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my band's Pajama Party CD release this saturday, my new CD, more!

All ages Pajama Party CD release for Vertigo Venus this Saturday!

This saturday the 17th, we'll be hosting our all ages Pajama party CD release for our new CD, "SOS", at Revlis Gallery (712 Central, Albuquerque, NM). Admission is only $3 if you're in pajamas! It's $6 if not, there will be giveaways all night, a raffle, and a best PJs contest! This is sure to be a really fun show!

Click the link for the Facebook event, and we hope to see…


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Everybody needs a little outdoors time

Finding balance in our busy lives is often a challenge. Prying the remote, iPod, Nintendo DS or other gadgets out of our children's hands is even harder! That's why I am inviting everyone who can, to attend this Saturday's 'Listening Session' on the President's Great Outdoors Initiative.

This is an incredible opportunity to talk directly to Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar and other top administration officials about the ways our communities are using outdoor spaces and how our… Continue

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Morning Fix - Hillclimber

  • So that happened. (I IMPLORE you not to read the comments.)
  • Local Albuquerque/Corrales based supernatural expert weighs in on Chupacabra sighting in N. Texas.
  • UNMH is now a…

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looking forward

and never looking back.

it's been a while since i logged into the site, i don't know why. this *is* one of my favorite social networking sites. it seems like i log in once a year, however. it's certainly been a while since i blogged here. so much has happened since!

it would be terribly self-centered to recount all that here. however, as i slightly swelter in my warmish upstairs bedroom, i have to just admire my town, your town, this albuquerque town. it's so full of… Continue

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THURSDAY 7/15: A Public Meeting about the LOWES grocery store on Lomas, Downtown.

A better quality grocery store for Downtown?

I know you've heard nothing on this subject for some time, but behind the scenes all kinds of good stuff has been going on. Roger Lowe Jr. is showing a great deal of interest in doing a major re-hab on the 11th and Lomas store and would like to show all interested what he recently finished in his Lubbock store, and to take ideas and input from all ABQ residents served by this store. He also is seeking public support for the beer and wine… Continue

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Morning Fix - Don't Go Tugging at That Dress


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Morning Fix - New Dog in Town


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Reading Greta

Here is a poem by Greta Pullen from her book Lost and Found Cafe (Neuma Books 2005) in its entirety:

Some Green Hand

On small hills

Temples depend from the backdrop

Of rising foliage

Their roof combs a maze

Of vents as if to reproduce in stone

The airy thatched combs of the people's huts

So much of the exposed stone

Rough with the growth of rust-colored lichens

Did the priests know the roof combs

Would compete with the… Continue

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History of a House and its 'Hood

I’ve always preferred houses with a history. The story of how a neighborhood comes to be is part of this story, but given enough time, the house itself builds a history.

When we first saw our place in Barelas, I was enchanted by the deep window sills created by double adobe walls – perfect perches for cats and children. And I was intrigued by tales of the water well that was somewhere on the property and shut down (or not).

We… Continue

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Morning Fix - A Dart in The Neck

  • Here's a nice little travel recommendation blurb from this weekend's Dallas Morning News...
  • New Railrunner station slated for construction at Montano and…

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The Fix is On

Since I finally caved and signed up for Duke City Fix (note: wasn't against it, just wasn't sure I could maintain another online presence) I figured an appropriate way to start things would be to write a little love note to the city that has been my home for the last 19 years.

Dear 'Burque,

I remember first arriving in the city back in '91. I wouldn't call it love at first sight. More like we saw each other across… Continue

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The Sunday Poem: David M. Johnson... Desert Notes

You are probably used to New Mexico's landscape of distant horizons and small surprises. But it does take some time to make sense of it...especially if you are from the midwest.

David Johnson retired from the University of New Mexico in 1999 after over thirty-three years of teaching creative writing, mythology, and world literature. His most recent book is Rebirth… Continue

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Of Dogs and Doggerel, or Why I'm Leaving the Bay Area

The plums are flowering on my quiet South Berkeley street. Most of my neighbors are friendly and helpful, the Italian oaks raise their curved branches to praise the sun, and my fellow dogwalkers are wry and fastidious. I shouldn't complain, really, although it's only fortuitous that I occupy the house once owned by my parents, since I certainly can't afford the neighborhood on an adjunct professor's salary.… Continue

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Recovery Cat 7.10.2010

I'm getting too old for this sort of thing. OB1KN0B, Star Wars.

Regards, Paul

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What's in a Face? What isn't. (C Prints at SCA Contemporary)

When I asked photographer Tom Loeb what he looks for in a face, he told me, “I know who I don’t want to photograph. I don’t photograph beautiful women.” And then he elaborated, if a person “looks like they might fit into a mainstream publication or are well fed and well scrubbed enough that their image might be used to sell something, then I probably don’t want to photograph them.”

I’m glad. The people he does photograph are far more… Continue

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Morning Fix: Somewhere Over the Rainbow


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Morning Fix: Roundabout

  • This just makes my blood boil. What do you think should be done to kids, or anyone else for that matter, that vandalize a school?
  • "Ideal for bust and raid situations. Great for evidence collection..."…

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A couple of days ago I came across a website called Historypin. It's a website based in England which uses the Google Map engine to allow users to upload historical photos and pin them to the map. The photos can also be overlaid on to Google Street View to show how a place has changed over time. Here's a short video explaining the concept:

Now… Continue

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Morning Fix: Calling Number 235...

  • If you are still standing in line waiting for your number to be called at the MVD in Cottonwood Mall, you have a…

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Morning Fix: Will Love Prevail?

  • New West Side fire station on hold because of missed deadline to receive one million dollars in federal funding.
  • Albuquerque ranks 15th for something…

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