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Last Chance to Learn to Fly: Two PM Today!!!

Read this right now and then head immediately to the AirDance ArtSpace to catch the last performance of Other Worlds, Tickets at the door or buy online... $15 general…


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How To Embrace Your Inner Undead--And Why It Matters

When an acupuncturist diagnosed me with “Corpse Disease,” I was ecstatic. Dozens of shape-shifting labels have landed in my chart, but no other theories—not even mine—trace back to medical texts compiled during the Song Dynasty in China.

Initially, Dr. Selah Chamberlain, DOM, offered only a few vague…


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Morning Fix: Vote of Confidence for the Pooches

  • What happens when mom teaches her 14-year-old daughter the custom of wearing a girdle.
  • Dig more.
  • Tis the season to photograph…

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Morning Fix: Drink Your IQ & Eat Green Chile Cheeseburgers

  • "...look more closely at what they see, listen more closely to what they hear and feel the strength ...."
  • Visual acoustics, unbuilt designs and such..."
  • "Even…

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Morning Fix: The Sun is Green

  • ABQ to receive help to become less gaseous!!!
  • How to enjoy the whole enchilada!!!
  • From the New Orleans "post-Katrina resurgence of the arts" to lucky Burque's…

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Morning Fix: Song in the Face of Horror

  • My mother wants me to be a pothead, or at least consider medical marijuana due to pain from MS. This article points to another level of snag--as does this one--and the need for reasonable accommodation...
  • Brother, can you spare a…

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Morning Fix: Grenades and Green Lightbulbs

  • How about making more donations like this?
  • Ouch--"Elephants" in the room take "hits" in the gut?
  • SWAT them…

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Synergy from Cairo to Burque--How Art Meets Community

Imagine that an American woman visiting Cairo gets into such a profound conversation about what's up with arts and community in Albuquerque that she decides to move here. Twelve years later, more than a decade after she first volunteered for ArtStreet, the woman has become the coordinator of this visionary arts program. Now, with a staff of four people plus… Continue

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In Search of Arts & Lit with an Impact like Diego Rivera

John Crawford believes in arts and literature and the impact they can have on people. John is the publisher of West End Press and the producer of the Albuquerque Cultural Conference. To him, accessibility matters. So does making "high art." He says, "I believe in art, even high art, but I also feel it should be rooted in the… Continue

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Bone Up On Your Peacework with Artist Becky Holtzman

There are 206 bones in the adult human body--wanna make one of them? Pelvis, tibia, femur, cranium--take your pick. For a mere $5 donation, you can attend bone-making workshop led by Becky Holtzman this Sunday August 22nd from 2-4 pm at 119 Gold SW. While engaged in a conversation with the artist about creative process, you will create a "bone"--symbolic wonder of anatomy. And then, anything you make will end up in an mammoth scale art installation on… Continue

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Morning Fix: Noisemakers and Other Such Insundries

  • Remember Rebel Radio?
  • "It kinda actually scared me a little when she took everything I had and didn’t go out."
  • Welcome back…

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Morning Fix: The Big One


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Morning Fix: Take Their Money, Drink Their Wine, and Vote

  • Take their money, drink their wine, and vote.
  • Eviction #1
  • Firefighters-Gone-Wild in Cincinnatti take note of…

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Morning Fix: Put On Ye Old Thinking Cap


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Does Poetry Matter in Burque? And How?

I love poetry. I love books. I love readings. I love the community of writers and I love the audiences who come out. Love, love, love: I gush and intend to... because I hold rather esoteric views about poetry. I believe that reading or writing or listening to line-broken verse can control pain (emotional or physical), heighten your sensory perceptions of the world, cultivate a respect for self and others, prevent crime and violations against… Continue

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Putting the Comic Back in Trauma (& Other Gutsy Moves)--NSFW

DO NOT CLICK to read more of this post on Duke City Fix unless you are of a sexually mature age and capable of stomaching some perky humor with your sexual explorations and exploitations. This is not for kids: I intend to be "graphic" when I discuss the work of Tamara Zibners in the Banal Retentive Show at SCA Contemporary... and what I have to say about Kris Mill's Gazebo might just turn you inside out. Feel free to sneak out:… Continue

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How to Lute a Sunday in 'Burque for a Jade Earful

Imagine you hear the sound of pearls falling on a carved jade plate. The sound is round and smooth, delicate, falls gently into the curves of your ear canals, stringing a beaded melody. Or you hear thousands of hoof-beats trampling moist forest floor, thudding, the breath of men and horses straining, spears lifted. Or you hear a hawk lighting on a pine, claws clasping, soft bend of a branch, drops of morning dew falling to earth.

Or perhaps… Continue

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That's All Folk: Postmodernism and Music with Molly Beer

My personal knowledge of folk music is a bit Wobbly, belabored by my own economic woes, very likely sidetracked by hitting… Continue

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Upside-Down Joy: The Woman on the Flying Trapeze

Yesterday I had the opportunity to fully invert my summer doldrums. Debra Landau was kind enough to give me a low flying trapeze lesson and let me try swinging, spinning, mounting, and getting upside-down in the AirDance Studio. I needed this. Last time I was upside-down was when I flipped my wheelchair, which I wrote about this lesson in the… Continue

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What's in a Face? What isn't. (C Prints at SCA Contemporary)

When I asked photographer Tom Loeb what he looks for in a face, he told me, “I know who I don’t want to photograph. I don’t photograph beautiful women.” And then he elaborated, if a person “looks like they might fit into a mainstream publication or are well fed and well scrubbed enough that their image might be used to sell something, then I probably don’t want to photograph them.”

I’m glad. The people he does photograph are far more… Continue

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