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In New Mexico, times have been tough. The Land of Enchantment has been gripped by economic uncertainty for over three years now. But, after almost half a decade living year-to-year (and sometimes month-to-month), New Mexico may be turning a corner and it’s time we got serious about a new, long-term vision for the Land of Enchantment.  We must stop rehashing the same old issues and put forth some bold new initiatives.


The time is right…


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Martinez needs to finish State Investment Council Reform; Then Step Out


In the recently completed 2011 legislative session, Senate Bill 17 (Keller, D-Albuquerque and Neville, R-Aztec), a bill designed to complete State Investment Council reforms by removing the governor as chairperson, passed with wide bipartisan support. It now sits on the governor’s desk waiting to be…


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Base State Budget on Economic Development

With only a few weeks left in the 50th legislature the halls are filled with all kinds of aphorisms about our state’s budget.  The usual dichotomy is between those who want to cut spending and those who want to to raise revenues.  Underneath each option is a wide range of specific proposals, but there is another force at play driving our state’s budget and our local economy, that until recently has seen little attention. 

Tax expenditures, the tax…


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Making Informed Decisions about the Film Incentives

There have been many robust debates on our state’s film incentive program.  Arguments have been made that the program is the single best economic development and job creation program in the state.  Others have contested the program costs too much, and exports money out of state.  The truth is we don’t need to have the debate.  The questions raised by the discussion have knowable answers.  We just need to track actual results from the program.  We can then use that…


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Take Politics, Governor out of State Investment Council

Take Politics, Governor out of State Investment Council

Senator Tim Keller – Albuquerque’s East Central Gateway and the International District

Last year the Legislature passed landmark reforms of the State Investment Council (SIC) in response to conflicts of interest, legal investigations and governance challenges at the SIC.  Now it is time to finish the job of reforming our state’s $15 billion investment funds.

The Legislature’s interim Committee on…


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2011 Legislative Agenda

Dear Community,


The following list is a summary of the bills that I have introduced for the 2011 NM Legislative Session. I invite you to review the list and contact me if you have any questions. While it is a short 60 day session that will be dominated by the budget it’s critical that we not let that hold back needed reforms in other areas of state government.  Your input is very important to me. Thank you.



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stopped in at the ABQ Indian Center on Zuni and Central for their annual Christmas Dinner. It was packed, 500+, and very very well done. Props to the staff for a great job organizing and feeding folk…

stopped in at the ABQ Indian Center on Zuni and Central for their annual Christmas Dinner. It was packed, 500+, and very very well done. Props to the staff for a great job organizing and feeding folks. As heartwarming as the event was, its also a bitter reminder of homelessness in ABQ, 1/3 are estimated to be Native American. AIC, NACA and First Nations are part of network that… Continue

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East Central and International District Neighborhood Update


This summer brings some exciting events and goings on in our community. I wanted to take a moment share some of the details with you.

Long Term Neighborhood Planning

Our communities are going through an extensive long term planning process, one for the International District (Councilor Garduno area) and the East Central Gateway (Councilor Harris area). This is a critical process that will determine how funds are spent in our neighborhoods and our input is… Continue

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Blue Jeans

Already looking forward to the next great Sunday afternoon at Blue Jeans Lounge, open mic blues and cook your own bbq, ever summer sunday! Legendary East Central Dist 17 locale.

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A tale of two bills: some bright spots from the legislative session

Like most legislators, I am not proud of the fact that we were unable to finalize the budget during the 30-day session. Our budget is top priority and I am confident that we will be able to balance it during the upcoming special session.

However, the 30-day session was not a complete loss. There were some important issues that I am grateful we did address. Our state faces an urgent need for restructure in the areas of “double dipping,” investment funds, education, domestic violence,… Continue

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Our State: Budget and Tax

Around 1AM Sunday morning I voted� against the food tax and the budget, just felt the budget could have been much more equitable for working families and the food tax would have disproportionally hurt my district, which unfortunately has little fresh food outlets.

The Food tax was the only tax that made it to the senate floor, making it the only opportunity we have had all session to discuss tax policy in general.�� Several tax concepts came up and�I believe it demonstrated the need… Continue

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What is New Mexico State Investment Fund Reform?

What is State Investment Fund Reform?

Almost 10 years ago, our country was coping with a series of corporate accountability crises in the wake of Enron, World Com and other breakdowns in organizational governance. Widespread public outcry led to responses through our legal system and in Congress.�Hundreds of lawsuits in and effort to retrieve squandered funds and lawmakers responded by passing the Sarbanes Oxley act.�The time for New Mexico to pass similar legislation is… Continue

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Election Day in the Burque

Please get out and vote today, thanks to public financing of elections we are lucky to have what could be a close race, so your vote will matter.

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Project New West: Exploring the American West

I"m fortunate to be able to drop in at Project New West's Summit in Denver. The Western states are experiencing a second great "boom," populations doubled in the last 20 years. Today the west is quickly developing its own political ethos based on the connection between individual opportunity, diversity and the need for communities to come together against common challenges around water, energy and smart growth.

Other topics:

T. Pickens championing natural gas driven 18… Continue

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National Night Out is Coming

National Night Out is coming up: Aug 4th, there will be lots of great events in the International District, detail event listing coming soon.

National Night Out is a community-police partnership held the first Tuesday of every August since 1984 sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch in the United States and Canada. It aims to increase awareness about police programs in communities, such as drug prevention, town watch, and other anti-crime efforts. Texas has the option to… Continue

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Economic Update from Nat. Conf of Legislators

I've had a chance to get some insight into where things are at in our economy (and put to use all those economic classes i took 10 years ago).

The latest consensus is that recession will last until the winter. There is deep concern over the commercial mortgage market in the summer of 2010. US savings rates are up which should help fund consumption when consumer confidence returns.

What's next for our economy? Biggest hurdle after this recession will be the healthcare costs… Continue

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Investment Reform


The RFP is out, special thanks to everyone LCS and DFA who worked hard putting this together. Hopefully it will generate some great ideas for some of the structural changes we are facing.

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Our Budget

I'm getting ready for our Revenue Stabilization Committee meeting in Farmington and keep thinking about "the lesser of evils" and thought I'd reach out and see what others feel about the following potential situation. Lets say our state funding continues to fall, and we have stark choices. Hopefully it won't come to this but, what would you do?

- cut services (social service, schools, universities, government headcount?)

- cut headcount and/or across the board 10% cuts for… Continue

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