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Comment by once banned twice shy on March 11, 2014 at 11:02am

You know, I just am not sure of this Central BRT.  I would be more willing to support it if it went the entire length of Central and then included connectivity with N/S boulevards--GOOD connectivity, that is.   I remain concerned about pedestrians getting slaughtered left and right as they dart across traffic to board the bus running in the median (witness what happens every day at San Mateo and Central) because APD resolutely refuses to enforce speed limits or traffic rules in this town.  We need more transit in the far-flung areas of town--with better schedules and better routes.  How about getting people who live in the Far NE Heights out of their cars--at least for their daily commutes?  What about getting West Siders out of their cars?

Comment by RunLikeADog on March 11, 2014 at 12:54pm
I watched a documentary called Urbanized. In it, there was an interview with the mayor of Bogota, Columbia, population 6mil+. During the interview, he said the only way mass transit will ever work is to make driving a car as painful as possible. Fuel is taxed heavily, licensing is taxed but more painful is that traffic lanes were taken away and dedicated only to buses and bicycles and parking lots are almost non-existent. Open areas are used as parks or mass transit terminals. Needless to say, Bogota has high adoption of public transportation. Not sure that model would work here but there it is.
Comment by Phil_0 on March 11, 2014 at 1:50pm

I sort of agree with both of you. Albuquerque desperately needs a change at the traffic office: multiple people I've talked to agree that the people in charge there - going back to Chavez or before - place cars first and only worry about bikes and pedestrians if it doesn't impact their fairly extreme view of "efficient" car travel. This has to change, especially if we're going to something like BRT. I think BRT, if it happens the way advocates hope, will probably work to make the Central corridor more painful for drivers and better for pedestrians, just like in Bogota. I guess I worry that since they have the choice to just go somewhere else with miles and miles of parking lots, this will just hurt Downtown and Nob Hill businesses...

Comment by once banned twice shy on March 11, 2014 at 2:20pm

RLAD:  Yes, the mayor of Bogota is correct.  As long as you make driving a car the easiest way to get around, people will use it exclusively.  You alos see in Europe what people do when driving is harder/more expensive.  But it should be said that European cities are all more compact than your typical U.S. city, with a few notable exceptions (SF, Chicago and NYC--which also have huge mass transit systems).  Although Portland, OR can show a city with more sprawl how to encourage more alternative transit use.

But Phil0 is right.  The culture in the main departments of the city MUST change.  He is absolutely right:  the people in traffic engineering are nearly all dedicated to the idea that their job is to move traffic more quickly.  So as long as you have the people in charge of our traffic dept. so narrow-minded, I don't see how we'll really move forward.  It's depressing.  And no, Phil0, people won't go elsewhere to shop--they like Nob Hill.  They'll all just crowd onto Silver, one of our bike boulevards, and make it a miserable, miserable place to ride a bike (because APD refuses to enforce the speed limits). 

Comment by Albuq Citizen on March 11, 2014 at 8:59pm

I enjoy driving Central, old Route 66 and all that. It would have to get a lot more difficult for me to abandon it. But, I ai't giving up my motorized transportation until I can walk less than a mile to catch a bus and get to my destination within 30 min of the time it takes by POV. Right now, that just ain't happening.

More power to the BRT along Central but what happens if Phil_O is right and it hurts the Central corridor businesses?


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