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closing my studio

Oh what a joy to have ones home to oneself again! I am closing my dance studio and the relief I feel is enormous. We needed the space will be the master bath renovation, so no more classes! I loved the first year, but in the second increasingly it became a chore. I never charged the teachers a dime to use my space, and they were a joy to have around, but some of the students were just horrible, imagine having vulgar people walking into your house on a regular basis and being rude and dirty in… Continue

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Over 300 kinds of BEER!

We just got back from Jubilation Wine & spirits, and they have a whole new room! Lots of new sophisticated adult libations have been added (the lovely lower wine room is as yet the same) . . . and a whole wall of beer!…


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Middle Eastern Extravaganza

Looking for something entertaining to do Saturday night?

From 7 to 9 pm at the African American Performing arts center (San Pedro & Copper) on the West side of the Fair Grounds there will be a Belly Dance Show featuring Albuquerque Belly Dance studios & teachers. Each Studio is given sin minutes to strut their stuff, so it will appeal to event the shortest attention span. All proceeds to benefit the Isshin Ryn Club, a local martial arts… Continue

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The Albuquerque Rose Garden is begining to bloom

My favorite place in the North East Heights is the Rose Garden which surrounds the Wyoming Library

or… Continue

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Hillsboro New Mexico

Up the Black Range from Truth or Consequences is the little "ghost" town of Hillsboro New Mexico, it is not really a ghost town, there are a couple of vintage motels, cafe's… Continue

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Dancing in the Southwest Burlesque show at the Kimo in Febuary

This is a don't miss show if you love Burlesque, circus acts, dancing, singing and of course lovely women strutting their stuff. Just $15 and you don't have to use Ticketmaster, you can just drop by or call the beautiful Kimo and they will set you… Continue

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Driving Down to Carlsbad to see the big pretty hole in the ground

Last November (sometime in the middle) my husband Brendan and I drove down to Carlsbad to see the caverns, we had been some years before, and were looking forward to the cave if not the town. On the way down we had lunch at the Pasta Cafe' in Roswell, for those of you foodies who feel you will starve in South Eastern New Mexico, it is simply not true, this is a great little continental place… Continue

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Proudly listening to AM radio

I have not listened to AM radio since the 1970's when I would hold my imitation Victorian transistor radio to my ear late at night dreaming of Michael Jackson (he was a total babe -before-) singing "ABC" to me. Anyway, my husband made a discovery in the car the other day; we have a progressive radio station here in the Duke city, AM 1350 now my station count is up to 4! I cannot tell you what a joy it is… Continue

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Guild Cinema = endless downer

Don't get me wrong, I love the guild, or rather I WANT to . . . I was raised going to funky little old theaters, doing the Rocky Horror thing (before the military chants and stupid pre-shows; in my day only the film had a staring role-but I digress). Tonight I went out with my husband; great meal at the Korean Barbecue House, we went to the guild. I had seen in the Alibi they were playing a Hammer film with Oliver Reed (William Shatner wishes he could over-act so perfectly) in a biker… Continue

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Every morning my kitty Lizzy lets me know I can put my monkey thumbs to work and let her out, she has to wear a harness because I am anxiously attached . . . but I digress . . . despite a lovely two day get-away my husband and I took just last week to Pagosa Springs Resort (my favorites were the lobster pot, cliffs and The Venetian whose design and construction was inspired by the beautiful polar bear… Continue

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Bellydance costume for sale

I am a very prolific sewer, I should work for the movies or something, I make costumes wear them a few times and then, send them on their way. This one is a Wild mod patterned cabaret belly dance costume, bra (40 D) belt 40" (+/-). It comes with a very full three panel full skirt, mermaid skirt, large veil. All in a dizzying swirly print, I love it, but well as Geraldine says "if you wear it three times it isn't new anymore". Truly, one of a kind, I treat my costumes very well and this one has… Continue

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A few of my favorite (burque) things

For reasons that will remain my own I wanted to spend at least part of this lovely day, early in September on my own. Leaving the house at the uncharacteristic hour of nine, I began my morning with breakfast at the Chocolate Bakery and Café’. I did not take a photograph at the café’ as the usually cheerful and friendly mood of the restaurant was spoiled by a young man (employee) with a sad little “I am hip beard-let” skulking about the… Continue

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Dancing in the "Pearl Fantasy" in the 11th hour!

Sometime it pays to say "have any problems? call me and I am there" so I get to do some snaky belly dance on the big stage for the Pearl Fantasy Event on September 6th, a duet with a ballet dancer (he is not hard to look at either) should be great fun, I will post photos when I finish

my very cool… Continue

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Getting away to Lincon New Mexico or things to see on NM 380

This past weekend my husband and I needed to get out of town, but did not want to go too far or be gone long, the perfect solution was to go forward into the past in Lincoln County. It is only about 2 1/2 hours from Albuquerque to the town of Lincoln, and all of the drive interesting. Most people here are familiar to some extent with the Lincoln county wars, and pretty much any on who are been an American for a few years has heard of Billy the Kid (hey did you see the exhibit at the Albuquerque… Continue

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Removing your address from those "Redplum" wastes of paper (mailers)

RedPlum is the face-name of a company called Valassis, they are responsible for those grocery store circulars that you do not read and what keeps those businesses from advertising in newspapers with content. To get your address off their list you have three choices:

by mail


or by calling 1-888-241-6760 of course they want you to call, perhaps they sell the phone… Continue

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The Santa Fe Wine Festival

This weekend my husband and I will be heading up to El Rancho de Las Golondrinas "The Ranch of the Swallows" for the Santa Fe Wine Festival this is our favorite wine festival I think it must be the posh location, because there is a decided lack of people seeing how drunk they can get on their entrance fee. In fact we find this event to have just the right number… Continue

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I dream of bread

I am not going to turn out to be one of those food cultist that thinks gluten is evil, everything in moderation (I did not get on the Adkins circus wagon either) no, I just want to find some nice squishy-fluffy bread. I was raised at sea level and the only thing I have not learned to live without quite happily is bread that has a delicate crumb and find texture . . . ahh baked goods, staff of life. I can't seem to make anything but a 'hearty' loaf up here. Someplace in our fair city there must… Continue

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The farmers markets are coming, or already here!

Finally it is time to go out in the sunshine and buy local produce! Los Ranchos Growers' Market has begun I believe, as well as the Corrales Growers' Market, and the Nob Hill Growers' Market(a mere four blocks from my house), is less than two weeks away.

I do hope this year sees hugh growth (not punning) in attendance both of growers and shoppers, burque is more than worthy of a farmers market 'scene' to rival other… Continue

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Things that have had a previous life . . . .

One of my favorite 'save the environment' ideas is buying and trading for used items rather than buying new, as a hardened anachronism I like old things, things that have been proven by time to be useful. We bought an older home a years ago, and it has prompted me into buying things with a previous life even more so than in the past. Now, I am happy to say we have a vacuum to clean our old home that 'fits'.

I have no idea how old the upright Kirby vacuum cleaner I have is, we… Continue

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just joined Los Poblanos Organics

I remember recently reading that there are no grocery stores downtown, and having just went into the warehouse and joined Los Poblanos Organics I am wondering if people in that area know about them. They will deliver for a small additional charge (it is about $25 a week for excellent quality produce) and you can pre-order organic milk, eggs and meat. No shop-worn vegetables, I am very picky and I was very pleased with the quality. Friends… Continue

Added by Celine on April 29, 2008 at 1:13pm — 7 Comments

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