When I was in the process of moving back to the Q, I actually used the search term "Flying Star" at Craigslist to help me locate our new home. When I was here a couple of years ago I would hang out at the "Grand Star" or the "Silver Star" for hours every day enjoying the net, great magazines, and decent all you can drink coffee. Sure enough we moved into a place a short walk from the Silver Star---still the best design of the growing bunch. Unfortunately, the prices of everything have increased to the point that now the Star is not a reasonable everyday place. I just got a side of green chile turkey sausage---one of my favorite things in the world; two smallish patties are now $4.29. It makes me sad. The good news is that the high prices at the Star has driven me to the more reasonably priced Java Joes and Sunshine Cafe---which are also an easy walk and also have wifi. Java Joes even has live music a couple mornings per week. So I'm evolving beyond the Stars; perhaps that's a good thing.

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Comment by Robyn on July 5, 2008 at 1:33pm
I agree. The food is good and I really like dining at the Flying Stars, but more than 10 bucks for a salad or $13 for a rice bowl!? And then they appear to expect tips (what with the line of tip jars and the tip line on the cc receipts) after you had to stand in line for 10 minutes to order at a counter -- and of course if you want a refill or anything you have to go get it yourself, so really I think I might rather go somewhere where I'm actually waited on and can sit back. It's too bad because I would eat there a lot more often if they just dropped the prices a few bucks per item, and then overall they would make a lot more money off of me. I'm not here to bash, because like I said, I think their food is delicious, but I do think if they continue at this rate that they will start driving away business. I know a few people who have quit eating there as often because of the price increases.
Comment by Tina on July 5, 2008 at 3:37pm
I don't go there. The food is good one day, bad the next, the service is bad, the coffee is bitter and weak, and the prices are outrageous for what you get. Sunshine, the Grove, and Java Joes are good.
Comment by Kevin Murray on July 5, 2008 at 3:38pm
As much as I hate to say it, part of me says get used to it. With the price of gas / diesel fuel what it is and the cost of labor going up due to the increases in minimum wage, food prices are going up and up at a pace almost never before seen.

I am not saying that all of Flying Stars price increases are due to the cost of fuels / labor costs, but I am sure that it does not help any.
Comment by Sara on July 5, 2008 at 5:48pm
I am so glad to see this finally being addressed! I myself do bitch and moan often about the price increases and at this point cant afford to eat there, on one hand, and am mad about it and refuse to eat there on the other. And tha good side of that is that I am also exploring other little haunts around town. Thomas Michael (is that the name?) sure takes the cake for coffee. And the pupuseria down the street is another place i frequent more often now. It just seems out of hand. And the fact that a person cannot substitute and item without being charged more is infuriating. I like that other places around town appreciate it that I'm a regular and are happy and kind about accommodating me. I think they're getting a little too big for their britches!
Comment by Joe S Sausage on July 5, 2008 at 6:48pm
A lot of this treatment is contempt for the consumer, so use the power that you have, go somewhere to get the best product and experience for your time and your money, i do. and actually i was so disgusted w/ product and service quality, i started my own business from a hobby, i treat people the way i want to be treated and i make a consistently high quality product, it's a matter of respect and reverence for people and food,. happy 4th.
Comment by Carrie on July 5, 2008 at 9:18pm
Oh my, I laughed so hard about the bread crumb conspiracy! My husband and I have a joke about the dinner roll conspiracy...can they replace it with a slice of whole wheat toast? Maybe they can, maybe they can't -- depends on who you ask.

Here's a little list of my gripes, kudos and alternatives to Flying Star.

Diminishing portions: slices of pies getting smaller and smaller and the "really big bowl" of soup is just a small soup bowl.

Bizarre menu decisions: replacing the tofu scramble (one of the best deals on the bfast menu) with the wierd-ass dry curry tofu breakfast dish that turns your tongue and lips yellow. Dropping the reuben sandwich.

Best value (in my opinion): Mediterranean nosh ($6 ish), chinese crunch salad with tofu (still overpriced at $10, but huge plate and very filling), that new small salad with tuna on it ($6 ish), ugly muffin (cheap, cheerful and filling).

Some nice alternatives

Tamaya: Actually, you can eat lunch at Tamaya Resort for less than you can eat at Flying Star, and take a self-guided art tour of incredible contemporary and archival Native American art, weavings, ceramics, photography to walk off the great meal. They have the tour brochures at the concierge desk. Tamaya has $9.99 blue plate special lunches on the patio, overlooking a beautiful view, gardens and fountain. It's a screaming deal.

RB Winnings' hummus sandwich, sub a bowl of soup for the side at a whopping $5.99. Their soups are outrageously good and the sandwich is big and filling and healthy.

Relish If you're going to pay $10 for a sandwich, why not get the best? Huge sandwiches you can stretch into two meals, along with a side and a pickle. All of them are great, but my all-time favorites are the cubano and the mediterranean.

Java Joes / Sunshine Cafe: already mentioned by other posters.
Comment by Phil_0 on July 5, 2008 at 11:02pm
I guess it's maybe an indication of the number of newcomers finding their way to DCF these days, but this topic has been raised a few dozen times over the last few years...and more than once in the last six months! Yet each time it's just like new, garnering a whole new slew of indignant responses.

To me the perennial popularity of the topic indicates two things:
- the prices at Flying Star keep creeping upwards, perennial menu favorites get replaced, and the offerings that remain are increasingly standardized as the Star looks towards continued expansion.
- most of the people who post here keep flocking there anyway, no matter what it costs or how much they complain.
Comment by SweetCaroline on July 6, 2008 at 7:39am
After seeing the movie, "Waitress" I was understandably craving a slice of pie and a cuppa Joe.

I headed for the nearest Flying Star for my fix. I stood in line, ordered a slice of pie and a cuppa house coffee. I was shocked when I was told that will be $8, please. Add in a $1 tip in the tip jar with large print at the register, and I wa out $9 for a slice of pie and house coffee.

I could have eaten a meal at the Front Tire for that price. From now in it's 'cheap and cheerful dining' for me!
Comment by Scrymgeour on July 6, 2008 at 10:03am
To play devils advocate here, but isn't this site all about pride in the local? As far as I know isn't this a true local establishment? The prices go up, but as one of the other posters already indicated, prices everywhere are going up - fuel, labor, energy, wheat - and will continue to do so. I would much rather pay for the coffee (instead of say Starbucks) and I have yet to find as good as a desert selection as you can find here. Price isn't everything, or we should just all shop at Walmart or get coffee from McDonald's. That low price comes with a hidden price!
Comment by miss lonelyhearts on July 6, 2008 at 11:25am
Pretty much the only time I bother going to a Flying Star any more is because they're pretty much the only coffee places that are open late aside from Denny's and other assorted pancake places.


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