The Sunday Poem: Leo Romero . . . 2 Poems: Each Second Lengthens the Distance & For Denis Cowper


You left only two hours ago
on your five hour drive
Already it is dark and getting cold
I think of you alone in your car
the weak headlights fending the darkness
the tiny lights of other cars like fireflies

Tonight I think of the miles between towns
in the desert
and how each second lengthens the distance
between us
and how each mile you leave behind
is so much more emptiness to deal with


you were chasing butterflies
when you fell
you felt the heavy wings
pounding in your chest
and then they were silent
as if caught in a net

And you did not chase butterflies anymore
for you were caught
the bright red butterfly of your heart
was very still
the jungles of Mexico turned blue
and the world stopped on its axis

Leo Romero

Leo Romero in Books of Interest which he and Elizabeth Cook-Romero have been operating in Santa Fe for five years. Before this Leo has been known to run a successful bookstore, close it for a break and start and run another bookstore, with success! Leo is an artist as well as bookstore master, poet and story teller. These two poems just surfaced in my files  and they are  well worth sharing to you Sunday Poem readers.

Leo was born in Chacón, NM in 1950. His Celso poems can still keep you laughing, and there's Agua Negra and Going Home Away Indian. Rita & Los Angeles is stories.

Send poems, do!

Larry Goodell

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Comment by Margaret Randall on May 4, 2014 at 7:52am

What wonderful poems! Thank you!

Comment by Izquierdo on May 5, 2014 at 10:13pm

I'm very drawn to the first poem. I've had many experiences driving in the dark and light across New Mexico over my lifetime, and felt the sense of isolation. I prefer daytime driving because it really lets the driver understand or at least be amazed by distance and time as he stares at faraway buttes that don't seem to get any closer. Good work.

Comment by Merimee Moffitt on June 15, 2014 at 8:05am

I love these delicate, intensely emotional, visual poems.  Kinda old school and finely chiseled--wowzers.  Yes.


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