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Albuquerque Mentioned on BoingBoing

Over at BoingBoing Gadgets, our fair burg got a brief mention in a post otherwise about computer hacks. Apparently the fact that our museum has a working version of SpaceWar running is quite the sensation. In fact, I… Continue

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With the recent market meltdown and financial freefall, many are throwing animal bones, divining goat entrails, or supplicating at the Wasilla, Alaska Assembly of God for financial comfort and market guidance.

The more cynical are asking where is that most evanescent of economic enigmas, the Plunge Protection Team (PPT)? The PPT is supposedly a group of investment bankers, US Treasury Officials, and other big financial types that meet, coven-like, and intervene in US financial… Continue

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Need a Good Auto Shop?

NOB HILL--There is no minimizing the bad news coming out of Wall Street. It has the real possibility of affecting us right here in Albuquerque in ways that seemed remote even a few months ago. These times call for finding ways to defend yourself against the fall-out from economic mistakes made elsewhere.

Spending your way out of this crisis does not sound like a good idea to me. If going into big-time debt for a new car doesn't make sense… Continue

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Morning Fix: Remain Seated


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October Black market Goods Art Show!

Come on out and Play!

October 25th


Doors open @ 8pm

5905 Marble St in the Marble Plaza Business Center

This show will host 40-50 artists with 6 feet of wall space to work with. We will also be hosting an art auction as well to help raise funds for our Japan tour. So expect our awesome Black Market Goodsness revolving around begging you to buy our art! This will involve a cover but we will have sushi for the guests so come early. We got a photo shoot, fashion… Continue

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In a belated post from July entitled the “Last Day of June, 2008,” the Author postulated upon the post-petrochemical future.

Would this future be a nice road traversed by energy-efficient machines or a dirt path trudged by half-starved peasants? Would it be an efficient post-industrial society or a neo-dark age where blade servers must be beaten into plowshares?

Would men pull dog sleds while dogs aspire to the culture comforts of wolfery?


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Cafe Green

I stopped by this little place on my bicycle today between clients. It's at 319 5th Street SW. I've been wanting to stop there for quite a while because I imagined it to be a vegetarian place. (It's not, but it does have vegetarian dishes). I ordered the veggie crepes, and got the veggie wrap by mistake. I then received many profuse apologies because of the miscommunication. In fact, she was so nice about it I ached for her. Anyway, I had the veggie wrap and FRIED GREEN BEANS. The veggie wrap… Continue

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An Autumn ABQ ZOO Visit


Albuquerque Zoo Gallery

This Burrowing Owl might be one of the last on the planet...certainly one of the few to survive the many developments around the Albuquerque area...You can find her at the gorgeous Albuquerque Zoo. We've been to many zoos and like our fair city's airport, the zoo is extraordinarily unique and nice (better than… Continue

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Isleta Luxury?!?!?! Resort and Casino

Isleta unveiled their new luxury resort addition at the beginning of the summer, and I have just had the opportunity and occasion to visit. As a born and bred resident of Albuquerque I savor the addition of new hotels and restaurants that add to our already bountiful array of great cuisine and charming accommodations. So, after hearing some glowing reviews about the beauty of the new addition I longed to see it for myself and decided to consider it as a location to host my upcoming bachelorette… Continue

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How's ABQ's Art Scene Doing?

What are Albuquerque's arts groups doing to stay financial fit these days?

This article about Rochester, NY's struggling art scene highlights several ways arts groups have been hit by and are combating the down… Continue

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Morning Fix: Haunting


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Volunteer @ Balloon Fiesta - Help raise funds for Make A Wish

Heard from a friend that our local Make A Wish chapter is in need of volunteers to help fundraise at this year's Balloon Fiesta. Volunteers are needed to work shifts selling Balloon Fiesta program books and calendars. In turn, Make A Wish raises funds to help grant wishes for local children. They are trying to get 500+ total volunteers - please read on if even you can help out for just one shift...

More about this volunteer opportunity:

"We are actively recruiting 500+… Continue

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Reason # 3010 I really like my job. PUPPY PLAY GROUP @ BOW WOW BLUES!! and other news....


Every Sunday morning at 9:30 we host Puppy Play Group at the store. Well, it actually should be called "Doggie and Puppy Play Group" because all of the orginial puppies have grown up and still come and hang out! It's a great group and I'm inviting all my DCF-er buddies to bring you dog (dog and puppy friendly please) and come and hang out!! (Please Enjoy some action shots taken last Sunday @ Puppy Play Group!!)…


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Hi! Ho! Come to the Fair! The Cows and the Sheep Will All Be There!

I never saw a Purple Cow. I hope I NEVER see one. But, I can tell you anyhow, I'd rather see than be one!

Don't forget the Fair this year. In keeping with your visits with the animals, you may enjoy the bull you read in the following bit of "poetry": Cows With Guns

Fat and docile, big and dumb,

They look so stupid, they aren't much fun,

Cows aren't fun.

They eat to grow, grow to die,

Die to be et,… Continue

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The Mayor of Albuquerque has more experience than Sarah Palin

You may not like the guy, but it's hard not to admit the fact that Albuquerque Mayor, Martin J. Chavez, would be better equipped for the job as VP than Sarah Palin. Here's the breakdown....…


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Adventures of the Merch Girl: Hurricane Parties

So...being a New Mexican means the worst I've had to deal with natural disaster-wise is knowing that ditches are deadly (STAY AWAY!) and that dust gets caught in your throat sometimes when it's windy. When the news reports said Hurricane Ike was going to dump a bunch of rain and blow us all around a lot here in Austin, I didn't know what to do. So instead of buying bottled water and granola bars, my buddy Katie and I decided to have a hurricane party. We bought diet Coke and hummus and decided… Continue

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Haptics is happening in ABQ

Wired Magazine's Danny Dumas reviewed Albuquerque-based Novint's new Falcon force-feedback game controller device in his Gadget Lab (hardware that rocks your world) blog post: Novint Falcon Gaming Controller Takes Aim on Your Mouse.

The Falcon, shown here with an exchangeable… Continue

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women and wilderness!

This makes me so unbelievably happy: The Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance has launched a "Women Protecting Wilderness" campaign (and no, it's not just for Utah!)

Check out the website here and learn how to submit your photo and wilderness testimonial for the group's wilderness quilt here.

By the way, I heard about this through the… Continue

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T-Shirt Contest Should Fit you to a "T" This Weekend!

Get hot not only with your weekend chili, but also with your designing nature and pen. Monroe's is sponsoring a T-Shirt Contest. Your unique design could win you a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place prize. Complete your design and drop it by Monroe's Restaurant. Who knows? "Tamale" you may be the winner.

Contest ends when the Balloon Fiesta begins!…


Added by Rep Ayre on September 13, 2008 at 7:30am — 1 Comment

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