So you like the limelight? Here's how to get your blog posts featured on the homepage of Duke City Fix.

Write about Albuquerque

This website is about Albuquerque. Not Santa Fe, not Phoenix, not Cruces. If you can write about Albuquerque then everyone is happy and nobody gets hurt.

Think positive (thoughtful constructive criticism is welcome too)

Duke City Fix is about celebrating life in Albuquerque. If you want to write about how Albuquerque drivers suck or why New York was so much better, frankly we're not interested.

So bring on your ideas!

What new restaurants have you tried lately? What are you doing this weekend? What's going on in your neighborhood?

Include horizontal photos

Writing about a park or a new restaurant? Nothing tells the story better than a photo.

The format of this site favors horizontal photos like
this one or this one. Use 'em. The dimensions are 600 pixels wide by 130-170 pixels tall. This is especially important at the beginning of your post.


When uploading wide banner images, be sure to set the Thumbnail size in Options to 600 pixels. Otherwise your banner will get squished. See the image below for the right settings.

In the rest of your story text, you can include vertical photos lower down, but please wrap the text around them (when you add the photo, choose Options and then Wrap text around image).

Great! You did all that? Here's how it works.

Duke City Fix is run by a core group of 6-8 bloggers who write stories and promote community stories to the homepage.

If one of these core bloggers sees your story and likes your story, they'll feature it on the homepage. If not, try again later. We're looking forward to reading your take on Albuquerque.

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