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Elfego Baca's Socorro

Elfego Baca, New Mexico’s true hero among the pistoleros, was sixteen years old when Billy the Kid was killed by a shot from Sheriff Pat Garret’s gun in July of 1881.  Although they were on opposite sides of the law, they were both part of that wild and wooly period in New Mexico where the Colt .45…


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Mary Ann Binford: Not Gone, Not Forgotten

It was exactly thirty years ago, on March 3, 1984, that Mary Ann Binford was selected to be honored as the New Mexico Early Childhood Educator of the Year.  Ms. Binford, however, was unaware of the honor.  She and Dr. Kathy Duddy were doing a presentation at the annual conference of the New Mexico Association…


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East Central: What's Happening at the Sundowner?

CENTRAL & SAN PEDRO NE--Anyone who has driven down Central Ave. east of Nob Hill knows that something is changing in this part of town, and most of it is not good.  Maybe we need another set of arches for Route 66, one at San Mateo and the other at Wyoming Blvd.  Then above Central Ave., in big blue…


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The Men That Don't Fit In

Throwback Thursdays!!

Originally posted November 20, 2007.

FAR NORTH VALLEY--I was sitting at a picnic table near the old Alameda Bridge when Frank C. came riding…


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On The Road: Apache Creek, New Mexico

I'm traveling through the country just north of the Gila doing some research.  I decided to camp out at Apache Creek.  There is a small store and a taxidermy shop.  A campground lies across the road and…


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Base Releases White Dandruff-Like Powder In Rehearsal For Terrorist Threat

NOB HILL--Alarmed citizens of this neighborhood just south of Central Ave. rushed outside to see a white substance clinging to vegetation this morning.  Most went back inside immediately and dialed 9-1-1.

The white stuff appeared to fester primarily on lawn plants.  “They must need to suck…


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The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of: Our Vintage Motorhome

NOB HILL--Two words that are rarely seen in the same sentence are “practical” and “motorhome.”  So let’s not waste our time trying to justify driving a multi-ton bedroom around on that basis.  No, a motorhome is the ultimate impulse buy.  Any arguments about paying for itself are merely a rationale for…


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Hunting for the Neon Graveyard, and Finding Jere Pelletier

THROWBACK THURSDAYS--"Plumbing the heights of the DCF archives!"

5TH & McKNIGHT NW--For the last 10 years I had been hearing about a neon graveyard maintained by the Zeon Sign Co. It was said that every old neon sign that was torn down ended…


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Santa Fe's Canyon Road...44 Years Later

Nothing says “Enchantment” quite like Canyon Road in Santa Fe.  How can a street lined with just brown stuccoed art galleries be so magical?  Those adobe walls, some still accented with the remains of a recent snow glistening atop their padrecitos and along the parapets, those walls speak to me as loudly…


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No, Teachers Won't Stage a "Walk Out." But Next Fall Might Bring a "Walk Away."

NOB HILL--Is the dead of winter too early a time to be looking at the possible effects of Hanna Skandera’s policies next fall?  I don’t think so...and neither do a few other people.  You might be surprised at who seems to be paying attention.

Every since she became governor Susanna Martinez and…


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Lunch at Lam's: An Incident to Remember



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Dine In Style...And Perhaps With A Ghost!

Twenty miles south of Albuquerque, a southern colonial mansion sits on a busy street corner in the village of Los Lunas.  It looks a little out of place, but not just in this small town setting. It would look a little out of place anywhere in the entire state of New Mexico.

The 130-year-old Luna…


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Touring New Mexico: Faywood Hot Springs Is Open Again!

Somewhere in our winter brains, somewhere far from freezing pipes and ice covered parking lots, there is a person relaxing in a pool of steaming water, a person who gazes at the glistening stars in a very dark and cloudless sky.  Watching the rising steam blend with the Milky Way passes for entertainment in that…


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With Robby Among The Coots And Wigeons

CENTRAL AVE. & TINGLEY DRIVE SW--I know everybody in Albuquerque is going crazy with the colors of autumn right now.  What an incredible sight!  Yet, some of us want just one thing this season:  MORE!  And that is what the ponds near Tingley Beach are all about.

No Need To…


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Our Schools Start To Fight Back!

SAN MATEO & MONTGOMERY NE--This week had the biggest demonstration of public anger and frustration since the days of George W. Bush’s presidency.  In fact, the rally concerned education, a sort of legacy issue from Bush’s days of “No Child Left Behind.”  New Mexico's governor and her would-be PED…


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Touring New Mexico: Bluewater Lake Explodes onto the National Scene

A fish has turned one of New Mexico’s lakes into a major national story.  Bluewater Lake State Park, located about thirty miles west of Grants, has become a prime fishing ground for the huge tiger muskie.  These fish are so large that the average tiger muskie being caught there is 30 inches long.  That…


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Supt. Brooks Emails Teachers: "Don't Quit!!!!!!!!"

Think things are bad where you work?  Try being a teacher.  They have been abused by politicians and so-called educational "experts" to the point of telling the APS Superintendent of Schools they are ready to quit.  I have never seen morale this low.  Now, after a public meeting where Winston Brooks apparently…


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The Issue that Berry, Dinelli, & Heh Ignore: Downtown’s Locked Up Most of the Time

I see Mayor Berry has announced a $30,000,000 renovation of the Convention Center.  The web page touts $300 million in hospitality improvements all aimed at bringing out-of-towners to downtown Albuquerque.  Good Luck.

The Road Is Closed

Downtown has been allowed to become a…


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Touring NM: Farmington Hosts Best Art Show of this Young Century...That's Right, Farmington.

The four corners area is loaded with features that bring lots of visitors, everything from the best fishing in the west, to spectacular scenery, to thousand-year-old ruins.  However, left out of items in the “Must See” category has been the town in the middle of all this:  Farmington.  But no…


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Touring NM: The Lost Adams Diggings

PIE TOWN, NM--There was a time when the most famous lost goldmine in America was right here in New Mexico.  It started at the end of the Civil War when troopers from Fort Tularosa found a man named Adams wandering around in the desert near the Plains of San Augustín.  He told of Apaches killing his fellow…


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