Speaking of being HOT!! Cool ways to keep your Dogs and Cats Cool this summer!

#1 NEVER NEVER LEAVE YOUR DOG OR CAT LOCKED IN A PARKED CAR ON A HOT DAY..or at all-ever-never-ever-ever!! This one should be common sence folks and yet while running around town I usually see some dummy with their dog locked in the car...Temps in a parked car can rise really fast so even if "you just left fluffy in the car to run into the store real quick" you run the risk of seriously harming or killing your pet. Just leave them at home!

#2 Take your pet for it's walk early in the morning or evening. The sun doesn't go down till about 8:30 pm take advantage of the longer days and wait till after dinner to go for a walk. Watch out for hot asphalt!! Try using baby socks on your dog's feet to protect them. And if you are going for walks during the heat of the afternoon, carry plenty of water for both you and your dog (we have Gulpys @ the store for only $10.95). OHHOH and don't forget the sunscreen!! Dogs can get sunburnt too!! Apply sunscreen to ears and nose!!!!

#3 Bring your dogs and cats indoors durning the afternoon! You think it blows to be out in the hot sun all day...try it with a fur coat on!! If you MUST keep your dog or cat outside, make sure sure sure there is plenty of shade for them to escape the sun AND lots of COOL water!!! REMEMBER: sunscreen on the ears and nose!!! (kitties too!!)

#4 DOGGIE ICE CUBES!! This is a fun outdoor activity: Take a large metal mixing bowl (one that fits in the freezer) fill the bowl with water and pop it in the freezer, let it freeze solid and wha-la a really big ice cube to give you dog in the back yard! They'll lick it and push it around in the yard. Fun times! Also try freezing low sodium broth too!! Works great! and its FREE! For the kitties, use regular ice cube trays to make the ice cubes in and don't forget the cat nip or tuna!! (yummy, tuna pop!)

#5 Have a summer gathering @ Bow Wow Blues! We have various themes to choose from. It's only $5 per dog AND we set the party up for you AND clean up afterwards!! We have kiddie pools!!!! Call for details! 341-4484

#6 Doggie Bon-Bons and Do-gert! We have a selection of Doggie Bon-bon frozen treats AND banana/PB frozen yogert for the poochies!!! Fun way to cool down!!

#7 Watch for signs of over heating in your pet! Heavy breathing or panting; staggering or unsteadiness (doggie looks or acts drunk); Fast pulse, deep red/purple tongue. IF you see these symptoms in your pet cool them down slowly, pour cold water over them and sit them in front of a fan. Give them water and ice cubes, don't let them gulp water--small amounts are better. Take them to the vet ASAP!!

#8 Be a community watch dog!!! Watch out for neighbors who aren't taking care of their pets. Don't be afraid to call AHA if you see animals being neglected!!

#9 Above all have a fun, smart and SAFE summer with your pets!!!

Bow Wow!

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Comment by Joe on July 6, 2008 at 7:50pm
Nice job Steph, you're pretty awesome. how about driving your dog to a park early in the morning, let them go nuts, bring them home, a bit of food, they will probably sleep most of the day, waitil the sun is low, about 7:30 low, take them for another little run, exactly, dogs and hot cars don't mix, stay cool.
Comment by Bow Wow Blues on July 6, 2008 at 11:21pm
Dog park in the early morning is a GREAT idea! tee-hee, I have Basset Hounds so err...early mornings NOT on our to-do list!!! haahaa! Thanks for adding the link too! You guys ROCK!!

Comment by vashti on July 7, 2008 at 7:18am
I'd like to add - if you take your dog with you when you shop or go out to eat and tie him up outside while you do your thing, at least leave a bowl of water!


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