• The most outspoken member of the "Albuquerque 13" has a small legal victory.
  • A new old tax proposal will be put to Bernalillo County voters.
  • Skandera has moved on to grading all kinds of schools. (In my opinion--as a former h.s. teacher--one simple and valuable change would be to require teachers to hold a bachelor's in a content area other than "education." The teacher training program should come on top of and after an undergraduate education.)
  • One pol is asking for a recount in a close race.
  • The Downtown Anasazi is finally a going concern!
  • A happy ending for a story Adelita shared a couple weeks ago.

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Comment by shotsie on June 12, 2014 at 5:33pm

Time to start terrorizing the state universities....  (As if all teachers in this state graduated from just these colleges...)  "Schools of education will be scored based on several factors, including whether their teacher graduates helped increase student achievement." - I'm not exactly sure how this will be measured, or at what point in his/her career the teacher will be evaluated. 

"The governor also said there are plans to increase the standards for passing a state examination required to become a teacher."  Does this apply to all graduating teachers or just to graduates of state universities?  I'd be interested in knowing how some private colleges fare. Make it for everybody - you want to teach - pass the exam.  

I'm with you, Hettie, for wanting to train bachelor degree specialists into teachers as a master's program, but that would only work for middle and high school teachers (with the caveat that the starting wage be dependent upon the subject that is taught - a technical degree like math, chemistry or physics should receive more pay than social sciences or English.)   Elementary education doesn't need technical specialties - maybe just various approaches to dealing with different age levels of students.  

Comment by hettie on June 12, 2014 at 8:38pm

I disagree that math ought to be worth more than english, as I think all teachers should be paid as though they're vital members of our community and society as a whole. We wouldn't need to worry about attracting teachers if all grads were paid a professional wage commensurate with graduate level degrees in other fields. There's social lip service paid to the "importance" of education and the "value" of teachers, but the reality is that we don't value teachers, or what they do, in any financial way. As a former teacher, I worked a second job in the summer so that I could pay down my loans and add to my savings more quickly.  To say nothing of the summer months spent planning for the coming year. The notion that teachers spend that time on vacation is ludicrous, as anyone who knows a committed teacher will tell you.

Regarding the teaching exam, every teacher in the state must pass a basic skills exam to receive a license, as well as a content area exam for upper grades and special ed, etc., and a "components of literacy exam" (that might not be the exact name) for K-8.

I personally think a bachelor's in a content area is just as valuable for elementary ed as well. It not only solidifies a body of knowledge that can benefit a teacher and students (there are plenty of schools where it's known that Mr. Smith's 3rd grade class is really great for language skills or Ms. Simons' 4th grade is the place for kids to learn science), but it guarantees a few year's maturity for individuals before they seek a teaching license. 


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