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It takes a village...

"Thank YOU!!!" to the nearly 700 supporters who came out for our Annual 12x12 Fundraiser this past December 5th. Special thanks go out to the 150 participating 12x12 artists, the event sponsors and volunteers, the donating restaurants and florist, portrait artist Leo Neufeld, and DJ Ultraviolet. Because of you all, we had our most successful fundraiser to date!

It is moments like these that truly… Continue

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Morning Fix: Late by About 128 Years


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Chaka-locka, y’all

Which Way 2 Utopia? This was the question asked by the local funksters known as Aladocious as they brought forth their debut CD this month at Burque’s own Blue Jeans Lounge. On the way to the answer, the band fuses three decades of funk tradition into a brand-new bag. This stuff comes off as yo’ mama’s funk, from the streetcorner of Clinton and Sly, with soulful ryhthms, sweet harmonies, deluxe horns, and arrangements that would beat many bands. And this band fears no wah-wah. But just when you… Continue

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Happy Anniversary,Steven, my one and only!

Dear Steven,

I can't believe that it's been 32 years! I remember looking over the only hilly part of Omaha when you told me that marriage was for keeps and then gave me one last chance to back out the night before we were to be married. I recall taking a long time to respond: not because I was unsure of us together as a couple, or what our future would have in store for us, or even the doubts of how strong our feelings were for one another.

Quite simply, it was at that… Continue

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Overseen while walking by Imbibe.

Or perhaps I should spell it Imbib?

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It's Cold!

We finally had our first fire of the year last night in our Kiva fireplace. I know that 20F is not that cold for some places, but I just wasn't ready for it this year. We have guests from New Hampshire this weekend and they are laughing at me.

Even with the small winter storms that blew through Albuquerque earlier in the week, I didn't feel it justified stoking up the fireplace. It still seemed pretty warm.

Our cold winter took forever to get here this year, but it has… Continue

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They are called Luminarias!

We put bags of sand with candles in them out by the street, up on the edge of the roof and down our walls on Christmas Eve and sometimes on New Years Eve as well. We light the candles at dusk. They are called Luminarias.

Some of my friends will argue with me that they are called farolitos. In the Spanish Dictionary a faralito is a small lantern. I guess these can be called lanterns.

Recently my sister visited us. She is from North Carolina. She kept calling them… Continue

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Well the show at the magic shop was last night and it went well. We sold out again. I think we will do another one in February. We'll see though. My next gig is in May with Burlesque Noir. I'm really looking forward to it. I'll keep you posted on the date.

As for the last show, it was an ever changing process. I cut many effects, including one of my favorites, because they either dragged or just didn't have a strong routine yet. I ended up with a skeleton of a show and needed filler.… Continue

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TONIGHT! $5 Recession Special. Eugene the Nerd's Magic Show

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Happy New Year

Happy new year! For the new year I'm starting a new service. Email me and I'll send you the best buy home in any neighborhood of interest to you. My email is

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Dear Albuquerque

Dear Albuquerque,

We met for the first time nearly a decade ago. You were meant to be a rest spot, a mere pause in my vector aimed somewhere else.

I had never even heard of Albuquerque—your name like a rock in my mouth, damn near impossible to spell. I had pictured desert palms sweeping upwards majestically, a globular sun bright as egg yolks. I imagined sand, coyotes, and glittery sombreros. I packed only shorts and t-shirts.

The giant Goodwill on Juan… Continue

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I'm back - a better me

I'm back - a better me

I took a long break from DCF and many other things recently. First, we took a trip to South Carolina, a sort of annual pilgrimage to the sea . Every November for several years now my husband and I head to North Carolina to meet up with my sis and her hub and we head out to Cherry Grove at North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We spend a week there doing as little as possible. I sit and stare at the ocean waves rolling in. I leave the door open when I go… Continue

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The Last Day of June 2008. The Last Day of December 2008. A few months off. Hardly Nanoseconds in Deep Time.


The Author had intended to write this post closer to June 30th, but, well, did not. Good thing, because he stumbled upon a few interesting articles that made the delay worth the letdown.

In 1973 singer-songwriter Al Stewart released the album “… Continue

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Free Music from ME for the Holidays!

I'm giving you the botkiller holiday bundle, FREE.

There's two ways you can get this.

1. Check out (and get one MORE FREE SONG, not available in the other download!), where I've made a playlist of this bundle, here:

Each song may be downloaded here.

You can also listen to the music with this widget:…


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Join me on LinkedIn

Are you a Fixer who is also LinkedIn?

If so, join me! I'm on a spontaneous campaign to get more local folk connected to me:

If you're not there yet, check into it and add me when you join.

My email address is manifestress (at)

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Cool activities in the urban scene

A friend of mine posted this site in Facebook. Once I saw "Food Court Musical," I was led from one event to another, until I said "STOP!" before I traveled the world via YouTube. It's really fun. I haven't heard about a FlashFreeze here in ABQ. If someone organizes it, let me know.

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A Rail Runner Video Blog

We went on Monday. Caught the Rail Runner at the downtown station and took it up to the Santa Fe Depot. Wandered around the plaza and came back. It was standing room only both ways. We got seats going up and I stood on the way back. Here's a look at what we saw before it got too dark to film out of the… Continue

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To all of our friends, family, and others who receive the Desert of the Real Posts but are to polite to cancel this email broadcast,

May this Christmas and Holiday Season bring us everthing we want that will fit in a cookie tin or a 5MG file. Or the tiny brains of my mentors, pictured below.

May the Season… Continue

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December 24th, 1776 and 1814

General George Washington, with his 2400 men and 18 guns, crossed the Delaware River to attack 1400 Hessians commanded by Colonel Rahl (Rall by some accounts).

The Hessian mercenaries, fighting for the British, were surprised and defeated in a matter of an hour and a half.


The effect of the battle of Trenton was out of all proportion to the numbers involved and the casualties. The American effort across the… Continue

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Students of UNM

Students in Albuquerque are surprisingly different from San Francisco overall. Both kinds were given an excersice where they have to vote someone off a boat (the aim of the execrise is to make students to learn to articulate their thoughts, but it is not important here). Among the five passengers, there's a pregnant woman and a priest. In San Francisco, students always kill off these two first (because the woman eats too much and the priest is useless). In Albuquerque, the woman always stays…


Added by Pete Zaitcev on December 24, 2008 at 11:07am — 1 Comment

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