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Live Music Scene in Downtown Albuquerque tonight

5:00 pm Larry Freedman at the Double Tree Hotel Cost of Admission is Free

7:00 pm Alana Grier Trio at the Blackbird Buvette Cost of Admission is Free

7:00 pm Kevin Higgins and Barbara Malteze at Chroma Studios Cost of Admission is $10 at door $8 in advance

8:00 pm The Porter Draw at the Marble Brewery Cost of Admission is Free

9:00 pm Metal Shakespere Company, Flood the Sun, Dead on Point 5, and Made in Bangledesh at the Atomic Cantina Cost of Admission is Free

9:00 pm… Continue

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Is it really conservation

I have been walking the west side of the bosque north of central for 10 years now. They recently started doing some conservation work. I agree that some of these things needed to be done but some of them I question. They are removing the trees that are not native which I love as most of the non native trees really drink a lot of water. My question on this is they are leaving the stumps and as it has warmed up the stumps are showing new growth if you are going to get rid of a tree shouldn't the… Continue

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Win 2 Free tickets to see Aaron Lewis Friday Nite.

The first person to answer this trivia question will recieve 2 Free Tickets to Aaron Lewis' concert Friday Nite. What is the name of the book devoted to the vihuela by composer Luis Milan.

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Alien Abduction is #1 on the Charts

Hello Everybody,
I just wanted to thank everyone. My song alien abduction is currently sitting at #1 on the Indie-music.com experimental music charts. I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for your support. I look forward to seeing some of you at my concert this Friday. Call me for details if you haven' seen the event as of yet. Peace

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A poem to share

A poem for peace

I try to imagine a world
a world of peace
sometimes it seems so far
the world it speaks
then in a flashing moment
something glorious screams
keep believing
in a world of peace

Pass it on if you like

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My 10 favorite songs this week

Here are the 10 songs that really struck a chord with me this week.

1. Trouble Bay The Blue Hawaiians

2. The moon shines bright John Renbourne

3. Poem Taproot

4. Beans & Cornbread Louis Jordan

5. Cello Suite no 4 in E flat major JS Bach

6. Amours mi font Franconian Motet

7. Icy Blue Heart Emmylou Harris

8. Tomorrow Tomorrow The Bee Gees

9. Love 42 Stone the Crows

10. Guitar Man Elvis Presley

If you are not familiar… Continue

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Porcupines and our amazing universe.

Today is a very beautiful day here in the Duke City. The sun is shining and there is little to no wind ( for the time being). I came into the studio today and saw that another one of the artists here was here when I left last night and here again this morning. So I went to ask her in jest if she stayed the night here. She said no but something really bizarre happened last night. I inquired and she said she was returning from getting coffee at about 3 am and she heard footsteps behind her. She… Continue

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My 10 favorite songs...... This week

Here are my 10 favorite songs this week.

1. Road to Peace Tom Waits

2. Little Boxes Pete Seeger

3. Don't Leave me now Pink Floyd

4. Electric Guitar Talking Heads

5. Old Dans Records Gordon Lightfoot

6. Scarecrow Beck

7. Deathwish The Police

8. Approximate mood swing #2 The art of noise

9. Cry Baby Cry The Beatles

10. Orawa Amadeus Chamber Orchestra

These are my 10 favorite songs this week Check back next Saturday for another 10… Continue

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Photography, Radio Requests and climbing the charts

It is a busy week for me here at Chroma Studios. I am getting ready for our photography show this Friday night which I am really excited about. There is some amazing photography coming in. The show is going to be fun as there are a lot of new faces that I am going to get to chat with.

Secondly I have to prepare CD packages for mail out this afternoon. I have 3 radio stations across the country that have requested "Space Travel" for them to play on their stations. The stations are in… Continue

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Songs are climbing the charts come support me.

My music is climbing the charts at the site Indie-music.com. As of this morning I have one song in the top 20 on the experimental charts and one in the top 50 of the instrumental charts. The charts are driven by listeners like you. Go check out the site and see whats happening in Indie music right now. Really cool stuff there and thanks for your support. Peace

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CD Release Party Afterthoughts

Thank you to all who attended the CD Release Party. I enjoyed sharing "Space Travel" with you. It was good to see all of you. It also sparked an idea that I know have. I am going to start organizing Intimate Concerts in our space. We were able to fit 20 guests seated comfortably right next to the performer. If you are a solo or duo musician please contact me so we can set one up for your. It was great to be that close to the action. Photos by Susan See will be going up soon.

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CD Release Party and Gordon Lightfoot

I am so excited for this coming weekend. On Friday I get to host my CD release party for my new cd Space Travel. I am gettiing everything together and ready to show. By everything I am going to have my Space Travel portfolio out for people to look at all the stages it takes to release a cd. Notebooks for concepts, Design planning, Compositions, etc.

Secondly I get to go to Gordon Lightfoot this weekend for Paula's birthday( if you don't know Paula check out Chroma Studios blog). Her… Continue

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Fiamma Fumana at the Cooperage

I had the pleasure Saturday night of attending an AMP concert at the Cooperage. The performing group was Fiamma Fumana from Italy. There music would be hard to label and that is a good thing. There cd loaded as Pop music and they seemed to have a world music flair. The instrumentation from the group was vocal, accordian, drums, bagpipe and dj. Occasionally the accordian player would play guitar and the bagpipe player would perform on Fife, there was constant wonderful vocal harmonies. The first… Continue

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Climbing the charts

My songs are now climbing the charts at Indiemusic.com. Drop in and have a listen its a site of really good independent music. The songs that I have up are space travel in instrumental, and alien abduction in experimental. I have also mailed cds to radio stations in Germany, UK, and NY from requests the past couple of days. The sun keeps shining on Albuquerque.

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Waiting for my government bailout.

I went to college from 1996-2000. While I was going every financial aid advisor I met with informed me since I was going into education if I taught in a low income school my student loans would be forgiven by the government after 5 years. I racked up $50,000.00 in loans which was the best thing I ever did for my self. I came to Albuquerque and taught in a local high school where the number was significantly higher than 50% of students on free or reduced lunch. I contacted the student loan… Continue

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Monday Morning Traffic

I had the pleasure of driving in trafffic this morning at 7:45. As I was driving it seemed amazing to me. Everyone on the road is in a rush to get to where they are going so much so they are willing to cause traffic to come to a complete stop so they could move to the front of the line. Thank goodness I only have to venture in to that mess every once in a while. And business owners who have employees. Did you ever consider staggering your start times so everybody doesn't have to be at work at… Continue

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I now have my website up.

I just wanted to let all you Duke City Fix friens of mine to know that my music website is now up. This is a website focused on the performance side of my career. Sign my guestbook and tell me what you think. I appreciate all of you and I look forward to hearing from you. The link is guitaraaron.com

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Walking on the River the joyous things we see.

Me and Paula took our morning walk along the river on Thursday morning. We are blessed because we have a tiny little section of Bosque that is not used by many other people. We had just come down the hill from the levee onto the Bosque when our dog Osa started acting really bizarre. She was looking to the east the hair was up on the back of her neck and she was wanting to growl but she was restraining herself. I looked at a quick glance and I didn't see anything. Then when I turned again I… Continue

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Music videos, ladders, teenagers, rotten food, and Mondays, and guitar lessons

Music Videos, What I would really like to work on all day. I know have my promotional materials for my new cd space travel. The cd is in my hand and I am working now on full promotion. Getting it into local stores and online first. Then radio stations, and finally stores outside of NM.

Ladders my video making will be interupted as I have to return a ladder.

Teenagers. Everythings fine in school mom as long you don't check up on me and find out Im failing half of my classes… Continue

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New website and cd coming soon

Hello All,
The new website is already up. the cd will be available on Sept 23. I hope to hear from many of you. If you go to my website guitaraaron.com and sign my guestbook you will recieve goodies. What kind of goodies. Sign in and wait with baited breath.

Added by aaron lewis on September 2, 2008 at 1:16pm — 1 Comment

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