I have recently lost my dog D.J. Or, as we call her, Baby D. Her name stands for Dachsundicus Jiganticus because she looks like a giant weiner dog. Originally, though, I meant for it to mean Dutchess Judy because I thought the dog from Fox and the Hound was named Duke. Really, though, she is a full-bred Golden Retriever on her mother's side and a full-bred Basset Hound on her father's side. She has been registered as lost at http://www.petharbor.com/ and if you register a found dog matching her description (medium-sized brown female greater than 1 year old) it will e-mail me directly. If you work or volunteer for the City Pound or Animal Humane Association you've already seen me through your doors this week looking for her.

D.J. has big floppy ears, short legs, a barrel body, extra skin (and fat), and a big heart from her Basset Hound roots.

Baber D. has a big chest that is mostly white, a big snout, big eyes, and a loving heart from her Golden Retriever roots. She LOVES to play fetch with the green tennis balls and her favorite color is green. GOD willing, her green collar is still on her with her immunization tags and still has her green leash.

Baby D. has a hard time eating at other people's houses and never takes things from strangers. I have never been able to get her to eat dog food (we feed her Pedigree [the blue and yellow bag]) at anyone else's house but if you're persistent you might be able to get her to take a treat or two. She's so timid, though, you might have to put it on the floor and give her some space. If someone has taken her in, they probably have noticed that she doesn't like to eat out of kitchen bowls because she has been well-trained to stay out of the garbage, out of people plates, and off of the furniture. She will only eat out of her white plastic dog bowl because her sister Faye eats out of the blue one.

D.J. is a very low-maintenance dog and is content to stay most of the day by herself. She plays with her sister sometimes but usually likes to sunbathe or graze in the grass. If you take her to a park, though, and let her off of her leash she will play fetch until she's ready to collapse! She is faster than she looks given her body size but she can keep up with the best of 'em--her sister is two feet taller and excellent runner but can never quite shake Baby D! She knows her way home from Kennedy Middle School but was not lost at Kennedy. But if you walk her every day to and from the park and home she will go home right away. She was once attacked at the park by another dog and came straight home!

Baber D. is very timid. She does not like new dogs or new people unless they want to pet her. She had an incident with another dog at the park so novel dogs are not her thing but she has NEVER attacked a person or another dog. If you raise her voice she will retreat and get a very, very sad look on her face and try to skitter away. Please, if you have her, don't keep yelling at her! She will usually come if you call but once she gets scared her imperative is to get away so don't be aggressive; she just needs time to get to trust you again.

Her favorite things to do are to lay at your feet while you are on the computer so that you will rub her side with your feet, go the park to lay in the grass or play fetch, or walk down to the PetCo on Eubank to pick out a barbecued pig's ear. She will eat the regular ones but she REALLY LOVES the flavored ones! She also loves to chew on rawhide bones and will eat at the knob of one side so that only one knob is attached to the middle. She will use the remaining knob between her feet so that she can hold the middle up to her face so she can eat it easier. Don't throw out the knobs! She will eat the knobs later if you don't give her another bone but she prefers the middle.

There is a reward for information and a bigger reward for her return! We won't ask any questions if she is injured because she has been away from us since Sunday (22June08). She was lost in the NE Heights area on the South West side of the corner of Juan Tabo and Lomas. We are East of Kennedy Middle School and our street is right off of Marquette leading away from it. If you are one of my neighbors, you have probably seen me walking up and down your block from Lomas to Freeway Place and from Juan Tabo to Tomasita calling out "DJ!" or "Baby D!" while walking her sister, Faye. She is a very loving dog with a very big heart and we miss her very much. Please, if you have any information, call me at 505-459-0276 day or night or e-mail me at imouse1@unm.edu . My name is Ashley MacKenzie and I really want to see Baby D again!

This is her stuffed pal, Freddy! He misses her, too!

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Comment by imouse1 on July 1, 2008 at 9:47am
My cell phone was stolen on Sunday while volunteering at the AHA so if you have any information or if you know where she is, please e-mail me at imouse1@unm.edu and I will reply with a phone number you can call!
Comment by imouse1 on October 14, 2008 at 1:58pm
DJ is still missing! I am back at my regular cell phone number at 505-459-0276 if you have any information -- day or night no questions asked!
Comment by imouse1 on August 31, 2010 at 9:05am
I hope she was found by a loving family; I still haven't heard anything =(


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