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The Sunday Poet: Tina Carlson

I've been hearing Tina Carlson's name in the poetry community. Granted, it can take me a long time to pick up on the au currant.  She read a moving piece at the NHCC on International Women's Day, and my friend Georgia praises her work.  So lo and behold, Tina sent me some…


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The Sunday Poet: Kate Padilla

I met Kate Padilla when we were both Word Weavers, a group of Albuquerque women poets who have since disbanded. Kate’s talent is true to W.C. Williams’s dictum “No ideas but in things.” Kate whittles her poems like the work of her oft mentioned blades. Her message isn’t sharp in a hurtful…


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The Sunday Poem: Mary McGinnis

What can I say about Mary McGinnis? I’ve been  fortunate to sit with her in a writing and dining group, happy to be in her aura of  infectious optimism, her joy in the creation of never-before-syntactically-linked phrases. She is a jewel of the desert, an arranger of desert jewels. I am so honored…


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The Sunday Poem: Kristian Ashley Macaron

Greetings and Salutations!

I can't believe it has taken me so long to share the work of one of my favorite local poets and educators.…


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Builders and Makers: Damien Flores and Voces Writing Institute for Youth

Damien Flores is a poet, high school teacher, storyteller, and a proud Albuquerque native. He is full of energy and poetry. He is deeply loyal to his family, his mentors, his heritage, his community, and to the spoken word. He is talented, funny, and outspoken. Photo credit: Adam…


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New Mexico Poetry Slam is Expanding Nationally

Albuquerque has long been a city known for it's thriving and diverse poetry community. From being a stopping place along the career path of writers such as Sandra Cisneros to lifelong residents like…


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Builders and Makers: Amanda Sutton

Amanda Sutton is the Marketing & Events Director for Bookworks in Albuquerque’s North Valley, a freelance editor with West End Press, and a member of the organizing team that brought Women of the World Poetry Slam to…


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Builders and Makers: Valerie Martinez

Valerie Martínez is a poet, teacher, translator, playwright, librettist, editor and collaborative artist. She is  a patient, generous, tenacious, organized, and witty woman living in Albuquerque who commits her time to building community and…


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What To Do In ABQ

This is one busy weekend!  Plan it all out so you can do it all!

Friday, December 5


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Morning Fix: Everything Old is New Again

• Everything old is new again. An ABQ man wants to bring a modern-day drive-in theater to the city, using Kickstarter community funds.

• Catching the bus… and some poems.…


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Rose of the mesa

I stumbled upon two poems by my sister, Professor Sharon Barba (Rising Tides) and was surprised that a comment was made to the mystery of the life and death of Rose at a relatively young age (49). The mystery is more that so few people seemed to have any interest at all. University of El Paso Texas honored her posthumously (Women in History) a couple years after her death and if not for Professor Lois Marchino, that would have never happened.

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Globally Acclaimed Spoken Word Icon to Make Unique Appearance in Albuquerque for National Poetry Month

Buddy Wakefield, one of spoken word’s most notorious and accomplished performers will make a rare appearance in Albuquerque to celebrate national poetry month at the Outpost this April as part of his Riled Up and Wasted on Light world tour. A three-time world champion, multi-award winning poet and recording artist on Tori Amos’ Righteous Babe Records, Buddy delivers powerful artistry and an undeniable writing style, alongside some of the city’s own poetic luminaries on April 21st.…


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Morning Fix - North vs. South



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First Post..... Shall I make this a poetry blog?

Ok, so for my first Duke City Fix blog, here's a few of my poems....


People stand on land

not knowing who came before…


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Eclipsed by the Moon - a poem of the day

Click this link for ECLIPSE GALLERY

[Note: save your sunglasses for a view of Venus…


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POETS NIGHT OUT:a Triumvirate of Poets


April 21, 2012

Albuquerque's POETS' NIGHT OUT series presents…


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Hey Fix! I have a remodeled website. Say hi from time to time...

As I plan on doing here more often. Got to hang out with Chantal this weekend (AWESOME!). I also just read Megan's post on Urban Verbs (AWESOME!). I'm a lucky guy who loves mu community and my community actually loves me back. Thanks Fix.


Be well.


Hakim Be


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Local Poetry: Mary Oishi

In Mary Oishi’s new book Spirit Birds They Told Me, she relates traveling to Japan as an adult to meet her mother. This excerpt from the prologue and poem portray that life-changing experience.  Mary will read at Bookworks this Sunday (April 16) at 3pm!

“I visited my mother three times from 1987 until she died two years later. It was during those visits I learned…

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The Sunday Poem: Jessica Lopez and Christian Drake... Frida & Diego

A poem written by two people is pretty unusual, and here Lopez and Drake tackle one of the most complicated and passionate relationships that ever existed: that of Frida Kahloe and Diego Rivera. What an incredibly rich piece! Perhaps the only thing better than reading it would be watching them perform a video of them doing just that follows. Wow.

Christian Drake is a six-time National Poetry Slam team member, including the… Continue

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The Sunday Poem: Stewart S. Warren... Flutter of Communication

Leaves are about to fall. This is a poem you really need to read before they do...because, as he says, "Leaves are the words of trees / whose chosen work is remembering."

Stewart S. Warren, writer and performance poet, was born 1950 into the affluent southern society of Tulsa, Oklahoma where, Stewart says, he was raised by slaves and all night gas station attendants.… Continue

Added by The DitchRider on October 17, 2010 at 7:30am — 2 Comments

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