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Life update

Hedwig continues to consume most of my life. Last week's thursday show was quite awesome, as it so happened that Brian Lucero (Hedwig) slammed his face into the stage during the deconstruction (during the song, "Exquisite corpse"), and proceeded to stand up, bleeding profusely from his face. We all of course took it in, and used it to finish the play in high fashion.

The rest of the shows have been quite good, save for tonight, which was very hard to get thru, being that the creeping… Continue

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Hedwig and the angry inch opening night

Last night went well, our crowd was not as big as we wanted, but they were very responsive. Everyone was on top of their game, and despite a few foul-ups here and there, we still nailed it. Afterward we had cake and sparkling cider, which is apparently tradition ... I never knew.

Some pics from our Hedwig adventures so far are available here:

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Hedwig and the angry inch production blog - paid preview night

Last night was paid preview night for Hedwig, and despite some nerves, tech issues, and my still being sick as a dead dog, we made it go off, and quite well I believe.

I arrived around 6:30, everyone else had already been at the Vortex for a little while - things were still madness all around, set being built up, etc. We all proceeded to get into face (our costumes), warmed up with a song, and before we knew it, the house was packed with 77 people, and it was time to go on. Low and… Continue

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Hedwig and the angry inch production blog 2

Last night was not the easiest night. We had to do a performance of the play for the Vortex’s board members, and I have some kind of head cold from hell eating my brain, and I literally wore a gasmask for much of the show, trying to make sure other people didn’t get sick. There are no understudies or stand-ins for this production - if one of us is out, the whole thing goes down. This meant that I played my drums feeling like I was stuck in Jello the whole time - I still managed to stay on all… Continue

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Hedwig and the angry inch production blog 1

Vertigo Venus has been hard at work on the Production of Hedwig, we are on our 10th or so straight day of rehearsal, and we are very nearly perfect. We have our wardrobes worked out, the music is very, very tight, and Brian Lucero (who is playing Hedwig) has locked down his character very well. Our very own Krissy is kicking ass as Yitzahk, and we are happy to say that we are almost at opening night. Tonight's rehearsal was a total dress/tech, and we feel pretty good about everything, save for… Continue

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New Diverje CD Available now... support REAL music!

TLE: "Unleashed" REMIXX CD




RUNNING TIME: 75:43 minutes



INDIETECTIVE,POPoNAUT(GERMANY)various others worldwide.



00 LABEL WEBSITE: http://www. dsbp. cx… Continue

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you should also come to this

Because I have just so much going on - you should also come to this! This saturday, at the Launchpad. This will be a great show!

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Hedwig and The Angry Inch - LIVE!

Hey everyone,

UPDATE: The paid preview on 11/19 is SOLD OUT. Sorry. Come see us this week, or over the run!

I will be drumming in a stage production of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" beginning Thursday the 20th @ The Vortex. My band, Vertigo Venus, will be the Angry Inch. If you've seen the film, you'll love getting to hear this music live - this show is hilarious, rocking, and really fun. We're going for a whole month, and we've been working our asses off to make this thing… Continue

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Post election thoughts

I'm not really sure what to say.

I think I have to start by saying that, I know that I am outspoken, loud-mouthed and even insulting at times, especially when it comes to politics. I think that the reason for that, ultimately, is that I do actually love this country in so many ways, and I have been so upset seeing what has happened to it in the past eight years. It has been hard to feel that the country I live in is not mine, that I don't get a say in what happens and how. I am sorry… Continue

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the day is HERE



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you knew I'd do it

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so, you're gonna vote, RIGHT??

... For whomever you're voting for - You're going to vote, right?

This is NOT an Obama/Mccain conversation - it's a question of yes/no.

I realize that there's always a lot of talk about "Just don't bother, it doesn't make a difference", or "(so and so) will win without my help, anyway" - but that's flat out not true. The only way to change a broken machine is to do something to start changing it.

Don't fall for the "Don't bother to vote" spin, no matter who's… Continue

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Harmonic Decay Album Review

Harmonic Decay - Self titled - released 2007

# of tracks: 6

Rating: **** 1/2 out of *****

I finally got a chance to sit down and listen to this album, given to me by Harmonic Decay's lead man Geoff well over six months ago, and I must say I really enjoyed it. The songs range from creepy ambient instrumentals (A Tainted World) to powerful compositions driven by Joanna Strange's vocals (A Living Dream). My only dislike is that I want more, with the CD only being six tracks. I… Continue

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Oscillation 2008 Review

Oscillation 2008 came to a close this weekend, and left me with the usual feeling of some postpartum depression that usually comes with doing something huge and then seeing it finish up. While this was the most challenging Oscillation in years, it was also my favorite, I’d have to say.

I arrived at the Cell Theatre around 1 on friday, along with Markus, our sound master. I had already been to two Walmarts earlier, and been loading gear out into my car for the whole morning. Upon… Continue

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Oscillation 2008

Well, for some reason, my event posting for this didn't show up here... but thanks to Geoff for getting it up anyway. Either way, this is the final big reminder!

Oscillation Returns for its eighth year!

Yes, We're back again. 18 live bands, 6 great DJs, Electronic Music Workshops, and the best entertainment New Mexico has to offer. This is the year to come to Oscillation.


The Cell…


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Save $25 with the Oscillation three day pass!

Hi Everyone,

You can now purchase passes to Oscillation 2008 online! These passes are three day full passes, and get you into all Oscillation events for half what you would spend to go to each event individually! For only $25, you get great performances by Arizona Industrial band The Strand, Local Synthpop Superheroes The Echoing Green, Leiahdorus, Vertigo Venus, The Late Severa Wires, and more great electronic/industrial bands, as well as electronic music workshops such as Circuit… Continue

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it's a buyout, not a bailout

What this buyout proves, and what has been proven time and time again in this country, is that corporations and people with large amounts of liquid assets can make fucked up, stupid decisions, and not have to pay the consequences. GWB would be more than happy to have this bailout, which is actually BUYOUT, happen - why is it a buyout? Because the Government is planning, effectively, to buy the properties, mortgages, &c. which have been tanking lending groups, banks, and investors. What does… Continue

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It's all fun and games until someone breaks a leg

So, Wednesday's show was probably the most surreal show I've played in a long time.

Why? Well, here you go;

Arrived at the Agency around 7:30 to set up sound, met with the guys from UGLYHEAD, got them situated, my bandmates started showing up. Diverje was first, good set. Then Uglyhead, also a pretty good set. Finally we set up for Vertigo Venus, and kicked off to a rousing start with "brand new face". Went thru a few more songs, and then, whilst in the middle of "She… Continue

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august recap

Wow, so, there goes August.

What happened in August? Well lots.

First off, I went and saw the Gluey Brothers, one of my favorite bands of all time, At the launchpad on the 8th. As always, an amazing show by the band I grew up seeing. Showing up at the Lpad, I ran into Jim Goulden, AKA MC Tahina, whom I had played a ton of phone tag with for a long time, trying to meet up over the course of 8 months, but never being able to cross paths. I had informed Jim thru voice mails… Continue

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