Pretty soon I may not have a house TO sell.

I've been lamenting that my house is in month 4 of being on the market. To add to the bad luck? I was just awakened in the middle of the night by a doorbell ringing madly; it was a neighbor telling me someone had set a small fire in my yard. Especially given my chronic insomnia, I was not happy about my one chance at slumberly bliss being messed with (I really want to use other language here but I am trying to keep it clean).

I looked over and sure enough, at the edge, something was on fire. At first I thought it was a coffee can with something lit in it, but I walked over and realized someone had taken ALL the flyers out of the box attached to my "for sale sign," ripped them in half as kindling, and set them on fire. I had just put a NEW stack in there this evening.

It was out in seconds; in fact by the time I got out with a pitcher of water it was mostly embers. But since you don't mess around with fire in Albuquerque (and since I'm sure someone tried to break into my house a month or so ago) I went ahead and called the cops. Only thing he could say was, "Looks like someone has a problem with you." Well, since I don't know much of anyone, I'm thinking more likely, some kids are out "having fun."

I know it was probably not a big deal, but it makes me just feel unsafe.

The kicker? I live just a few blocks from a police substation.

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Comment by Jessica on July 31, 2008 at 6:39am
I'm in the northeast heights...just for the sake of saving face for my neighborhood while I'm trying to sell a house, I will decline on which neighborhood for now. I will say, my across-the-street neighbors have been nothing but trouble much of the time, and while I've had no altercations with them myself, I can't help but wonder if they had something to do with it.
Comment by Jessica on August 1, 2008 at 2:28pm
Nope, never seen them there. Nothing else has happened since then, thankfully. My ex-husband said he's seen them glaring at him; he's thinking they thought we called APD on them (they've had several visits, but never because of a call from us!). The more I've thought about the incident, the more I think it was probably just kids and I overreacted a bit. Of course, that wasn't helped by a cop who thought I must have "enemies." Jeesh!


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