You ever have one of those days when everything goes wrong? The elevator at work decided not to work. My office is on the third floor and since my knees were screaming at me today, it was a chore having to drag stuff up and down three flights of stairs. I had to go to Costco for supplies in the pouring rain. The group of school kids from El Paso that were scheduled for a camp-in at the museum, arrived one hour late. And the Pizza Hut driver that delivered 24 pizzas for the camp-in kids forgot the receipt I needed to turn in to the finance department. It was nearing 6:45pm and I was still at work quite frazzled.

I climbed down the stairs for the last time after getting my stuff to go home and said good bye to the security and custodial staff. As I checked on the campers and teachers one last time, they were all staring at something outside. I looked out of the window and saw something that was, well, rather unusual.

Six people in turquoise cowboy hats were dancing in front of the museum all in sync. They were videotaping themselves while they were dancing. They posed around the bronze dinosaurs and even put a cowboy hat on the fire hydrant and videotaped it. One of the camp-in kids asked if that was what cowboys in New Mexico looked like, cuz they didn’t look like that in Texas.

Finally, I had a smile on my face! I went outside, walked straight to my car and drove like a mad woman around the parking lot back to the front of the museum. I jumped out of my car and ran up to the dancers with my camera and introduced myself. Turns out these were no ordinary dancing cowboys…and cowgirls. These were improvisational dancers from Ecotone Physical Theatre. I asked them if they had ever heard of Duke City Fix because I wanted to post their pictures. Guess what? One of their own is one of our own – Kevin Paul co-director of Ecotone! I met the other co-director Donna Jewell, who has quite an impressive dance resume.

I snapped some pictures, got some information about them and came home to check out their website. They have several performances coming up for the 3rd Annual Wild Dancing West, a festival of local and regional contemporary dance.

Here is their upcoming performance schedule:

May 30 & 31
Ecotone Physical Theatre (ABQ) – 6:30 pm
N4th Theater/4904 4th St. NW
Readymade Dance Theater Co (ABQ)– 8:00
CAKE/4011 Silver SE between Montclaire and Morningside

June 6-7
Xdrop (San Francisco) – 6:30 pm
Jacqueline M. Garcia (ABQ) – 8:00pm
N4th Theater/4904 4th Street NW

June 13-14
PutAttention Dance Collective (ABQ) – 6:30pm
Deirdre Morris (Santa Fe) – 8:00pm
N4th Theater/4904 4th NW

Tickets for full evening only
General: $12; Seniors and Students: $8
Reservations: 505-344-4542

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Comment by mombat on May 23, 2008 at 10:23am
Fun photos.
Comment by Kamarie on May 24, 2008 at 8:59am
Ecotone has a way of making the world a better place whenever you run into them. (And they do look pretty fab in those turquoise cowboy hats!)


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