Take the RailRunner to White Sands?

I stumbled across this story from some online publication called Examiner.com and was shocked by how much ignorance is contained in one short post about the Duke City and New Mexico.

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Comment by Andy on April 1, 2009 at 10:43am
Nittany, I appreciate you weighing in on the issue but I have a few questions since you are connected with Examiner.com. First off, how could an article this bad be posted? Does Examiner.com have a fact checker or copy editor? I looked at the site and the form required to become an examiner didn't really do anything to make sure people are qualified for the job in my opinion. In terms of coverage, I'm not seeing much on the site either that you can't get elsewhere. While the Internet is the wave of the future for media, I think it's important to draw a line between legitimate news gathering organizations and bloggers, and from what I see, Examiner.com is a group of bloggers trying to pass themselves off as a legitimate news gathering organization.
And as a print journalist, this offends me. It's true that many people get their news from the Internet, but the sites that provide that news are usually backed by a legitimate publication or TV or radio station news team.
Unless Examiner.com proves to me that the information on the site is reliable and that someone actually checks facts and edits copy, then I can't begin to take them seriously as a source for news or information.
Comment by Heather Shore on April 1, 2009 at 10:48am
Check out the Updated article. It's slightely changed, but they did listen to your comments.
Comment by Andy on April 1, 2009 at 10:52am
That's good to see, but it's still puzzling that the original article was ever allowed on the site.
Comment by Heather Shore on April 1, 2009 at 10:58am
Andy - I'm sorry your offended. I have never been a blogger and I research my articles quite well. I am on numerous sports media lists and am credentialed at many New Mexico sports organizations. If this doesn't make me a true journalist, then I don't know what does. Comments are always welcome on web postings at any blog or media site. Although, on Examiner, at the local TV sites, Local IQ, Duke City Fix and Alibi, it's much easier then at the Journal (where I'm sure you know you have to be a subscriber to read any articles). No one is saying that Examiner.com is the only place to receive this information. It's just one source for information, and I try to provide links to other sites to help my readers. If there was a link I could provide to information on Duke City Fix, I would. I think that all these sites can help each other and in the end help New Mexico residents. There are content managers that review articles, but not in the same way that printed media does it (and I also have experience in both). It's something new, something that could be good and in a community that doesn't alway have a ton of online resources, why should any of us be so quick to judge. It's like when I go to a restaurant once and don't have the meal I would have expected. I'll probably try it again, just to see and often times I have a great meal the second time. So all I'm saying is that the people I've talked to and worked with from Examiner in Albuquerque are good people trying to help get the word out about activities and interests. By the way, some of the commenters before me say that Examiner.com similar to Duke City Fix. However, are people fact checking discussions and editing grammer on these posts? I don't know just asking. Have a great day.
Comment by Andy on April 1, 2009 at 11:12am
Thanks again for your view on the matter Nittany, I appreciate your work ethic and the fact that you are serious about the work you do on the site. I will certainly check out your posts when I can, and I will give others a chance. It wasn't my intention to question your talent or credibility, I was more concerned with the editing and fact checking. Every journalist needs a good editor.
I think the point I was trying to make is that it appears to me that Examiner.com is trying to pass itself off as a legitimate news gathering organization, which I don't believe DCF tries to do. Most of the hard news on this site are links to stories from other news organizations. The rest of the site is dedicated to discussions of issues, which is obviously not the same as news.
But this one article was so poorly written and so poorly researched, that it really hurts the credibility of Examiner.com. I realize that the site is basically still in start-up mode and is experiencing growing pains. I hope the site will learn from this experience (and it appears from the changes made to the post that they have) and do a better job of checking facts in the future.
Again, I'll check out your sports posts and look forward to seeing how the site progresses going forward.


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