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Alameda Greenhouse has pansies

Alameda Greenhouse at 4th and Alameda

If you haven’t been to Alameda Greenhouse, you’ve missed a local treat. Pansies are in for the next 3 weeks or so for $16 per flat (36 plants). The pansies we planted last September lasted into June of this year, but winter is their season.

Pansies galore

You’ll also find cool season veggies,…


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You are where you eat (locavore)


There’s still time to go to one or more of the many growers’ markets around Albuquerque (and elsewhere). This morning, we went to the one in the 1200 block of Central, across from Presbyterian (which sponsors this one) and just east of I-25. There were about a dozen vendors. We bought two pounds of…


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Albuquerque Cooper’s Hawk Project

Cooper’s Hawks are our most common urban raptor. This is a crow-sized hawk that uses stick nests throughout the city. Cooper’s Hawks are largely bird-eating birds, eating mainly doves and pigeons in the city. They typically breed in Albuquerque between April and July, and can be very…


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May this vandal rot in hell

Our neighborhood park was vandalized again. Some dumb thug thinks it’s awesome to drive through the park. Usually, he (can gender be in doubt?) turns donuts, destroying grass. This time, he destroyed a small tree and a trash can.

Someone must know who this idiot is. Turn him…


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Altura Park on Facebook (Create your own park page)

I walk in Altura Park many times a week. I think the people who love this park need a virtual connection to share information, comments, and photos. Altura Park, Albuquerque Please keep content relevant to the park.…


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Who Does This Guy Think He Is?

Writer (blogger, poet, author). Photographer. Teacher. Lapsed hedonist. Atheist.

http://www.edgewiseblog.com/mjh/ (politics, culture, poetry)

http://www.mjhinton.com/help/ (computer topics, books)…


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Look Both Ways. The life you save may be my own.

I just missed being killed while riding my bike. That’s not an exaggeration. I was riding westbound on Constitution in the bike lane (around 9:30am, 4/6/11). I had a green light as I crossed San Mateo. A man driving southbound on San Mateo in the far right lane didn’t appear to be slowing down for the red light. I panicked when I looked at him and saw his head turned far to he right as he prepared to roll through the intersection (running the red). I screamed, “DUDE! DUDE!” He snapped his…


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Chinese New Year Celebration - Saturday 1pm

Once again, Merri and I attended the dress rehearsal of the Chinese Cultural Center’s Chinese New Year Celebration. Performances include the community dancing and fighting with swords, sticks, and fans. It’s fun and colorful and the culmination of years of preparation and practice. Bring a chair and a hat – it’s outside the center on Saturday, February…


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Dog Abuse Comes in Many Forms

I've seen this guy two mornings in a row near Altura Park (near Washington and Indian School). If you know him, tell him to stop dragging his dog by the… Continue

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Dream Library

In the dream, I stood outside a small brick building, an old library. I was after one specific book. I entered the library and walked to where I expected to find the book, wondering if I would be allowed to check out a reference book. The interior of the library consisted of one small room with only a few low shelves clustered in the middle. There were only a few books and magazines scattered on the largely empty shelves. I decided to ask for help.

I walked over to a group of people,… Continue

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Thank Yourself for Never Smoking

I smoked cigarettes for about 10 years. I loved rolling my own. I went through periods of smoking Kools menthols and Camel filterless. I loved to smoke with a drink or a cuppa coffee, before and after some demanding task. As a shy person, I valued that cigarettes gave me entree into a community, especially when I traveled foreign lands. Gotta light? Spare a smoke? My brand is OPs (Other Peoples’ – Von Anderen, auf deutsch). I smoked when it was cheap to smoke. When I quit, I was smoking more… Continue

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Which Lobo Basketball Player Drives a Jaguar?

The title is the post. Anyone know the answer?

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In Which I Throw My Shoe at Jim Scarantino

Jim Scarantino has tried hard to fill the void left with by the departure from New Mexico of John Dimdahl, that paragon of rightwingnuttery. Today, Jim explains the dark side of progressives (using a Nobel laureate to defend his views). Let’s listen in:

As Nobel laureate Friedrich Hayek has shown [mjh: beyond any doubt!], progressives have always had a regrettable dark side. … [I]n their push to transform society, progressives frequently show an…

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Why Not 10 Days Ago?

I'm puzzled that this was announced today (Tues, 10/14). The trail was open 10 days ago (or more) and was very convenient for getting to Balloon Fiesta. Why wasn't it announced before Fiesta?

Trail now goes from UNM to Alameda Written by Nancy Tipton for the Albuquerque Journal, last updated Tuesday, October 14, 2008, at 12:01:43


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These Dreams of You

I used to be quite a dreamer. Not a daydreamer. I like the waking world and am content to see it the way I do, rather than as I wish. No, I used to be quite a dreamer in sleep. And I often remember great details from dreams. Even 35 years later, I remember those hermaphrodites, not because of their penises and large breasts, but for their great wings. That was the same dream with the giant dipping birds -- just like the toy, only huge and alive. Someone in that dream said to me, "we call those… Continue

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To the jerk in the middle of row three at the Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas concert at the South Broadway Cultural Center:

You nearly ruined the concert for me, my wife, and, I assume, countless other people. I don't care that you've been to Alasdair's music camp. I don't care that you have all his CDs. I don't care that you had your picture taken with him. I only care that at the beginning of every tune and often in the middle, you felt free to talk. Again and again and again. You selfish, oblivious bastard.

I was reminded of the Leonard Cohen concert at Paolo Solari we attended 15 years ago. Through… Continue

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I added an entry and some photos over at the Open Space forum: Rio Grande Bosque. peace, mjh

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Geek or Nerd?

A few of us are messing with the Net's signal to noise ratio over at geektalk (http://geektalk.ning.com/). peace, mjh

View my page on… Continue

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Why I Can't Join Web Geeks

Do you know the difference between a nerd and a geek? Nerds don't do hardware. Bill Gates is a nerd; Steve Jobs is a geek.

While that's from my idiolect, look closer at the two words, nerd vs geek. (Not the title of an upcoming reality TV show -- unless I see some big bucks.) Nerd was coined by Dr Seuss in the Fifties. As such, nerd is about as old as the founders of nerd culture. It is from the 20th Century, which used to be as new as anything can be.

Geek, on the… Continue

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Happy Solstice

Happy Solstice, Everyone!

Added by mjh on December 21, 2007 at 11:00pm — 2 Comments

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