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Cross posted to The Desert of the Real Economic Analysis.

According to Frank Rich in his New York Times Sunday’s Op-Ed piece entitled ”Some Things Don’t Change in Grover’ Corners”, there has been a spike in the number of recent productions of Thornton Wilder’s classic play, “Our Town”.

Rich writes:

You can see… Continue

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Photo Contest to help Oscar raise money for pets in need!! You outta be in Pictues babeeee!

Since I can't make a cute chalk board sign....

*Photo Contest*

Help Oscar Raise Money for Pets in need!

February 9th to April 2nd

Award Ceremony - Saturday April 4, 2009 – Starting at 11am

Drop off or email us Your Favorite PET Photo at Bow Wow Blues by April 2, 2009 – There is no entry fee for the photo contest but donations to benefit the OSCAR FOUNDATION will be accepted at the awards ceremony!…


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Thanks for POETS

Thank you for posting Poems on Sunday. Lisa, this is great.
Poetry is the alarm clock of sanity, wake-up call to the listening.

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to Richard Vargas

Richard, your poems always give me so much. Thank you!

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The Sunday Poem: Lisa Gill... Shooting Up to Shostakovich

Lisa Gill is the author of two books of poetry, Red as a Lotus: Letters to a Dead Trappist (dedicated to Thomas Merton) and Mortar & Pestle (about medicinal herbs). A third book, titled "Caput Nili: How I won the war and lost my taste for oranges" is forthcoming from Burning Books. She is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at UNM, with a dual concentration in poetry and creative nonfiction.… Continue

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looking for a gym

Any info on a few gyms would be helpful.

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All the world's woes and THIS is the issue??!!

You know, I try hard to keep silent, yet observant, about political stuff, I vote and help those I deem worthy of my time but mostly I don't say much. Truth be told, I'm spoiled, I work in a dog store and have a pretty niffty life with few complaints. But this issue is just stupid and I need to say something.

Many of you have driven by the store and seen our chalk board signs announcing "Santa Paws" or "Dog Wash" or upcoming events or specials etc....we work hard to keep them cute… Continue

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Early Morning Obsessions

It is early morning when I hear it. The distinct sound of a plastic hanger knocking against the wooden bedroom door. I knew to expect this. I had just hoped it wouldn’t happen just as the sunlight was beginning to peak through the blinds. In walks Luna with her eyes barely open, carrying her latest obsession: her new purple dress purchased for her auntie’s wedding.

The night before, I suggested we hang the dress on the door so it would be… Continue

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Scooterati and Motociclisti

Hey y'all.

I've ridden with both. Each group has it's merits. Scooter folk keep the mood light and don't go very far or fast. They mostly stay in an urban evironment. Motorcycle riders have to go at least 100 miles and hit 100 mph at least once and grind a peg in order for a ride to be successful.

I would encourage each group to ride with another in order to experience a different world.

Lately, I've been riding with the scooterati and a few other motorcycles.… Continue

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California Guitar Trio at the Cooperage

OK, first of all , I have to apologize for the crappy photos. Let's just say a camera phone works in certain situations and not in others.

That said, the California Guitar Trio at the Cooperage was a great show. By the time I got off of work, picked up the GF and headed to the Cooperage, I was running a bit late. Needless to say, Neil Copperman of AMP… Continue

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Tokikake screening in UNM SUB on Monday

This sort of Japanese animated movie is not widely shown in America, usually. I seem to recall only the most excellent Spirited Away, and somewhat less so Howl's Moving Castle making it to the big screen. Also, I watched If You Listen Closely at a screening in San Francisco sponsored by the Consulate of Japan, but that's about it. Now the UNM Anime Club is getting serious about showing The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (also known as "Tokikake", short for its…


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Other Cinema DVD Warmup Starts Saturday, March 7! From Basement Films & Friends

From March 7 to 22, a collaboration between Basement Films, The Guild Cinema & Bryan Konefsky's Experiments in Cinema 4.2 will present the Other Cinema DVD Warmup -- a series of engaging, lively, provocative & darn interesting movies screening at The Guild Cinema. These 9 flicks range from sub-culture minded documentaries to inventive experimental pieces. All… Continue

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Guitar 1 and 2 at the Harwood Art Center!

Hey everyone! Ever want to learn to play guitar, but never get around to doing it? Here's your opportunity! I'll be teaching Guitar 1 and Guitar 2 at the Harwood Art Center this Spring. Here's a couple of class descriptions:

Guitar 1

There is a sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from playing your first song. This class is about getting you there with ease. You just need your guitar and an enthusiasm to learn. Popular… Continue

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Morning Fix: Help Us, Spellcheck Jesus

  • State unemployment creeps past 5 percent, floats below nationwide unemployment of 7.6 percent.
  • Sales tax for education slain.
  • Mesa del Sol's residential sprawl stalled. Commercial sprawl blazes onward. Recession, banks, housing market,…

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seeing as how DCF shorted it......

i finally had a moment to look over the DCF morning fix on eclipse. i was very disappointed to find it tied directly to a critic blog...and that was it. a story of this magnitude really deserved more balanced coverage, and it's not like , oh, say , there was not a few hundred people available to discuss it.Also pretty un fair to everyone who may have wanted to comment.

No matter a persons personal take on all this, there are some hard facts.

Industry nay sayers had always… Continue

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Oh spring time, why do you hate me so?

I love spring time in Albuquerque. However, spring time in Albuquerque doesn't really like me.

In fact, I think it has it out for me.

Around this time every year, I walk around in a Benedryl induced haze, in some vain attempt to breathe. And every year I fail.

It gets so bad that after a major sneezing fit, all I can do is toss my hands up and shout to the heavens, "The Claritin does nothing! Why?!??!?"

I love watching Albuquerque come back to… Continue

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Lofts developer Rob DIckson... Mayor? not THIS year.

Rob Dickson sent out appologies withdrawing from the Mayors race about two weeks ago. The Public FInancing parameters appear to be too ridgid and difficlut for a number of the potential Mayoral candidates (Debbie O'Malley also withdrew due to frustration with the $5 donation public financing plan) This is something politically minded folks may want to work on for future elections.

Our local champion of "New Urbanism" Rob Dickson, has… Continue

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First Friday, March 6, 6-10 pm, Featured artist: Sarah Rose

This month's emerging artist show features the work of Sarah Rose, a UNM Graduate student and Chroma Studios artist. In addition to Sarah's amazing oil paintings we have oil pastels by Astara Mills, photography by Justin Simenson, and a graphite drawing by Bryan Beck.

Along with the emerging artists, you will find the incredible work of last month's featured artist, David Lloyd Stewart, who will show his work at Chroma for another month. I am happy to announce a new Chroma Studios artist,… Continue

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the one and only sweetie pie

One of my favorite dogs went missing yesterday. Good friends of ours just moved into their first home purchase last weekend, and dear Sweetie Pie got out of her new yard yesterday afternoon. She was last seen in Carlisle/Gibson area.

I'm so sad and worried. She really is a wonderful dog.


update!! as of 7pm tonight some kind individual found her and turned her in! tomorrow she gets… Continue

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Bloggin . . . . got my chips cashed in

Ok. Apologies to The Dead.

It all started when I got the big idea that I would have my own personal blog page where I could rant about whatever I wanted, post pictures, comments, etc. So I did what I usually do & that is go hawg wild before investigating the endeavor. I consider instructions a sourc of last resort.

I'll try to keep it brief. I took the advice of Dale, Jr & went Before I knew it I was the proud owner of not only one, but two domains. One of them… Continue

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