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Touring New Mexico: The Kelly Mine

The Kelly Mine and its townsite, located just three miles south of the town of Magdalena, was once home to 3,000 people.  Its two hotels were so crowded they rented out rooms in 8-hour shifts.  According to an 1883 news article, two hundred wagons were employed hauling silver and lead ore out of the Kelly down to…


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Prepare To Be Astounded: Officer Dear Shocker!

Jeremy J. Dear, the same ABQ policeman who killed Mary Hawkes, is our tenth highest-paid city employee?

That’s right.  According to the list published in this morning’s Albuquerque Business First, Officer…


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With Robby on the Cerro Blanco Trial

TAJIQUE, NM--Last month my grandson Robert Bennett, biking partner Mike Moye and I decided to hike to the top of the Manzano Mountains.  I have used this trail several times before and it has a special place in my heart.  I guess it comes from having done it so often that it feels like an old…


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Touring New Mexico: The Rio Grande del Norte National Monument

It was late morning before MaryAnn and I left our motel in Taos and started a brief one-day tour of the recently designated Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.

The Monument consists of two segments.  The southern part, called Orilla Verde, is reached through the village of Pilar and closely…


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Chester Nez, John Kerry, & “The Curse of the Bambino”

CIVIC PLAZA--Ten years ago, on October 26, 2004, Chester Nez stood here on Civic Plaza.  We were in the middle of the Bush/Kerry presidential campaign and John Kerry needed something of a boost.  The stage at the north end of Civic Plaza was crowded with VIP’s trying to lend Kerry a hand.  I took out my vintage cell…


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Coding in the Elementary Classroom...30 Years Ago!

The New York Times recently ran a piece on teaching elementary kids how to write code.  In fact, a lot of people have jumped on this as a way to create some interest in computer science...and as a way to sell yet another program to our already semi-privatized schools.  Well, teaching elementary kids how to…


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Touring NM: The Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array

When I first moved to New Mexico about 1970, the one road that always made me wish I was somewhere else was US 60 between Magdalena and Datil.  The fearsome Plains of San Agustín seemed to go on forever with no turns, hills, trees, or even other cars to break up the long crossing of 30 miles.  It felt like…


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The Top Twelve All-Time Best of the Duke City Awards!

I know...I know… Everybody seems to be putting out a “Best Of” list.  But this is an All-Time list.  This is the very best EVER.  Well, going back about 80 years anyway.  So argue if you want, but these are my picks for the DCF Wall of Albuquerque All-Stars!  A note of warning:  you may be too…


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Fort Bayard: Historic Past, Haunted Present, Questionable Future

I don’t care how many forts or ruins you have seen, nothing can prepare you for the haunting emptiness of the structures which comprise Fort Bayard.  There are 81 buildings lining the streets, dominated by the 145,000 square foot medical center.  It is a u-shaped four-story giant of a building that takes…


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Elfego Baca's Socorro

Elfego Baca, New Mexico’s true hero among the pistoleros, was sixteen years old when Billy the Kid was killed by a shot from Sheriff Pat Garret’s gun in July of 1881.  Although they were on opposite sides of the law, they were both part of that wild and wooly period in New Mexico where the Colt .45…


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Mary Ann Binford: Not Gone, Not Forgotten

It was exactly thirty years ago, on March 3, 1984, that Mary Ann Binford was selected to be honored as the New Mexico Early Childhood Educator of the Year.  Ms. Binford, however, was unaware of the honor.  She and Dr. Kathy Duddy were doing a presentation at the annual conference of the New Mexico Association…


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East Central: What's Happening at the Sundowner?

CENTRAL & SAN PEDRO NE--Anyone who has driven down Central Ave. east of Nob Hill knows that something is changing in this part of town, and most of it is not good.  Maybe we need another set of arches for Route 66, one at San Mateo and the other at Wyoming Blvd.  Then above Central Ave., in big blue…


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The Men That Don't Fit In

Throwback Thursdays!!

Originally posted November 20, 2007.

FAR NORTH VALLEY--I was sitting at a picnic table near the old Alameda Bridge when Frank C. came riding…


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On The Road: Apache Creek, New Mexico

I'm traveling through the country just north of the Gila doing some research.  I decided to camp out at Apache Creek.  There is a small store and a taxidermy shop.  A campground lies across the road and…


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Base Releases White Dandruff-Like Powder In Rehearsal For Terrorist Threat

NOB HILL--Alarmed citizens of this neighborhood just south of Central Ave. rushed outside to see a white substance clinging to vegetation this morning.  Most went back inside immediately and dialed 9-1-1.

The white stuff appeared to fester primarily on lawn plants.  “They must need to suck…


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The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of: Our Vintage Motorhome

NOB HILL--Two words that are rarely seen in the same sentence are “practical” and “motorhome.”  So let’s not waste our time trying to justify driving a multi-ton bedroom around on that basis.  No, a motorhome is the ultimate impulse buy.  Any arguments about paying for itself are merely a rationale for…


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Hunting for the Neon Graveyard, and Finding Jere Pelletier

THROWBACK THURSDAYS--"Plumbing the heights of the DCF archives!"

5TH & McKNIGHT NW--For the last 10 years I had been hearing about a neon graveyard maintained by the Zeon Sign Co. It was said that every old neon sign that was torn down ended…


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Santa Fe's Canyon Road...44 Years Later

Nothing says “Enchantment” quite like Canyon Road in Santa Fe.  How can a street lined with just brown stuccoed art galleries be so magical?  Those adobe walls, some still accented with the remains of a recent snow glistening atop their padrecitos and along the parapets, those walls speak to me as loudly…


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No, Teachers Won't Stage a "Walk Out." But Next Fall Might Bring a "Walk Away."

NOB HILL--Is the dead of winter too early a time to be looking at the possible effects of Hanna Skandera’s policies next fall?  I don’t think so...and neither do a few other people.  You might be surprised at who seems to be paying attention.

Every since she became governor Susanna Martinez and…


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Lunch at Lam's: An Incident to Remember



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