Yesterday, there was a pretty lively discussion about Mayor Marty, and it became pretty clear, pretty fast that he's not a "fan favorite" among Fixers. (Read the whole thing -- it's very informative, and shows why DCF is such a great site).

So let's ask the question - who do you think should be the next Mayor of Albuquerque? If you can't think of a name, think of a profile -- what characteristics would you want in the next Mayor? And then, if you think the city should make a change, what are you doing to bring that about?

I ask this in a serious way, in an attempt to start a serious discussion, so keep the goofiness quotient to a minimum, por favor.

The DCF community is a special one and it has the power to make a difference, so let's get started!

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Comment by Cara on July 7, 2008 at 10:28am
We are missing the point here, Oliver poses a great question. Marty, love him or hate him, will be gone soon and we need to be thinking about the qualities we would like to see in our next mayor. Someone bright, forward thinking, who loves Albuquerque and will preserve all of the qualities we love about our city and will be a good steward, and at the same time will be bold enough to make changes where they are needed.
One person I like very much, though I don't know that he has even considered this, is Democratic Party Chair Brian Colon. Brian fits the bill on all these, is a young family man, chairman of the Popejoy Hall board, and is passionate about Albuquerque and New Mexico as a whole. No one else comes immediately to mind, but I haven't had my coffee yet. We do have a number of great people here in Albuquerque who would do a terrific job.
For the record, I am not in the love him or hate him camps with regard to Martin Chavez. I think he has done some outstanding things for keeping Albuquerque a vital and beautiful city, and for that I am grateful, and yet I know there are issues that make him not so popular.


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