Whether it's "Lisa Chavez BDSM", "Albuquerque rock stars" or "breaking bad albuquerque octopus", we... um... apparently got you covered.

Here's a dump of recent search terms referring the unwitting to Duke City Fix:

nob hill bar and grill albuquerque
jennifer james 101
family thrift center albuquerque
senor buckets
night of the living dead albuquerque
roy sekreta
"taj palace" albuquerque
albuquerque city community gardens
loma linda community garden albuquerque
luv yo mama folk art fest
helen mirren albuquerque restaurant
brandon atencio albuquerque
"bodies human" new mexico
albuquerque press club
john gaw meem lecture series
jefferson green dekker perich
idea propulsion lab
bernalillo county tidd suncal
mujeres en accion albuquerque
eclipse aviation
college rugby tournament albuquerque, april 2008
rasoi albuquerque
urban harvesting, albuquerque
lisa chavez, bdsm photos
ecco gelato albuquerque
el rey theater abq photos
albuquerque tea
creative writing course abq
mariscos la playa albuquerque
pupuseria salvadoreña albuqueruqe
albuquerque gardening
kenny chavez luv yo mama
buster's coffee albuquerque
marble brewing albuquerque
mis amigos albuquerque
la luz mine sandias
jack in the box albuquerque
albuquerque camp invention
arthur sussman albuquerque
shops at nob hill
albuquerque: the roadrunner project
cake fetish + albuquerque westside
new mexico beekeepers
revolver nob hill albuquerque
gay albuquerque
radiant floor albuquerque
terminator salvation: the future begins albuquerque
juan tabo
sunday lunch albuquerque
"rio metro" albuquerque
keep it querque
lee's bakery + albuquerque
roller blading in albuquerque
suncal april 2008
albuquerque community gardens
"ilana gold" "duke city fix"
albuquerque critical mass
"trader joe's" albuquerque uptown
albuquerque lox bagel
lobo energy, inc.
rain barrel albuquerque, nm
the whole enchilada albuquerque
american inn demolition central albuquerque
duck city fix
louie lobo
sandia crust pizza albuquerque
tamarind auction
"johnson gym" sauna
"porque burque"
neon sign graveyard
orchid thai albuquerque
abq zombie crawl
lead coal one lane
pastorero taco grill
pierre creperie albuquerque
poker ride, albuquerque
stove, albuquerque
coco posts
crepe pierre
cynthia izaguirre
mcduffie park albuquerque
thai tip albuquerq
is sephora opening in albuquerque
albuquerque pupuseria salvadoreña.
grover cleveland
los griegos is my neigborhood
verb collective, albuquerque
scarantino heinrich alibi
skip heitzig
"gwyneth doland" duke city fix
"maggie toulouse oliver"
alba albuquerque
defined fitness
explora adult night
"sicksicksick" label
all nations skate jam
barelas garden albuquerque
"james korenchen" albuquerque
albuquerque public pool crypto
etheridge auto albuquerque
giovanni's pizza albuquerque menu
homes for sale albuquerque fringecrest
"eastern child" albuquerque
"jessica garate"
albuquerque memorial day events
aspiring child actors, parents, educators conned by
los poblanos organics
paul souther
toy stores albuquerque
"abq arts" +purchased
albuquerque bumblebees tacos
albuquerque spruce park 350
earth day atomic museum
nice barbershop, albuquerque, nm
micks chile fix
"squash blossom boys"
citylink fiber holdings
cynthia izaguirre fired
great book club reads
zia tattoos
chantal albuquerque self-esteem
coyote diner
garrison keillor albuquerque
jefferson middle school albuquerque
mastermind group albuquerque
albuquerque swingers
alququerque rock stars
breaking bad albuquerque octopus
bugg house belen
cricket coogler
custom fixie
double time dance studio
jason daskalos
los duendes luis cordero

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Comment by Rocky on May 30, 2008 at 8:50am
Hmm…Albuquerque swingers?....::googles::…aha, Pika!
Comment by Gwyneth on May 30, 2008 at 9:15am
Hey, somebody's googling me! Crap, it was probably me.
Comment by Khan on May 30, 2008 at 9:34am
I keep a blog of my dreams, and I love to see what weird things people google that ends up hitting me. Most are really unusual sexual things. I mean, I find them unusual, or I'm assuming they're sexual in nature. Do you realize that people all over the world seem interested in hirsute nuns? What the?

(But, some time ago, I did have a dream featuring a sister with lots of body hair, so I get all those hits.)

But I love lists like this. Thanks!
Comment by Benny the Icepick on May 30, 2008 at 9:46am
I remember on the old DCF, whenever we did this, there was always something about "hot granny" or something... is it a good sign or a bad one that this is no longer on the list?


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