Monday night BF asked if I wanted to take a ride with him up to the Double Eagle Airport. The other day, while he was passing the airport, he heard a radial engine plane and wanted to see if it was still parked at the DEA. You see, he is a plane buff - loves them so intensely that he even has a collection of radio control planes he flies. He'll watch every and any television special on planes, especially on the History or Military channels. He could talk 'planes' all day long. *lol*

BF's T-34 RC Plane

So, I got into my bike gear, he got into his, the bikes were warmed up and off we went! I stalled right away! (What else is new?) But I started the bike again and took off. We went up to Rainbow Road to Paseo Del Norte and headed west. (And this time I didn't stall!) Once we passed the going-home traffic, the road was empty. It was just me, BF and the wind. I rode really well - I got through the curves at a constant speed, I was able to maintain the speed limit (and sometimes over) while changing gears smoothly. I fought the wind a little - but it wasn't too bad. And I wasn't scared! Well, I wasn't very scared. A little fear is always a good thing, it keeps me on my toes (and bike).

We reached the airport. What a view! The mountains to east, the city, the setting sun, the colours! What a fun ride! We rode around the airport and BF finally found the bi-wing radial engine plane he had heard the other day. It was parked on the tarmac so we sat there and he gave me a brief history lesson about bi-wing radial engine planes.

The sun was setting quickly, so we rode back home. This time, I pushed my little bike (compared to his!) to ride a little faster. BF's bike likes to go fast, after all, it's a 1700cc and has the power to go! So I got into 5th gear, pulled on the throttle and enjoyed the speed!

We were out for about an hour. Again, I didn't want to come home! I wanted to ride some more. But alas, it was getting late.

I need to go on a practice ride again. With the ride to the airport, I know what weaknesses I need to work on. I'd like to practice my 'stop and goes' some more. When I stop at a red light and it turns green, I am enveloped in this feeling of hurry up and go! When I do that, I don't feather my clutch well and of course stall. So, I need to learn how to be patient at the light, not too patient, but I need to be calm and use the clutch properly. I am always learning.

I love going on rides! I love the anticipation of the ride, the (slight) fear, the freedom...

Every ride is an adventure! Where will I fly to next?!

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Comment by James of al-Barran on June 4, 2008 at 8:11pm
I enjoyed reading your description of how much you're enjoying your life.
Comment by jim on June 5, 2008 at 8:44am
I'm enjoying reading about your progress over the past month. Sounds like you're doing fine. Feathering the clutch/throttle will become easier each time you take another ride. Be safe.........enjoy the ride.


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