I woke up this morning with a plan. I was going to ride the bike down to the Maloof Airpark to watch the BF fly his radio control planes.

Around noon, I got into my leathers (jacket, chaps, gloves), donned my helmet and goggles and started the bike to warm it up. Then slowly, I inched the bike down the driveway and onto the road. That's when it happened - a feeling of nausea washed over me, my helmet began to feel too tight and my palms were a sweaty mess inside my gloves. The idea that I was going to ride the bike out of my neighborhood, that I was going to widen my comfort zone scared me! So I took in a few deep breaths, got on the bike and headed over to the quiet neighborhood for a quick warm-up. After a ride around familiar ground, I felt settled on the bike and decided that I would ride down to the airpark. The airpark is about three miles south from home - a long three miles!

I headed towards the busy two lane road that stretches between Paseo Del Norte and Montano. I got to the stop sign, turned on my turn signal, waited for some traffic to pass and then made a right hand turn. I didn't stall!! I got the bike up to the speed limit (a whopping 35 mph) and began to 'cruise' the road. I was a little nervous. Headed in the opposite direction were about 30 crotch rockets (it was a great day for a ride). I slowly lifted my left hand off the handle bar and signaled to them. They signaled back. And as they passed, a wave of confidence rushed through me. The bike finally felt natural to me and my fear slowly subsided. I didn't get scared leaning through the long s-curves; I didn't even get scared when the huge SUV got right up on my Silverado arse.

The BF was surprised when I showed up to the airpark! He must have seen me as I headed up the road towards the airpark because as I pulled into a parking spot, he was right there with a huge smile!

I safely made it to the airpark and back home, without stalling! I made left and right hand turns like a pro. I forced myself to ride out of my comfort zone. I conquered some fears and now I feel that much more comfortable handling my bike.

Yup, today was a great day for a ride!

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Comment by mombat on June 1, 2008 at 9:49am
Comment by Neonnoodle on June 2, 2008 at 11:03pm
Awesome! I can certainly relate. It wasn't long ago when I was shaking in my boots as I turned onto Central for the first time :) Congrats!


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