Riding has become a passion and an addiction. I love riding. Before beginning this post, I reread some of my earlier blog entries and remembered the fear and excitement of riding.

And boy, have I come a long way!

Last summer I continued to ride my bike into the fall and winter months. I ride more than I drive, even when it's cold and yucky outside, the attraction to my bike is never ending. I did longer rides, got the bike on the freeway more often and basically went wherever I could, whenever I could on the treasured 650.

I finally felt like a real biker chick - in control of a machine between my legs and always begging for more!

But alas, I out grew the bike. That is my perception at least. I wanted a bigger bike; a bike with a little more bite and power. So this past March I traded in my beloved 650 for a 2008 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic. It was brand-spanking new. It is a beautiful bike. It’s black, with ghost flames on the tank and the rear fender. I had the dealers remove the stock pipes and had them slip on new ones. Now my bike sounded like a man ready to go, instead of a child-like 650.

I even rode the bike home from the dealership (my favorite place is Bobby J's). I was hesitant, but the other option was to let BF ride the bike home, while I drove his second love, the 1957 Chevy Truck. (And no, I am not his first love. His first love is a 1958 4-door hardtop Chevy Belair. I have settled in to be his third love! *lol*)

I didn't want to drive his truck, so off on the bike I went!

And of course, as I started to ride out of the dealer's parking lot, I stalled. Three times. But I got the hang of it and rode this beautiful beast home, all on my own, without much fear, and with some gusto against a crotch rocket. I beat the crotch rocket, but maybe it was because he let me. Nah...it was because my bike is the best! *lol*

I now have over 3000 miles on that bike. Mind you, when I bought the bike, it only had 2 miles on it!

And this past August, I even rode the bike to Keystone, Colorado for the International Women's Motorcycle Conference. A friend and I went - just us two women on our bikes, over 400 miles one way.

What a great time was had! I demo'd (test runs) 3 different motorcycles - a BMW 1200R, a Yamaha 1700 Road Star (same size as BF's bike) and a Harley Trike. I attended two seminars and met tons of wonderful women from all over the country and world! I met a group of women who flew from Japan to the States just for this conference.

I met this great mom and daughter combo from Australia who were fun.

And I met a woman who has been riding for 49 years! What inspiration!

I love my bike and I am so glad I was able to blog about my adventures as I learned. I recognized the doubt I felt while reminiscing the past, and I am proud to have conquered my fears.

Riding is an adventure, but it's the journey that gives us the memories that last a lifetime!

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Comment by chris goad on September 1, 2011 at 5:00pm

Just out of curiosity I read your blog.  Sounds like me.  The last time I rode was in the 80's; and crashed.  So, I bought a 650 almost 2 years ago now.  I have put 17,000 miles on it.  I ride in the winter as well.  I've been pondering a move to the 1200.  But I really can't afford that yet.

Take care! Chris Goad


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