I keep forgetting to blog about my days at Talking Talons, so this post in comprised of 3 TT days and my weekend in Los Lunas.

Talking Talons: Day 2
Ashley and I got to clean the bat cages and feed them. It was awesome~ Except one of them pooped in my hair while I was cleaning the cage. Also, bat poop is really hard to get off the bottom of your shoes. At least for me. I also did some office work and some more painting.

Talking Talons: Day 3
We did some office work and then went over to work at the Thrift Store sorting jeans and kid clothes into the right sizes/types/colors. I never want to see a pair of pants again. I don't even think I want to wear pants anymore.

Talking Talons: Day 4
I sweeped the kitchen and shop area thing, and Ashley and I both fed Bandit (a one-eyed male Kestrel) mealworms. First we tried a tweezer but he wasn't having it so we fed him by hand. He's a cutie~ And then we put up some fiberglass netting stuff in some of the bird things because some of the birds (including Bandit) were hitting themselves against it and ruining their tailfeathers. It. Was. Hard. Work.

Weekend in Los Lunas
I went with Ashley to help her house sit Friday-Sunday because I help take care of the horses up there. Friday wasn't so great because we were freaking tired. Saturday we had a "Tudors-athon" and watched the entire first season of Showtimes 'The Tudors'. Crazy show, that is. I love it. We also watched The Little Mermaid and decided who was what character. I would be Scuttle, Ashley would be Sebastian, Ryan would be Ariel, and we couldn't decide whether Jonathan would be Flounder or Prince Eric. But we are going to do a "spoof" and call it 'The Little Ryan'. xD

We are also making a clothing line, but for now we've decided to keep everything under wraps while we get it started. ;)

Good times, good times.

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Comment by mombat on June 16, 2008 at 9:17am
Hee hee, I like the clothing line.


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