITY AUCTION!

Come to our forum: http://www. allornothingtattoo.…

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NOTE: Cross posted at Desert of the Real Economic Analysis.

One of the claims that George W. Bush made against McCain in the 2000 campaign was that he was "psychologically unfit" to be president. Many discounted this claim as another campaign lie from Bush and the Prince Regent of the Underworld, Karl Rove.

During this campaign, much has been written and reported about McCain's truculent, thuggish, and… Continue

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Voting Has Started

The election has started. Voting is underway. Thousands of New Mexicans are casting their ballots from the comfort of their own home - and you can too!

I'm writing this post to personally encourage you to vote by mail.

There are a lot of reasons to vote by mail. You can save yourself the headache of getting to the polling place and standing in a line on a busy Tuesday. You can vote from the comfort of your own home at a day and time that's…


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Where in 'Burque is Adelita? (surprise reprise)

It's frustrating to get lost in the city where you grew up. I had to go to a co-worker's house in an area of town that I'm not that familiar with. Even though he gave me great directions, I turned down the wrong street. I found myself in an area where all the houses looked the same and all the streets had similar names. None of the houses were made of adobe, like so many in my North Valley neighborhood. None of them had dead trucks in their yards.… Continue

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Morning Fix: Jacket, or No Jacket?

Courtesy of US Forest Service


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December Dream Workshop

Dear Dreamers,

Jeremy Taylor is coming to ABQ on Dec. 5-7 to give a workshop on Dreams!!

The theme for the workshop will be:

Exploring Personal Growth Through Archetypes in Dreams (see below for more description)

The workshop will be :

Friday 6:45-9:00

Saturday 9:45-6:00 (a simple lunch will be included)

Sunday 9:15-12:00

(hours subject to minor fiddling - the final exact times will be sent with your confirmation)

The cost is… Continue

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Kids Classes Starting at The Box

Level One Comedy Improv for Kids

Ages 8-15

Mondays: 4:00pm to 5:00pm, Oct. 13th - Nov. 17th

6 weeks $60.00 - Instructor: Doug Montoya

Have fun, meet new people and learn to improvise in this fun, low-pressure classes. This six-week Beginning Workshop is designed for anyone and everyone who wants to loosen up, be more spontaneous and learn to take risks on stage and in life. No prior experience necessary.

Each week you'll play games and explore a… Continue

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Oscillation 2008

Well, for some reason, my event posting for this didn't show up here... but thanks to Geoff for getting it up anyway. Either way, this is the final big reminder!

Oscillation Returns for its eighth year!

Yes, We're back again. 18 live bands, 6 great DJs, Electronic Music Workshops, and the best entertainment New Mexico has to offer. This is the year to come to Oscillation.


The Cell…


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Waiting for my government bailout.

I went to college from 1996-2000. While I was going every financial aid advisor I met with informed me since I was going into education if I taught in a low income school my student loans would be forgiven by the government after 5 years. I racked up $50,000.00 in loans which was the best thing I ever did for my self. I came to Albuquerque and taught in a local high school where the number was significantly higher than 50% of students on free or reduced lunch. I contacted the student loan… Continue

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Local Etsy of the Week-KatB8888

This week's Albuquerque Etsy seller is KatB8888 and she makes goodness out of clay. I love her work for many reasons but foremost among them are these; I have a thing for pottery that you sew or weave through and her prices are so freakin' reasonable!

Here are some of my favorite pieces of hers:…


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Secrets of an Absentee Gardener

NOB HILL--I was gone May, June, July, and part of August. And MaryAnn was gone for June and July. Nevertheless, the garden we had planted in early spring continued to grow all summer. I was not home in time to taste the fruit...the sour cherries, the sweet cherries, the plums, apricots, or apriums. I missed the grapes...our 4 varieties of seedless table grapes: purple, green, white, and red.

But let me tell you about the vegetables. I was home in… Continue

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Morning Fix: Into the Ground


Added by Somegye on October 7, 2008 at 5:29am — 5 Comments

Duke City Derby Needs You

Call it the “Miracle on SportCourt” or good karma for some hard luck ladies, but the skaters of Duke City Derby pulled off an improbable feat, and now more than ever need the support of its city. Last weekend the Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby (WFTDA) Western Regional Tournament was held Houston, TX, with the top four teams from the tournament advancing to the WFTDA National Tournament in November. Duke City Derby was one of the last teams picked to participate in this tournament, yet ended up… Continue

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El Jardin de Barelas

Less than a mile from the heart of downtown Albuquerque is a community experiment in progress. If you drive (or even walk) down 4th Street south of Central Avenue, past the streets named for entities in the Periodic Table of the Elements, you might notice a small plot of land with raised garden beds painted in bright colors.

Enclosed by a six foot high chain link fence and a locked gate,… Continue

Added by Barelas Babe on October 6, 2008 at 10:00pm — 1 Comment

An open letter to Neil Patrick Harris

You: a handsome openly gay man who has shared your talent and passion for acting with the world for a very long time.

Me: an obnoxious chubb-ette, who is not a morning person, but a total fan of you.

Why do I take the time to point this out? Well, because I truly hope that you are not offended if you happened to catch a random person being tactless next to you in line for breakfast burritos at the Balloon Fiesta saturday morning. When I realized it was you and your family… Continue

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Autumn in New Mexico

Being an easterner and a lover of autumn, I have been missing those clear crips fall days - the ones you need a sweater to keep the chill out, a hot cup of tea really hits the spot, and the leaves crunch under your feet. But mostly I've been craving some fall color. My sister and I, along with a couple friends, took a trip to the Fourth of July Canyon this weekend. It was a perfect fall day - clouds, cool temperatures, and just the right amount… Continue

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Morning Fix: Lite


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