The Two Whos on life's little things -- "Dating 101– The Return to Innocence!"

From the the Two Whos

Cece works with adults who have developmental disabilities. One of her clients has a goal to have a girlfriend. Cece does not like writing this type of goal but she does try to assist this man in " looking around."

On December 31st, a lovely young woman in the office came up and gave Cece a hug! A light bulb went off! This could be a sweet office romance with her client and this young woman! So, Cece took the woman aside and asked, "Do you have a boyfriend?" She said no. Cece said what about...and pointed to her client Sam. Shelly shook her head yes and smiled broadly. Readers! You need to know both these adults have difficulty speaking. Cece got them both together... Shelly put her hand on her hip, batted her eyes, smiled and asked, "You. Me.What you think?" Sam smiled, shook his head yes, his eyes got wide.... and they were dating. He said, "What do you like?" She said "Flowers" and they giggled and giggled until it was determined that Cece had ruined the work force and they had become unproductive!

Several days had passed since the thirty-first...including a long holiday weekend. As Cece sat at her desk at about 10:30 that morning, she snapped and thought: "I wonder if Sam is going to remember the flowers!" Down the hall, unbeknown to her, Sam's job coach wondered the same thing at the very same moment! Within minutes, we both had called Sam's home and prompted the staff to remind him to get flowers. The answer from the staff, "He remembered on his own!" WOW! Well done!

Sam arrived at the office. We all held our breath as he presented the flowers to his new girlfriend. She was thrilled and Cece assisted her to find a vase and put water in it for her red rose. She stated "My flower will sleep while I work!" Both parties were thrilled as well as all the staff! They giggled and giggled and worked and worked.....

Well, come to think of it. How many people know nice single women and great single guys, and yet how many would play match maker? To be honest, it is risky to play match maker. If things do not work, you might lose both friends. Or, you might have to endure the judgment of "being nosy"... However, if we could take a little risk (with reasonable judgment), we might make two people very happy.

"Bye for Now" from the Two Whos

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Comment by shotsie on January 22, 2010 at 6:05pm
Sweet story - and I know several couples like these two, and they eventually got married and lived happily ever after (I think - well, they're still married)..
Comment by yun li on March 2, 2010 at 4:43pm
Hi Shotsie, Thank you for visiting the two whos posting. We are told not to post on DCfix anymore, so we would like to drop you a note to let you know, if you like our posting, please visit our blog at in future. Thank you!

Cece and Yun


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