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My CD release is tomorrow!

It's finally here. "Welcome to Postwar USA" see the light of day tomorrow when I release it at Burt's Tiki Lounge (313 gold SE), with The booty green and my band, Vertigo Venus.

the facebook event is here:

I'm really excited about this, so I hope to see you…


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“The Dignity of the Mute”: Dorothea Lange’s Japanese Americans

On a Friday Ben Clarke and I spent the afternoon at the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley, looking at Dorothea Lange’s photographs of the World War II internment of Japanese Americans on the West Coast. In May 1997 Ben was the writer-in-residence for “Image and Imagination: Encounters with the Photography of Dorothea Lange,” facilitating writing workshops at the Oakland Museum of California and the Oakland Public Library. I… Continue

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That's All Folk: Postmodernism and Music with Molly Beer

My personal knowledge of folk music is a bit Wobbly, belabored by my own economic woes, very likely sidetracked by hitting… Continue

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Morning Fix - WWBED (What Would Bob Eubanks Do?)


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The ABQ Garden Revisited

Now that we're finally coming out of our unseasonably hot streak, I can wander back into the garden for more than just the minutes it takes to water to keep the poor plants alive. I have a lot of first year plants that went in in the spring. So far, I have lost one lavender, one straightneck squash and one cat nip. The loss of the cat nip was mainly due to the attentions of the neighborhood cats. They literally loved it to… Continue

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Morning Fix: One Ringy Dingy


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Morning Fix - WWCWD (What Would Chuck Woolery Do?)


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The 5 Best Ideas Albuquerque Ever Had

NOB HILL--We all really do love this city--but what makes this place so special? Oh I know there is the climate, mountains, and river, but what did the people here do that turned all those natural advantages into this bustling community? Just look at Bernalillo: same climate, same mountains, same river. However, the result has been completely different. Here is what I think are the five best ideas Albuquerque ever had.

#5: Embrace the… Continue

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Morning Fix: Green With Envy


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Morning Fix - WWBBD (What Would Bob Barker Do?)


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The Sunday Poem: Amy Beeder... Captain Haddock vs. the PTA

This poem originally appeared in the legendary Chicago publication, Poetry. Because of that we can listen to Beeder read this short piece, as well as her introduction to it, on the Poetry Foundation website.

Amy Beeder teaches at UNM. Previously she was a human rights observer in Haiti and Suriname, and taught high school in West Africa. She… Continue

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Recovery Cat 7.17.2010

As discoveries were made, pharmaceutical companies rose to the task of developing these compounds, ensuring safety and efficacy and mass-producing and marketing the medicines... As the 21st century begins, pharmaceutical companies are continuing the battle against humankind's ancient enemies and meeting new challenges. History of Pharmaceuticals.…


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Upside-Down Joy: The Woman on the Flying Trapeze

Yesterday I had the opportunity to fully invert my summer doldrums. Debra Landau was kind enough to give me a low flying trapeze lesson and let me try swinging, spinning, mounting, and getting upside-down in the AirDance Studio. I needed this. Last time I was upside-down was when I flipped my wheelchair, which I wrote about this lesson in the… Continue

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Morning Fix - TGIWTF

  • Totally NOT what I thought it was, but there's a Bear Festival tomorrow.
  • Alameda, CA weighs in on our old pal Suncal's current misfortunes... of special interest…

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my band's Pajama Party CD release this saturday, my new CD, more!

All ages Pajama Party CD release for Vertigo Venus this Saturday!

This saturday the 17th, we'll be hosting our all ages Pajama party CD release for our new CD, "SOS", at Revlis Gallery (712 Central, Albuquerque, NM). Admission is only $3 if you're in pajamas! It's $6 if not, there will be giveaways all night, a raffle, and a best PJs contest! This is sure to be a really fun show!

Click the link for the Facebook event, and we hope to see…


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Everybody needs a little outdoors time

Finding balance in our busy lives is often a challenge. Prying the remote, iPod, Nintendo DS or other gadgets out of our children's hands is even harder! That's why I am inviting everyone who can, to attend this Saturday's 'Listening Session' on the President's Great Outdoors Initiative.

This is an incredible opportunity to talk directly to Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar and other top administration officials about the ways our communities are using outdoor spaces and how our… Continue

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Morning Fix - Hillclimber

  • So that happened. (I IMPLORE you not to read the comments.)
  • Local Albuquerque/Corrales based supernatural expert weighs in on Chupacabra sighting in N. Texas.
  • UNMH is now a…

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looking forward

and never looking back.

it's been a while since i logged into the site, i don't know why. this *is* one of my favorite social networking sites. it seems like i log in once a year, however. it's certainly been a while since i blogged here. so much has happened since!

it would be terribly self-centered to recount all that here. however, as i slightly swelter in my warmish upstairs bedroom, i have to just admire my town, your town, this albuquerque town. it's so full of… Continue

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THURSDAY 7/15: A Public Meeting about the LOWES grocery store on Lomas, Downtown.

A better quality grocery store for Downtown?

I know you've heard nothing on this subject for some time, but behind the scenes all kinds of good stuff has been going on. Roger Lowe Jr. is showing a great deal of interest in doing a major re-hab on the 11th and Lomas store and would like to show all interested what he recently finished in his Lubbock store, and to take ideas and input from all ABQ residents served by this store. He also is seeking public support for the beer and wine… Continue

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Morning Fix - Don't Go Tugging at That Dress


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