While the Democratic presidential candidate in New Mexico was decided via caucus a few months ago, both Republicans and Democrats have responsibilities at the polls today. The most important races today are those for Congressional candidates.

I am backing Robert Pidcock. He's an honest lawyer, and this is his first foray into politics. Unlike the majority of his opponents, both Dem and Rep, he carries no baggage, no ill-made decisions in prior political posts, and he brings with him practical, sensible, real-world answers to tough policy questions that, if he's elected, will affect the nation's population in a positive. I encourage you to check out his website:


Unlike other candidates, he offers straightforward answers, simply put, to the pressing questions all voters have for their candidates now. Also unlike other candidates, he's held an honest to goodness job for decades, as a lawyer aiding in the protection of citizens' rights. My endorsement of Robert Pidcock is strong because I had the opportunity to talk to him in person extensively, but beyond that because all the answers he expounded on are readily available for analysis on his website.

i feel strongly about who should represent me, I always have, and that feeling has been continually reinforced over the last decade. I hope every one that can is voting today, and doing so thoughtfully. If you have a few hours left of work before you head to the polls, check out Robert Pidcock and make sure your choice for congressman is the right one, for the right reasons.

Name-recognition is not the way to pick such an important candidate. If you've heard the name before, if this candidate has been high-profile enough to have their names in the spotlight over the years, we should also know their platforms. If we don't, maybe it's time they step aside for a fresh perspective and thoughtful approaches to our current struggles.

Peace everyone, please vote.

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Comment by Brendan on June 3, 2008 at 2:17pm
We just voted at Highland High- no waiting.
Comment by bleve on June 3, 2008 at 5:07pm
They were expecting a large turnout... my voting station (in the N. Valley) was like a morgue. And for some reason I always accidentally walk to the republican station and they always get rather perturbed at my cringe when I realize where I'm standing.
Comment by Skip on June 3, 2008 at 7:22pm
I voted this morning at the Lomas/Tramway library. At 7 AM, there were 18 of us waiting in line. (16 mostly middle-aged males, 2 females; except for one of the women, all of us looked like we were on our way to work.) The doors opened promptly at 7. Inside, there were 8 pole workers, each of whom seemed to have a different idea about what the correct procedures were for the voting process. One of the pole workers was obviously distressed by what several of her fellow workers were doing. One of the votors was given the wrong ballot (I heard him say he needed a Democratic Party ballot). There was some confusion about how to handle the bureaucracy of correcting the error. When it came time to scan the ballots, the machine wasn't working. One of the voters joked about "hanging chads." After some 10 minutes of effort by a couple of folks, we were directed to simply dump our ballots in a mail slot-like opening below the scanner. I'm assuming these will be hand-counted later, although I have no trouble imagining how these also might be totally missed and never counted.
Comment by bleve on June 4, 2008 at 9:42am
I think Pidcock was a great candidate but I didn't see him or his name out there. I have to say that Heinrich really utilized the web better then I've seen any candidate at any level... except say Obama. He was on CrooksandLiars.com advertising and interacting with the comment boards, he was on huffingtonpost.com, he was dcf obviously as well as NMFBIHOP.com and most likely many more.

For a candidate like Pidcock web exposure could have been relatively cheap and put his name out there in a big way... it shows somewhat of a disconnect for any candidate who doesn't realize the power of "new" media or its largely younger demographic.
Comment by Andrea Lin on June 4, 2008 at 5:16pm
I did STRATEGIC voting - using my (shhhhhh) Obamican registration, I voted for all of the most oderous candidates, making them that much easier to beat this fall. Ha! Oh, yeah, and I like Ron Paul, so I put him in there, too. Teehee.
Comment by Skip on June 15, 2008 at 9:50pm
Q Gal, you are sooooooo right to chuckle. But some of those elderly ladies did a wicked poll dance to that thumpa thumpa . . .


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