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One Last Time.......

Tonight a bunch of friends I made at the old Ed's Pub at the old Leisure Bowl on Lomas are going to get together for one last night of singing.  I believe it was the best Karaoke venue in the Duke City.…


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The Huning Castle Neighborhood

The Huning Castle Neighborhood in Albuquerque is something to see.  The large houses and tree lined streets are best photographed later in the afternoon or evening.  This neighborhood also has one of our favorite venues - The…


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Albuquerque Dragway @ Mesa Del Sol

The season has already started at Albuquerque Dragway @ Mesa Del Sol.  You won't see the latest hybrid or electric car on the track but, you will feel the power of these cars in your chest and smell the burned rubber as they race to the finish.  It's definitely an experience everyone should try at least once in…


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Spruce Park - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Tucked into Albuquerque’s cultural, intellectual, historical and geographical center, the residential neighborhood of Spruce Park (a.k.a. Old Country Club Addition) combines the brilliance of the big city with the quiet shade of mature, tree-lined streets.  Spruce Park quickly makes up for its…


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A Trip to Old Mexico right here in New Mexico?

A trip to the Los Altos Ranch Market is more than just a shopping trip.  It's about the music, the colorful aisles, the smell of fresh corn tortillas and much more! …


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You should have seen it in Color

As I look back now in 2015, I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones.  I remember my grandparents sitting down with me when I was a child and using old photo albums to illustrate our family's history. Within those albums were hundreds of black and white photos from their past.  It…


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Exploring New Mexico: The Southeast Heights

My family moved to the Southeast Heights neighborhood of Albuquerque back in 1963.  So, my personal history with this area spans six decades.  I have always loved the beautiful houses and wonderful parks that I remember from my childhood.  Even today when I'm up in town, I try to drive through the area just…


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Exploring New Mexico: Nob Hill

I thought I would start out this set of travel stories by beginning in Albuquerque and working my way outside of the city limits.

Nob Hill is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the Duke City.  I could easily grab a cup of Joe early in the morning at…


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Exploring New Mexico: What Makes Me Happy in New Mexico Part Two

In my last post, I showed you some of the places I like to visit outside of the Middle Rio Grande Valley.  This time, I want to show you some of the things I like right here in my own backyard.

From where I live in Belen, it's only 96 miles to Santa Fe with the state's largest city in…


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If you care about what is going on in the Venture Capital world....

I've spent a good portion of my career working for High Tech start-ups.  I've believe that some of the best jobs in the industry can be found at start-ups.  These smaller companies tend to allow their employees to use more creativity and initiative over the process and procedure focus found at most large…


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How Resourceful Are You?

"Life's too short to hang out with people who aren't resourceful." - Jeff Bezos, Founder, Chairman & CEO of who was born in Albuquerque.

I'm sure you've read all about it.  New Mexico is losing it's best and brightest as they move elsewhere…


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Exploring New Mexico: What Makes Me Happy in New Mexico Part One

Over the last six years, my wife and I have hit the road with a vengeance in New Mexico.  Even so, we have a lot more to see for the first time and plenty of places we need to revisit.  I don't think we're going to run out of road trips in New Mexico in our lifetime.

One of the best things…


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Redfin Extends To Albuquerque

I found this during my weekly review of technology news for my career.

Seattle-based online real estate brokerage Redfin is continuing its drumbeat of market expansions, saying today that its newest market is Albuquerque, New Mexico. Redfin said its will serve the greater Albuquerque area, including Rio Rancho, the East Mountains, Corrales and Placitas. Redfin kicked off a big expansion push with a big, $70.9M funding in…


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The Kitten That Rescued Us

My wife had just finished swimming at our community’s pool and was walking over to her car.  She heard some commotion and looked up to see an adult cat chasing another cat.  The cat being chased dropped something from its mouth and sped away with the other cat in hot pursuit.  My wife went over to look…


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I'm Back....

I'm back after being gone for almost four years.

  • No, I wasn't recently released on parole.
  • No, I did not join the French Foreign Legion.
  • No, I wasn't abducted by aliens,

I moved to Belen.  Right after that move I got my High Tech career…


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Going Home

My wife was cleaning out some boxes and found an old Carrizozo Newspaper from 1972. In it was a photo of her Grandparents in front of their home back in 1919. My wife posted this on her Facebook page but, I wanted to share it with you along with her comments below and this video that I did a while back called Going Home.

"This is my Grandmother, Grandfather & uncles. The caption says the baby was my mom,…


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Aren't You Glad You're in New Mexico?

At the time of this posting, it's 43 degrees outside my window down here in Belen with 64% humidity and it's overcast. 

One of my co-worker's lives and work out of his home office in Providence RI.  This is a shot of his front yard this morning.  And they're expecting 8 to 10 more inches of snow in a day or two.…


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A Landmark on I-25 South of Town is Coming Down as I type....

If you've ever headed south on I-25 from ABQ, you may have seen it.  At the second exit for Belen, there is......or was......a large water tank on the west side of the highway with a huge Belen High School Eagle painted on it.  

Well, it's coming down today. Supposedly it was built in 1952.  It hasn't been…


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The Sandias This Morning......

....from over 40 miles away in Belen.  Photo taken by my wife over our north wall off Camino Del Llano.

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