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Special Male Body Image Edition Brickhouse Betties Munch!

Greetings All!

I'm pleased to announce that the speaker for our next Brickhouse Betties Munch will be Tony Carson the topic he will be speaking on is:

The Image of God: God made us all with a positive self-image, but others (family, friends, culture, media) convince us away from that image. Spirituality (whatever that means to the individual) is a means to rediscover that "Image of God" as God intended.

Tony's Bio:

Tony Carson is a… Continue

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Once upon a time...

Countries were shaped like stars... or so says Mi Casa Theatre of Ottawa, Ontario. I had the opportunity to see their show "Countries Shaped Like Stars" (standing in the back of a packed house on a cold Friday night) and was electrified by the hour I spent in their world. Mi Casa is a truly poetic theatre company. Filled with brilliant verbal images, whimsical music and lyrics, strung together in absurd flow, but never feeling as though they are too out of reach. They are accessible. They are… Continue

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The Two Whos on life's little things -- "Every Day, See the World With New Eyes!"

From the Two Whos

Cece emailed Yun on Saturday: "Hope that you have a good evening!"

Yun emailed back: "How is your recovery? Pain? I watched the movie Home Alone with my kids for the 4th time in two weeks. What is that about, the same movie for the 4th time?"

Home Alone is the story about an 8 year old boy who is mistakenly left behind when his parents go to France for Christmas vacation. The boy outsmarts… Continue

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Let's Give Local too

I get why everyone wants to give to Haiti. I get it. Haiti was already in the crapper, and now thousands, hundreds of thousands homeless. It's mind boggling. I even have a personal connection to Haiti-- my friend's mother who is 84 lives there, and my friend left Haiti just 2 hours before the earthquake hit. Last I heard she was ok, her home was still standing... but geeze, she's 84. My friend's brothers were going down there to try and get her out. Not everyone is so lucky. I get that... It's… Continue

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Flamingo wackiness

Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental brought "Henry V Live from Times Square" to the Tricklock Revolutions International Theatre Festival in 2007 in Albuquerque and it remains one of my best Revolutions memories.

So it's no surprise that their entry this year,… Continue

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More Equal

It may be time to incorporate myself. I could watch my stock rise and fall in the markets. I could elect myself chairman of my own board. Or not. But the most fun is that now, by Supreme Court rule, I can make more noise and have more influence in elections than I can simply being me.

The trouble might be in choosing what kind of corporation to be. If I chose to be an energy company, must I… Continue

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Morning Fix: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

  • Say a Hail Mary for those Hail Marys. UNM's football practice facility has potential flaws.
  • Magic Johnson's "Testing America" tour coming to Albuquerque.
  • Baby, it's cold…

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The Two Whos on life's little things -- "Dating 101– The Return to Innocence!"

From the the Two Whos

Cece works with adults who have developmental disabilities. One of her clients has a goal to have a girlfriend. Cece does not like writing this type of goal but she does try to assist this man in " looking around."

On December 31st, a lovely young woman in the office came up and gave Cece a hug! A light bulb went off! This could be a sweet office romance with her client and this young woman! So,… Continue

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ABQ Day Trip: San Lorenzo Canyon

Here's a gem a little over an hour south of Albuquerque near Socorro: San Lorenzo Canyon Recreation Area. The road that connects to the canyon is sandy, but decently kept. We made it fine with a front wheel drive car, though I could imagine some weather conditions and road conditions that might make it more difficult.…


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Morning Fix: Cat Scratch Fever


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I've got that Revolutionary feeling

Who wouldn't love January in Albuquerque when you've got the Tricklock Revolutions International Theatre Festival?

The Revolution started off with two premiers -- "Pollock," a solo show starring Joe Peracchio, and "Nasze… Continue

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It's For The Children...

I'm like a lot of you reading this. I perennially want our city to have new facilities, mainly for better quality of life. I vote for 95% of general obligation bonds and mill levies. I always vote for funding for schools, libraries, senior centers, arroyo storm flood control, police, fire, bike paths, land for balloon landings, what have you.

I even did this before I set foot in a library here, called the… Continue

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Morning Fix: Whole Lotta Solar Going On


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The DCF Heads North: Notes from the Roundhouse

THE ROUNDHOUSE, SANTA FE--There was something dismal about the bus ride downtown. It was still wet from the overnight rain. The streetlights were already turned off in the early morning mist. Dawn came late, but life was still running on time. And that meant catching the 7:30 Railrunner if I wanted to be in Santa Fe before noon.

The Alvarado Station was crowded, but nobody there was riding the train. It was filled with people with nowhere else to… Continue

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In the News: ABQ Group Sending Solar Powered Bibles to Haiti

Reuters is running this in newspapers around the world, and I was intrigued that the group is based here in the Q:

"As international aid agencies rush food, water and medicine to Haiti's earthquake victims, a US faith-based group is sending Bibles to Haitians in their hour of need.

Not just any…

Added by Kelly Vickers on January 19, 2010 at 1:00pm — 2 Comments

North Valley Days: The Baked Cow Skull

My friend Sal Reyes sold me that cow. It was a small black Angus and it looked to be no problem as we unloaded it from his pickup and into my garden. My garden, you see, was fenced. It was my first venture into owning any kind of cattle. As I gazed at all that beef in the late afternoon sun I was mighty excited.

By the next morning, however, that beef was gone. A part of the fencing was torn down, the gate was askew, and the cow was gone.… Continue

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Morning Fix: Magically Delicious


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Doctors Without Borders Involved in Relief Effort in Haiti

Cece Spoke to Yun this morning about the group Doctors Without Borders. She told Yun about the group and Yun was already familiar with it. They both agreed to feature a donation button on this blog so that if you want to , you can donate to their relief efforts in Haiti.

From Doctors Without Borders web site, we have included this information:

Photo by: BrunoStevens/Cosmos

About Us

History and Principles

Doctors Without… Continue

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The Two Whos on life's little things -- "The Massage Therapist and John Nash"

From Two Whos:

What’s the difference between being massaged and watching the movie The Beautiful Mind? For Yun, it is the same experience… in her mind that is.

She visited her most wonderful massage therapist Stephanie. Stephanie has this amazing ability to tell which muscle or tendon are not behaving, or are out of the alignment. She will say with her eyes closed (Yun is guessing): “Here you are. This is it!” Wham, she… Continue

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Albuquerque, 5 things drawing us back

Photo credit: Stephanie Hedges

In 2006, I blogged about how Albuquerque is for families what Austin is for music, in a word, awesome.

A mere 6 months later, my…


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