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Saturday Morning Rendezvous With: The Athlete's Plate

From The Two Whos:

As athletes, we juggle the priorities of family, lifestyle work and training and never seem to have enough time!

Chef and endurance athlete Adam Kelinson has written a book/cookbook that helps to take the mysetery out of cooking simple and quick whole meals that will help us eat right to increase performance. In his book, he jokes

about talking to athletes about what they eat.… Continue

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The Two Whos on :"Chewing on Anger like an Old Piece of Gum."

How often do we chew on our anger like an old piece of gum? We stretch it, snap it , pop it out, and then take it all back in and restart. It is the routine of anger- gum chewing. When the original flavor of the anger is gone, our mind will make up more stories as if to create more artificial flavor, so we continue to chew...

Spit it out! What good does chewing on anger do for us? This is the metaphor that Cece uses with her spit out the gum of anger rather than… Continue

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The Two Whos on "Let it Go and Set Me Free."

"We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to live the one that is waiting for us." --- Joseph Campbell

This poetic writing of Mythologist Joseph Campbell says it all about what it takes to be truly alive moment by moment. For many, letting go of the past and the attachment to things we have planned is a daily spiritual practice. Holding on to the past is the avoidance of being present, and the hindrance of the unfolding future.... What do… Continue

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The Two Whos on "Trash Day..the Day of Dread... Is Being Miserabalae Worth it?"

It is Sunday, garbage day. It is the day of dread for Yun for four years since the start of her single motherhood. The trash needs to be collected from around the house from several trash bins, from beneath the kids' beds where she often finds candy wraps and empty water bottles.…


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Rendezvous with the Two Whos at: The Cement Store

Cece and Yun are dedicated fans of a cement store! It is not about the cement though but about the spin classes there.

Every year our dear friend Tom Hendricks teaches an amped up spin class for 14 weeks. It always starts in January and goes through March. It is sort of like going to school for cyclists...getting fit and ready for the season! Tom is old school…


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Paper or Plastic? How Many Bags are Enough?

If you are anything like Cece, you try to recycle your bags from the grocery store. She has used her plastic bags for everything from cat litter to garbage can liners. When the plastic bags pile to uncontrollable levels, she puts them into a tissue box so they have a "dispenser!" When the tissue boxes pile up, she switches to paper bags. When the paper bags pile up, she switches to...? Hmmm, that might be the problem...

Over the weekend, she flipped her lid when all the… Continue

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From The Two Whos..."For us mere Mortals, Loving with All our Heart is not Easy..."

For us mere mortals, loving with all our heart is not easy, letting go of what we have loved is nearly impossible. Lately, Cece and Yun have had several discussion on letting go, mixed with other philosophical discussions such as why chicken cross road, how dating engineering works and what is the goth counseling... But nothing can compare to Mary Oliver's powerful words:

To live in this world

you must be able

to do three things:

to love what is mortal;

to hold… Continue

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The Two Whos on "Why did the Chicken (Soup) Cross the Road?"

Lately, Yun and Cece check in with each other by asking " Do you have chicken soup?' since we are both are little under the weather...

Off course, Yun's chicken soup must have some dumplings in it and Cece must have the noodles in it. It occurs to Cece that chicken soup, as a cure for the cold, must cross all cultures. We know now that it crosses Chinese, Italian , Vietnamese, and Jewish culture. The Two Whos being silly at heart, think "Why does the Chicken Cross the… Continue

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Tortilla Therapy!

From the Two Whos Blog: Cece learned a long while ago that she could use cooking much the same way that a person could use play therapy or therapeutic story telling . Cooking can help people access their emotions, and to work on unresolved deep issues that are not easily solvable through regular talk therapy. Cooking is much less threatening and confrontational since the person doing it is distracted by their cooking. The cook is also dealing… Continue

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The Two Whos Blog: A Few Good Women and a Few Good Men

From the two whos:

There is a love and hate relationship for the opposite sex. Just look at the blogs of single women and single men! We are seeking the opposite sex all the while cursing at them, making fun of them and treating them as 'things'. The Two Whos are definitely not going to do that., wink wink...

Cece and her friends are talking about swearing off men, thinking men are distracting to say the least. Yun is… Continue

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The Two Whos Blog: My New Therapist: A 20 Something Goth!

From the two whos:

Recently, as Cece bought some stamps at Walgreens , she was greeted by a very young cashier. She was about 20 and was a very beautiful Hispanic woman. Beautiful eyes, dark pulled back in a lovely looking further...all dressed in black and goth- nails, choker.......with a radiant smile. Cece has to explain to Yun what Goth is. Otherwise, Yun would not have the faintest idea what… Continue

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The two Whos Blog: Dating 101: Are Relationships like an Engineering Project?

From the The Two Whos Blog:

Inspired by Einstein: "Make things simple not simpler."

One day, Yun says to Cece:

" For many years, through many relationship dramas, I have come to believe a phrase I heard: “love is not enough” for a relationship. We need compatibility in all areas: social economical, physical, emotional, mental, educational, personality, values,... Whatever you want you can… Continue

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The Two Whos on life's little things -- "Dr Oz, Cycling and Rehab"

From the Two Whos

Yesterday, I pumped up my bicycle tires and put my bike on the trainer and got ready to get on the bike for the first time...but by then I was exhausted! My shoulders were so tired that I determined I would never be able to pull up and maneuver on my spandex cycling shorts.....and believe me....that is a chore! So, I iced and rested and determined that today I would ride....except last night I was in… Continue

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The Two Whos on life's little things -- "Dead Car! Walking! The Car Girl!"

From the Two Whos

Yun's car is broken down again for no reason. Battery again? Alternator? So, she sits and twists her thumbs wishing Prince Charming will come along rescuing her from the "desperate' car situation.BMW station wagon

Tired of waiting for the Prince to come....after a few minutes,....she decided to take action. First, wipe dry the tears, second, call some girl friends. One of her friends Brenda… Continue

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The Two Whos on life's little things -- "Life is Like Going Shopping "

From the Two Whos

Yun's sons want a couple of small pets that they can take care of. They thought about getting a couple of beta fish. So, they went shopping. Walking inside the pet store, they were drawn to a big bird cage in the middle of the room. Inside, there were several parakeets chirping and dancing.... The boys attention changed from fish to birds. They want to buy the birds instead of fish

She was… Continue

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The Two Whos on life's little things -- "Live, Play, Work : The Two Whos! "

Form the Two Whos

As Cece is recovering from her shoulder surgery and laying low at home, Yun is out networking with many people. As Cece is home researching, Yun is out implementing!

Later, Yun came over to Cece's for tea and to check on her condition and take her out for a walk.

Yun is very excited and tells Cece that while she was out and about, she stopped by the TV station and pitched a TV show about… Continue

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The Two Whos on life's little things -- "The Single Mother’s Dance"

From the Two Whos

Yun’s kids were with their father’s family up in Taos skiing and left the single mother home alone for several days right after the New Year. Missing her kids has become part of the her life now. No matter what she is missing her kids.

On the bright side, she gets a lots done. After the kids were gone for three days, one late afternoon, Yun felt a bit hungry. She went downstairs to get some food. She… Continue

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The Two Whos on life's little things -- "Pajama Party of the Two Whos"

From the Two Whos

The night before Cece's surgery, the Two Whos had a pajama party, so Yun can drive Cece to her surgery at 5:45am the next morning.

When Yun arrived, Cece noticed her new hair cut:"hey, it is perfect for you!" Yun said:"Maybe you could show me how to hot roller my hair after I take a shower?" Yun just came from her dance class.

Cece got the beauty equipment out, and within minutes, we… Continue

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The Two Whos on life's little things -- "Every Day, See the World With New Eyes!"

From the Two Whos

Cece emailed Yun on Saturday: "Hope that you have a good evening!"

Yun emailed back: "How is your recovery? Pain? I watched the movie Home Alone with my kids for the 4th time in two weeks. What is that about, the same movie for the 4th time?"

Home Alone is the story about an 8 year old boy who is mistakenly left behind when his parents go to France for Christmas vacation. The boy outsmarts… Continue

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The Two Whos on life's little things -- "Dating 101– The Return to Innocence!"

From the the Two Whos

Cece works with adults who have developmental disabilities. One of her clients has a goal to have a girlfriend. Cece does not like writing this type of goal but she does try to assist this man in " looking around."

On December 31st, a lovely young woman in the office came up and gave Cece a hug! A light bulb went off! This could be a sweet office romance with her client and this young woman! So,… Continue

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