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How coloring my hair changed my life

When I came back to America after a very rough trip through Europe, I was virtually destroyed mentally. I thought I was an awful person, I had no respect for myself, and I absolutely didn’t love myself. I won’t get into why I felt this way, but it is important to my story. I struggled constantly with my self-worth. I would talk down to myself. I told myself that I was ugly and, while I knew I could be a contributing member of society, I didn’t want to be. I just wanted to stay in my room all…


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New Mexico is the best place to survive the zombie apocalypse

Survival of the impending zombie apocalypse is almost completely dependent on where you are. Guns and gear are an obvious necessity, but if biters are popping out of a dense forest — good luck turning around and attacking before they take a bite from your shoulder. This is no time for surprises.

If you're going to mount a tactical offense and establish a strong resistance against the undead, you want your geography to be a…


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Weekend To-Do's in the Q

Looking for something to do this weekend? There are plenty of local events posted here on plus a few here you might want to check out:



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Beginner's Guide to Yoga (Styles, Schools, Traditions) by Elise Espat

I'll be honest.  My first official yoga classes were with Jane Fonda on a VHS tape in my living room.  When I eventually mustered up the courage to find a teacher, I had no idea what to look for, or even that there were different styles.  Overwhelmed, I made my decision based on 2 factors: location and price.  I ended up at a great place with some wonderful teachers.  I was really lucky.  This was years ago when there were maybe three places from which I could…


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Morning Fix - We Are The Music Makers

  • Hard Rock Pavilion Mayhem Festival show murder suspect arrested.
  • If what you look for in a hospital is…

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FEAR OF FALLING-:-aerial dance performance

Fear of Falling at the AirDance ArtSpace


Josh Burgess and Morgan…


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crash[blank] dia de los muertos marigold parade - bicycle edition



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Recovery Cat 10.29.2011

Members of the "(Un)occupy Albuquerque" rally held a number of events around campus, including protesting outside of the office of UNM president David Schmidly... Administrators, however, locked some administration buildings and a large police presence was seen around the area known as… Continue

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Recovery Cat 10.15.2011

Dozens of protesters chanted for hours in front of banks Wednesday to send a loud message, saying 99% of Americans will not tolerate the greed and corruption of the one percent.

"Occupy Burque Protests Today."… Continue

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Recovery Cat 10.8.2011

The essence of spirit, he thought to himself, was to choose the thing which did not better one's position but made it more perilous. That was why the world he knew was poor, for it insisted morality and caution were identical.…


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Deadline for Public Art project designs is THIS Friday!

All you artists and designers out there should be applying for this $2,012 design commission! The project asks for two designs, one for the geographic center of the city in 1912 and another for the center in 2012. These designs will be made into circular plaques that will memorialize the sites and the whole project will be unveiled at the Centennial Celebration on June 16th.

Take a look at the…


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Something New for ABQ

Most of you know that I am a burlesque performer. Most of you know that I am very proud of what I do, and the international community that supports the burlesque movement.  Every day I learn something new, and am in awe of and inspired by what performers in this genre are doing.  It is one of the most eclectic and jaw-dropping performance mediums I have ever known.  The traditional bump, grind, and tease aside - burlesque is…


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Morning Fix - The Right Price is Too Damn High

  • Tamarind exhibit gets press in Edinburgh.
  • Slate says Gary Johnson is announcing his presidential bid today, and also that he wants to be Ron Paul.
  • Taos police don't know who the latest person to jump off the Gorge…

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Morning Fix - The Temp is Too Damn High

  • Local firm among nation's "Top 300 Startups". Begs the question, how many are there, in total?
  • National Park Service grant will help Ernie Pyle library.
  • Easter Sunday feelgood family film on Hallmark Channel tells a…

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Morning Fix - The Tax is Too Damn High


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Aerial Dance Show Preview

Things are beginning to fly at the AirDance…


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3 Things You Must Do BEFORE Your Auto Accident

Statistically, it’s not a matter of “if” you’ll be in a crash.  Even the most careful driver will be involved in a significant crash at least once.  I’ve met people that have a crash or two per year—that weren’t their fault.  The best time to minimize the impact a crash can have on your life is before it happens.  These three things will make all the difference:


  1. Cover YOU and your passengers with the right insurance.  Don’t pick an insurance company based on who…

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Albuquerque Divorce: Mediation vs. Litigation

For most couples getting divorced using the process of mediation can save them thousands of dollars, many months, and an untold amount of stress.  The trick is seeking mediation early in the process rather than months down the line when the court orders it.  Regardless of whether or not you have attorneys…


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Nukes and the Duke City

I had never met a nuclear physicist until I moved to Albuquerque. Now I know several.


I had never heard the term “atomic tourism” until a few years ago, when a seatmate on a flight told me why he was travelling to New…


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La Luz Trail Report 3.12.2011

I climbed the mountain yesterday on a route that took me from the tram parking lot through the La Luz trail and then up some improvised routes to the top of the mountain. 

(La Luze trail taken just east of the La Cueva overlook


If you are interested in hiking and wonder what the trail is…


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