Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Everyone!

I am glad that it is summer because I get to house sit a great deal. It's like people paying me to take a vacation from family and probably the only opportunity I get to catch up with friends.

I have been house sitting for my old friend Christine and she extended her days through Tuesday, the day after Memorial Day.
Last weekend I went to the Celtic Festival with Sarah and her friend Erin. I got a sunburn on my neck but found out a few things that I'm gonna want to be doing soon. The caber toss was pretty cool but I didn't really understand the rules. If it flipped over that was good but if it didn't flip that was bad and if you let it fall too far forward you couldn't get it to flip but sometimes that was okay. The chick caber toss was...interesting but dumbed down like our half of the species couldn't do it. If you saw some of those women... O.O We also had a drink called IRN-BRU (iron brew) and it was AWESOME. Everyone should drink it. It also has the mineral iron in it. It kind of tastes like cotton candy-flavored bubble gum but also like Rominad (sp?). The haggis was really good, too, even though it came in a can. Even my little brother liked it and he's picky! We also had a shepherd's pie, a Scottish meat pie, and a Scottish sausage in a pastry crust. THEY WERE ALL FREAKING DELICIOUS. Then there was Rugby. We didn't get to see the buff 30-somethings playing but we did get some inspiration. By the end of this summer my goal is to try out for a Rugby team without being completely embarassed as to my ability. The presentation of colors from the different clans was pretty cool. I gave it up for CLAN MACKENZIE! AOWWW! lol I think two other people did it after me but I think I ruined the sober vibe they were going for. But I felt bad because he was out there by himself and I wanted him to know that he had backup!

Everything has been going well but now that Christine has extended her days, I'm going to be missing two of Patty's days. She leaves this Sunday morning which means that I need someone to watch her house Sunday and Monday nights. Jonathan isn't sure if he's going to have to work those nights because he is interviewing for a job at Keva Juice. He is not scheduled at Outback to work but if he works at Keva Juice and they ask him to, it's going to be a rough upcoming couple of days. The horses in Los Lunas need to be fed by 1900 and 0700 each day. Which means that if he's working, I have to drive down to Los Lunas on Sunday evening, feed the horses, pay Jonathan to spend the night whenever he gets off of work, have him feed the horses Monday morning, drive down there Monday night to feed the horses, and pay Jonathan to spend the night on Monday. Of course, if I'm going to have to feed them two nights and all he's doing is sleeping there I probably should only cut him in on 1 day instead of 2 but I know he's not going to negotiate with me and expect 2 days' pay. *sigh* Well, Jonathan has his interview today. And in a very selfish way I hope he doesn't get it. Or that if he does that he doesn't have to work Sunday or Monday night. Don't get me wrong, but I just don't have the money to be wasting driving all over two towns (since Christine's house is on the polar opposite side of Albuquerque from Los Lunas) to feed horses and still have to pay someone else to be there. Seems kinda ridiculous to me.

Then I move on to Patty's for the rest of the week. Which is cool because Sarah will get to be with the horses and she likes that. I'll have to take her home on Wednesday when I go to the chiropractor then on Friday I'll have to pick her up so we can go to the Comcast thing. Oh, did I mention that the VP from the Comcast Q&A Thread invited me over to speak with him and the VP of Customer Care? Silly me, I seemed to have forgotten all about that :S I'm kinda really scared to go. Not that I haven't been in this position before at work (improvement talks with the uppers, suggestions for bettering service type stuff) but there's something different about it when they control your internet. My dad is kind of excited for me to go but he's been chatting it up with the DriecTV guys and he's very ready to switch. We're paying almost $300 a month for service that's below standards and for customer service people to anger me. I've also been talking to my friends and family who also have Comcast and those who have DirecTV and DirecTV has slower internet but better service. I'm taking input from both friends and family to discuss concerns so I can go back to them and tell them what the VPs are going to tell me to do. It's a little intimidating but I think I can pull through. I've gained enough confidence in the past couple of months that I think that I can face this without screwing it up royal.

Cuidando Los Ninos went well. S he seemed pretty excited to receive me and Sarah. W eust have to get tested for TB before we start. Sarah has to get permission from her mom which may mean that she has to get permission from her rheumatologist first and she doesn't see him until next month. If that's the case, I might go ahead and get my negative for TB sticker and start there that way when she gets her stuff she can come with me and one of us will know what's up. They have a good program. Katie was telling me that they have a one-year program that 75% of the people graduate from. What they do is they work with families in homeless situations and help them get back on track. By providing day care for the children, the parents are free to work or take classes and do what they need to do to get back on track the right way. They also provide once a month healthcare from Healthcare for the Homeless so that the kids can get vaccinations, medications, and the parents can get what they need, also. They help the parents go from homeless into shelters, then from shelters to transitional housing and, sometimes, from transitional housing to their own homes. They provide the children with two meals and a snack every day that provide 100% of the daily recommended nutrition in the event that the children go home and are unable to obtain anything else to eat. It's not the best that our society could be providing but it's certainly way better than nothing and definitely the best Albuquerque has to offer so far. In the broken system that is Albuquerque's social welfare, this is a light shining hope to so many with so little.

Jewish Family Services doesn't have anything at this time for me. I think I botched that, though. I had printed out the forms to take and when my brother lost something in my car he completely wrecked them. They were covered in brake and power steering fluid, some sort of unidentifiable black stuff dotted on there, and shoe prints. I couldn't turn those in so I planned on going home early to get that done. But I couldn't get them to wake up on time so by the time I got everyone out the door I was late getting home so I couldn't even wash my pool hair, I printed out the papers, was late to Sarah's, was late to the interview, and was practically filling it out in front of Diane. I just don't have the skills that they want is what I'm thinking because she rarely wrote anything downa nd she mostly had that look of "up yours" on her face.

But I guess the thing I'm most worried about right now is my friend Lauren is graduating next Saturday and I know now that there's no way I can be there. The meeting with Comcast means that afterward I would have to drive all night to get to Amarillo by morning. I also have to house sit for Liz the week after. My parents had originally told me that they would lend me the car as long as I paid for the gas and the tune-up but I doubt that they're going to let me. They mostly just tell me these things so I'll drop it and leave it alone. Then they wonder why I get so angry when they turn out to be liars. (Go figure, huh?) I told her months ago that I would be there. But unless Jonathan can pull through for me and mom and dad lend me the car, I've got nothin'. I might be able to visit her next month but it's not the same. She came down here to see my graduation and we had the greatest weekend! If I don't go down there I'm going to feel like an asshole and an idiot because I always do this. I was supposed to go to Burgy's graduation, too, but I couldn't afford to go out there. I'm a pretty horrible friend when it comes down to it because I really never fall through with anything I tell my friends I'm going to do. That's probably a summer goal I need to work on. But I don't know what I'm going to do about Amarillo. I will have exactly enough money for gas from housesitting to get down there and get back. I had hoped that all the applications I had put in over the semester would amount to something (McDonald's wouldn't hire me because they would rather have high school students) but it didn't. Maybe I didn't explain my case right, I probalby didn't say any of the right things they wanted to hear. Rejection is starting to wear on me in the worst kind of way and it's starting to boil over into the rest of the family again. I had hoped that I could at least keep busy with Volunteering but I can't even give myself away! And the one place I truly want to go, the one place I would be if I could would be in Amarillo 31 May 08 to watch Lauren Marie New graduate high school. She ships out to join the Navy this summer, too, so this is going to be the last time I get to see her for a very long time. I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

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Comment by Sarah on May 25, 2008 at 10:42am
I got my shot records. :3 As soon as you get your negative TB test we can go in. :)


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