I went riding again last night. Did I remember to take my camera? Nope, but I did remember to take my cell phone this time.

The ride started off with a blunder. BF usually gets the bike out of the garage for me and parks on the street. Well I got on, slowly came to the stop sign (I live on a corner lot, so it wasn't far to the stop sign!). While he was watching (and for some reason, he makes me nervous) I attempted to make a left hand turn (LHT) and of course, the bike stalled and I leaned the bike over. I didn't drop it, but it leaned over. He helped me get the bike back up and I got back on the bike, I completed my turn and took off down the road.

I rode around my normal practice route for about a forty minutes and didn't stall once! I made LHTs and right hand turns (RHTs), I zoomed through curves and U-turns. Then coming down the street on his bike was BF. He wanted to ride around with me. I think he was scared that I'd lean the bike over again and wouldn't be able to pick it up. We pulled over on the side of the street and I excitedly told him that I think I finally got the Clutch+Throttle combo! I was so pumped that I had not stalled once, that I was bragging to him now well I had done. Big Mistake!

So, he suggested we go back to the empty neighborhood so that I could practice handling speeds in first and second gears. He gave me exercises to complete - stop and go, go around the curves in first gear and then go through the curves again in second gear, make tight and wide U-turns in second gear. These are exercises I have been practicing for a while now. He followed me, watch me, critiqued me, and praised me.

Of course, once we get back into the main road, I came to a LHT turn and stalled! I think I jinxed myself from my earlier bragging!


Then I stalled again. And one more time.

But I did great for almost an hour! I wanted to ride around for just a little longer and master LHTs without stalling. I didn't want to stop riding, but it was getting late. The dog still had to be fed, the dinner mess needed to be cleaned up, and the next day lunches needed to be made/packed.

I had fun though! I didn't feel as defeated as I did the day before. Going straight is easy - I have no problem with speed and changing gears or slowing down. And sooner than later, I'll have no problems with making those pesky LHTs! Either that or I will have to map out rides where I get from point A to point B without making lefts. Now that would be a fun ride!


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Comment by NMBosque on May 31, 2008 at 10:05pm
Hang in there GG - but I'd like to recommend that you stay on the empty neighborhoods and less traveled roads for a while until all of the above comes naturally. If you think bf makes you nervous, wait until you're in traffic!!! Have fun!


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