So I am ashamed to say that I am woefully unfamiliar with the downtown area. As a matter of coincidence, my life in ABQ just hadn't led me to that neck of the woods... until recently. I suddenly find being introduced to all kinds of new places all over ABQ.

This mornings discovery was Java Joe's around 9th and park. I immediately fell in love with the place when I first went for nostalgic reasons. It reminded me of some of the coffee houses I used to lurk in during my college years. Cramped, crowed, cheery and full of good smells. The place was packed with people even at 9:30 in the morning. A large number of whom were road cyclists. Obviously this is a place where they convene for burritos after a long ride... which to me seems like a recipe for digestive disaster, but thats me.

Anyway, the thing that i really enjoyed was the coffee. GREAT coffee. Just the right balance of robustness and flavor, without the esophigal erosion that I usually get form (bleh) starbucks. I also had a blueberry muffin that was uncommonly good. It tasted like it had just been baked and not been sitting around for a week like something you would get at (bleh) starbucks. I dont know if Joe's bakes their own goods, I doubt it, but wherever they get their foodstock from, it was good. AND it was CHEAP. 4 dollars for the whole affair. Plus, I really liked little community coffee shop vibe that it had. Although its a little out of my way, Im sure Ill be going back there again.

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Comment by RiRiSynCyr on August 19, 2008 at 11:22am
I thought I saw a sign on Harvard that they were putting in a Cheba Hut? There is one in Tempe, AZ. When I worked down there I couldn't get enough of it! they must put crack in the bread or's flippin' good and addictive!

as for downtown coffee....another DCFer once told me that the little coffee stand on Mountain just east of sunshine cafe was also really good. It looks like a mini old gas station. I never remember the name of the place, and always try to go by when it's closed.
Comment by Animalib on August 19, 2008 at 6:40pm
i don't think i am fastidious. i have three long haired cats and two dogs. there is hair everywhere, including my food. i just don't want some dude's hair in my food especially if that is his job, and livelihood. Not to mention it violates all kinds of health codes. Also the lack of courtesy when i complained. They treated me like it was MY fault that there was hair in my food. And no, it wasn't hair I brought with me. It was long and black. (too long and too black to belong to me or any of my critters).


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