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The History Hack: 3 Reasons to Visit Fort Selden

RADIUM SPRINGS—By my count, there are 16 historic forts in the state of New Mexico.  Though all are a bit different, except for Fort Bayard all were eventually abandoned by the Army to the dry wind and hordes of scavenging neighbors.  What remains is usually the same:  crumbling adobe walls, stone jails,…


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Bugging Out: 24 Hours in Grants

Grants, just 70 miles west of Albuquerque, is the gateway to much of Northwest New Mexico, including Mount Taylor, La Ventana arch, El Morro, Acoma and Laguna Pueblos, the Ice Cave, La Bandera Crater, Crownpoint, and Bluewater Lake.  Yet, the actual town of Grants is visited much less often.  I said to my wife…


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How Quirky is Burque? Let’s Check Craigslist.

NOB HILL—Oh, I have read the articles and blog posts about Albuquerque being high on the list of quirky towns.  They usually cite examples like Kelly’s Brewpub being in an old gas station.

First of all, it wasn’t a gas station, it was a car dealership.  Kelly’s just decorated it to look…


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Who Are the Fort Sill Apaches & Why Is Governor Martinez Against Them?

Yesterday afternoon, in a story posted on the Deming Headlight website,  veteran newsman Steve Terrell of the Santa Fe New Mexican reported that a writ of mandamus has been filed by the Fort Sill Apaches to force Governor Susana Martinez to negotiate a gambling contract with the tribe.

Up until a…


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Touring New Mexico: The Bird of Bitter Lake

ROSWELL, NM--The state-wide buzz among people who watch birds is centered on one wet plot of ground just outside of Roswell.  The area involved is the Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge.  And all the attention is on a bird...literally one single bird.  That bird is a Common Crane, also known as the…


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Saul (Not That Saul, Saul Hoffman) Has An Art Opening

OLD TOWN--Despite common attribution, I doubt Plato ever said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  He certainly didn’t think that everyone’s opinions about a piece of art were equally valid, nor were those opinions all that was there.  No, he thought there really was an idea of beauty that was…


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8 Days in Las Cruces, 8 Tips for Survival.

Don’t ask how it happened, but I did spend eight days in Las Cruces last month...and I loved it.  Here are eight tips for enjoying it.

1.  Book room #104 at the Quality Inn.  This room is so good that I had to fight another guy to get it...and I lost.  I ended up in 106, which…


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Bugging Out: The Organ Mountains--Desert Peaks National Monument

The President made news in the southern end of The Land of Enchantment last year.  Surprisingly, it wasn't all that controversial.  But what exactly happened..and what exactly is it?

In May of 2014 President Obama proclaimed a new national monument in southern New Mexico.  Called the Organ…


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The History Hack: Nob Hill Business Center

NOB HILL--The banner picture above was taken in 1946 or 1947 just as what is commonly called the Nob Hill Shopping Center was being constructed.  The houses shown in the background are still there, including the iconic log cabin.

That log cabin, built by DK Sellers as a demonstration house for…


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Taking Back The Streets...One Parking Space At A Time

NOB HILL--The “parquito” mentioned by OBTS in yesterday’s Morning Fix piqued my curiosity.  Then I read about it again on …


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Bugging Out: The Farm and Ranch Museum

Many of us would love to get out of town for a couple of days, and the holidays just might give you time to do it.  Thing is, not everyone likes the cold.  Here’s an idea:  go south.  Lots of interesting things to do down there, and many wonderful places to visit.

For instance, what about Las…


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Who Is Katrina Guarascio?

NOB HILL--Katrina Guarascio's forced resignation from teaching high school in Rio Rancho has brought her a lot of attention.  She must be the only poet in history to make the front page of the Albuquerque Journal twice within the span of one week--…


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Uniters and Dividers

NOB HILL--Time was when The Pit was the big Albuquerque Uniter.  The whole town seemed to be there.  When one wandered the concourse at half time, there was no doubt that this was the nexus of community focus and spirit.  And I mean the whole to bottom, near and far, rich and poor.  18,018…


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Bugging Out: La Jornada del Muerto

NOB HILL--Almost everybody has some time off to bug out for a little trip this month.  Here's an idea for an adventurous journey through a place you may have never visited: La Jornada del Muerto.  I went down there with my son Ivan Diego.

El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, the Royal Road to…


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That Person at the Door

NOB HILL--When the doorbell rang last week I answered it.  Standing on the other side of my screen door was Joseph Benevidez.  “I’m looking for work,” he said.  “Do you need someone to rake your leaves?”

I had been waiting for someone just like Joseph to show up.  “Sure,”  I answered.  Our yard was full…


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Albuquerque’s Pigeons: Fines, Hawks, & British Logic

NOB HILL--Feeding pigeons is a criminal act...feeding feral pigeons, that is.  Even if you have a regular old bird feeder and it attracts “significant numbers of pigeons” or creates “conditions that constitute a pigeon nuisance” you can be fined.  Of course, warm-hearted souls who sit on park benches and toss…


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Cimarron & The St. James Hotel

Rudy Coca looked me in the eye and leaned over the bar. “I’ve got the reputation of being the bartender that drinks with ghosts,” he said.  I took a long drink of my root beer and let that statement sink in.  Yes, we were in a hotel that was supposed to be haunted.  Still, ghosts would seem to be the…


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The Last Chance To Speak, As The BRT Rolls Through Nob Hill

CAMPUS BLVD & TULANE NE--MaryAnn and I were there at what was advertised as the last chance to give input about the Bus Rapid Transit project that will run down Central Ave.  Monte Vista Christian Church was the scene of the “poster session.”  Quite a few people showed up to look at the…


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Little Beaver Town, or what’s left of it, is still open for business

OLD ROUTE 66 EAST OF TRAMWAY--Maybe you’ve been asking yourself, “What ever happened to Little Beaver Town?”  But some of you may not have been alive in the late fifties, so let me add a little background: at one time Red Ryder and his sidekick Little Beaver were hot sellers on every comic book rack…


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The Old Scot, The Flying Scot, & 3 Bike Trips To Keep You Young

OBAN, SCOTLAND--”Get on your bike!”  That’s the advice Mervyn Dudgeon has for the young.  Mervyn was waiting with MaryAnn and me in Oban for the southbound train to Glasgow.  He had just spent a week biking and hosteling in the Hebrides, an island group off the far northeast coast of Scotland.  Mervyn Dudgeon is…


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