Longtime Albuquerque blogger (here and here) and retired APS schoolteacher is nearly halfway across America. On a bike. He called me the other day and left this enigmatic message:
Hey Chantal, it's Jon. I'm almost to Illinois and wanted to check in to say hi. Everything's fine. I'll save the long story for another day. Bye.

Since he's not updating his Johnny TransAmerica blog as often as a voyeur such as myself would like, I guess I'll have to live with brevity and a promise for the tell-all in a few more weeks.

In the meantime, congrats Johnny on this long-awaited adventure.

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Comment by Springsteen on May 28, 2008 at 8:23pm
Reading Johnny Mango's JohnnyTransamerica blog, he left the power block for his Mac in Williamsburg, VA, so he is inching along with his communiques.

Mango's last post is from May 11th, still in VA, with 70% power on his Mac at that point. If he is in Illinois now, he is making a state a week or so, great progress it sounds like to me, but his computer juice is likely dire by now if he hasn't gotten another adapter yet.

According to his blog posts, he had the hotel forward the adapter to his wife in ABQ and she is hoping to send it to him on the trail somewhere in the Midwest.

In case Johnny checks DCF and reads this, I scoped out the Apple website to see if Urbana-Champaign (down-state home of the University of Illinois and computing-oasis of the Midwest) rated an Apple Store, so Johnny might be able to cycle in for a new power adapter. Unfortunately, the nearest Apple retail store is in Chicagoland. (A new adapter will set him back $79 when he finds one.) Maybe he should try finding a Best Buy – BB has the adapters.

Pedaling through small towns and through corn fields he may also be having a challenge finding wireless connections. The US lags woefully behind many other countries in average broadband access and speeds.

I had the good fortune to hear about Johnny's transcontinental bike plans a year or more ago over a backyard beer at the going-away party for our mutual journalist friend, the inestimable Frank Zoretich. Zoretich, now surely and happily melancholy in the wetter world of Seattle, is a longtime ABQ social commentator and erstwhile author of the Cheap Thrills Adventure Club articles and books published by the ABQ Journal.

Certainly, Mango will have a few Cheap Thrill stories to tell Zoretich when he is done with his ride. Mango's ride ends in Astoria, Oregon, a far piece from Seattle, though maybe Zoretich can meet Mango there to celebrate his accomplishment firsthand, or, would that be last leg?

Thanks Chantal for keeping us up-to-date as possible about his progress, given Johnny's limited postings.
Comment by Eckleburg and Grumblecake on May 29, 2008 at 11:27am
Eck and I were just talking about Mr. Mango, pondering over the wonders he's seeing on his trip. It's great to get a little update. We love you, Jon!


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