My Ten Favorite Things About Albuquerque

Campaigning for Congress has taken me all across Albuquerque and the rest of New Mexico’s First District. I’ve met some great, some interesting and some eccentric people along the way. And, I’ve gained an even deeper appreciation for the place that we all call home.

After some thought, I’ve put together a list of my ten favorite things about Albuquerque – and, I’d love to get your thoughts in the comments. So, without further ado (Hat Tip to Kelly for the correction!)…

10. The newly renovated Tingley Beach, the Rio Line train, the Biopark, and increasing opportunities for locals and tourists alike.

9. Businesses that are making Albuquerque a leader in the field of renewables like Emcore, Schott Glass, and 310 Solar.

8. Eating chile-laden breakfast, on the patio at Las Mananitas in the spring when the cottonwoods are greening.

7. The Ta Lin Market, the South Valley Dia de Los Muertos parade, the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, and all the diverse communities that make up Albuquerque

6. Geocaching (aka "treasure hunting") around the city, hiking trails where gummy bears appear along the way, and Explora (according to my 5-year old).

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Back to the top ten!

5. Taking my kids to see live music in the summer at Zoo Music, Summer Nights at the aquarium, and Old Town.

4. The fact that a pair of boots and a bolo tie is considered formal-wear.

3. The Sandias in such close proximity, and a river running through the City. It adds to the beauty of our city and gives us plenty of outdoor activities.

2. All of the sunshine and some of the nicest people I've ever met.

And my favorite thing about living in Albuquerque…

1. Working in our garden in the back yard with Johnny Cash on the stereo, BBQ coals warming, and a tall cold bottle of... milk!

What are your Albuquerque favorites?

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Comment by Emily on May 20, 2008 at 8:08am
Martin, I love your list.
I'll add mine:
The South Valley.
Cranes, cranes and more cranes, plus geese and the occasional Blue Heron!
Really good Vietnamese food
Small town, big city
Movie industry! one of those government PR things that actually has an impact.(if you haven't been out to the Montessa "convenience center" a.k.a. "el dumpe" lately, check out the movie set being built there. Cool!

Things I'd like you to work on in Congress (because you will get elected):
--Open space--matching monies for open space projects.
--Preserving ag. lands and local farming initiatives. (Wish I'd seen you at the Local Farm and Food Fest at Hubbell House. Great turnout, cool people, yummy food).
--Public transportation monies for the Duke. My husband tries to commute from the South Valley to Lomas and Girard: Walk a mile, take the bus, walk another mile. Walk a mile, take the bus, take the train, take the bus. Either option adds an HOUR to his commute even though we're only 15 minutes by car. Not exactly an incentive, and he's more motivated than most.
That's the short list. (by the way, I am not bill richardson, despite my picture).
Comment by Tricross on May 20, 2008 at 9:08am
In the final analysis, excavating the site proved to risky. Drainage studies revealed that capping was the best alternative. It is the bio-layer proposed by the State that will cause the cap to errode over time.
Comment by Fenton Ayres on May 20, 2008 at 11:56am
Geocaching! Cool....I have been a geocacher for many years now. I'm glad to see that it is something that you enjoy as well! There are so many around Albuquerque and it has to be one of my favorite pastimes, although I am not able to spend as much time doing as I would like.
Comment by Kelsey D. Atherton on May 20, 2008 at 9:20pm
Here's my little bit:

Albuquerque still has the feel of a work in progress, of a city that can and will be changed by mere mortals, which is exciting in this day and age, and is especially a rarity among cities pushing 200 years, and even rarer among the 300 year old ones. But Albuquerque's a doable place, where there are not titans so much as fish and slightly bigger fish.

Oh, and we're not humid. Ever. That's a big plus.
Comment by ABQSkippy on May 20, 2008 at 10:30pm
Great list, Martin! Martin will be a great representative to Congress. Finally, someone who cares about all New Mexicans. Not just the rich ones! He really did a great job for the southeast heights when he was a City Councilor.
*I love fall in Albuquerque. Green chile roasting, crisp cool air and leaves falling. Perfect!
*Jazz/blues/R & B concerts at Sandia Casino amphitheater. Is there a better venue out there?
*Free air shows at KAFB when the Air Force is running maneuvers.
*Open-minded and caring individuals.
*Duke City Fix! (nothing wrong with a little brown-nosing!)
Comment by JMG on November 5, 2008 at 4:30pm
Not much mention of the weather on these lists! The way we have four seasons but none of them extreme, the way it cools off at night in the summer time. I lived in Oklahoma for a couple of years and at midnight in August, it was still 100F outside and felt like a ghetto laundromat outside.

[[4. The fact that a pair of boots and a bolo tie is considered formal-wear.]]
Most people wear pants and a shirt with this combo, but you go right ahead with the minimalist look, Martin!


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