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Old Town Artful Saturday on April 18

On the third Saturday of each month, the Albuquerque Art Business Association (AABA), presents an 'Artful Saturday' in either Old Town, The Heights, or along Route 66. This month the Artful Saturday takes place in Old Town, get out there and enjoy an afternoon of art!

Yucca Art…


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I am one of forty seven persons to still have and love a dumb phone but I have come across an app (on my wife's Smartie-Pantsed phone) that would almost move me to buy a Smart-ier phone. It is called, Pulse Point.

The application has been purchased for use by many large metropolitan areas in order to 'save lives' . Recently, our City of Albuquerque, New Mexico shelled out…

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Local Art & Gift Shop Keeps Growing

Genuine Southwest Art & Gifts is a local female-artist owned shop, and is expanding and adding 500 more square feet.  Located in Plaza Hacienda, on the East side of Old Town, this shop has artwork for sale on consignment, handmade by a variety of artists who live here in New…


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Duke City Fixers Rule!

Something amazing happened last night.  That’s right AMAZING.  A friend and fellow Duke City Fix member, Krista, posted something on her Facebook page that piqued my interest.  She posted a link to the Albuquerque Museum of Art’s…


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Ready For Winter? Ready To Be Like Fine Wine?

The seasons impact everyone in different ways. In the winter our bodies are continually adapting to the challenges of the shifting weather patterns, the pressures of the holidays, and even the changes in the light. Chinese Medicine can offer support at each transition by helping the body and mind find…


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ABQ - A Little Bit Of Everything For The Family

Albuquerque has a lot to offer for families of all sizes – it’s just figuring out what you would like to do as a family. If you are looking for a museum, there are a total of 19 museums in Albuquerque. Of course, there are also a number of outdoor activities offered as well.

At Cliff’s amusement park, visitors can find everything from roller coasters and smaller rides to water slides and a lazy river. Included is one of the world’s top 25 roller coasters, known as the New Mexico…


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There's No Tortillas, There's Only Bread!!!!

Our family music group (Cielito Lindo Family Folk Music) played a concert at Eight two 1 Performance Space over on Mountain last night
and then went to eat at …


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Famous People & Albuquerque

Like many thriving cities throughout the nation, Albuquerque is the home, or close to home, for several famous people including actors, athletes, scholars, artists, and more. While the list is long, I have developed a list of these famous people that I recognize, pardon me if I missed any.

TV & Film

Why yes, there are several celebrities that are in the spotlight from ABQ, including:


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My CSA Recipe

My sister and I have been getting a CSA box from Skarsgard farms every week since March, when she started an internship there. What I love the most about it, besides the amazing flavor and selection, is that we get to eat in growing cycles. It makes me feel more aware of the earth. We’ve gone through…


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7 Things To Love About Albuquerque

Albuquerque is an incredible spot to live and to visit. While it is officially fall, and winter is quickly approaching, it is time to recollect all the fun things of the year, and things yet to come. Here are a couple of my most loved things about this city:

1. It's a tad bit of everything. While Albuquerque is a larger city, in the meantime it has that residential area feel. There are incredible things like the Kimo Theater, however no long lines of activity to manage. Wonderful…


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Have had this song stuck in my head all day.  Dave Alvin does a bang up job on this Chris Gaffney song. …


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Art, Kids, Albuquerque!

I never wanted to be a teacher, primarily because my mother taught in Albuquerque Public Schools for so many years. She recently retired, but towards the end she felt like she had no control over what her children (first graders!) were learning due to standardized testing and the lack of creativity in…


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Knights in Burque

Many people know that I am an active member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, which has a fairly large group of members in the Duke City. This is an organization that has been…


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Can Community Acupuncture Clinics Become Essential "Elements" of Health Care?

This month Community Acupuncture Albuquerque (CAA) is celebrating being part of POCA: the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture. It seemed like a great time to interview the founder of CAA,…


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Cottonwoods and Perseverance

The cottonwoods are an iconic part of Albuquerque – their golden color against a dark clouded or turquoise sky in the fall and the cotton fluff that floats like snow in June, illuminated by the setting New Mexican sun, are memories that aren’t easy to forget.


The smell in the bosque…


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Free (or low-cost) legal help in Albuquerque

The other day, I spoke with a gentleman here in Albuquerque who'd fallen victim to one of the many, many foreclosure relief scams that are out there. This one was clever: the company takes $5000, plus 10% of any savings the homeowner gets from his bank's loan modification program, but…


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Scent of the South Valley

I think many people connect to the geography of wherever they grew up, whether that is close to the mountains, out on the mesa, near the river, and so on. My connection is with the valley, the river, and the bosque but more specifically, the alfalfa fields in the South Valley. It started when I was in…


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Love Letter to ABQ

Not too long ago, Albuquerque Poet Laureate Jessica Helen Lopez and poet Don McIver asked poets and photographers to help them create a Love Letter to Albuquerque.  This is the result. Thank you and we do love…


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How coloring my hair changed my life

When I came back to America after a very rough trip through Europe, I was virtually destroyed mentally. I thought I was an awful person, I had no respect for myself, and I absolutely didn’t love myself. I won’t get into why I felt this way, but it is important to my story. I struggled constantly with my self-worth. I would talk down to myself. I told myself that I was ugly and, while I knew I could be a contributing member of society, I didn’t want to be. I just wanted to stay in my room all…


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New Mexico is the best place to survive the zombie apocalypse

Survival of the impending zombie apocalypse is almost completely dependent on where you are. Guns and gear are an obvious necessity, but if biters are popping out of a dense forest — good luck turning around and attacking before they take a bite from your shoulder. This is no time for surprises.

If you're going to mount a tactical offense and establish a strong resistance against the undead, you want your geography to be a…


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