Meet One of the 9 Newest Members of the Nob Hill Neighborhood Association Board of Directors!

I WON!!!!!!!!

Yes, I pulled it off. I am now one of the 9 new members on the Nob Hill Neighborhood Association Board of Directors! I want to extend a big thank you to my neighbor for having vested your confidence and trust in me.

I was first up to the podium. After everyone told me to get on the microphone--which was rather humbling--I got up there and made a self-deprecating joke about how I had the longest biography on the handout of eligible candidates. I got up there with some new ideas--like bringing a library branch to our neighborhood, working to help people improve their yards, and better functioning Shop and Strolls and neighborhood events.

After everyone turned in their ballots to be counted, we heard from Rey Garduno--our city councilor. Councilor Garduno has a large district of which Nob Hill is only a part. David, who had been in communication with him about speeders on Marquette, politely but firmly called him out on his office's communication breakdown with him. According to David, Councilor Garduno's office eventually stopped returning his calls and emails. As someone who has posted in my own blog about Councilor Trudy Jones' inability to get back to me about the drag racing on Montgomery, I can certainly relate to his frustration.

And then things got much more animated. A man started shouting about a house at 219 Richmond Drive SE. At first, I thought it was the large home at the intersection of Wellesley Drive and Campus Boulevard, which has been in a state of almost finished construction since I moved to Albuquerque a year ago. I was mistaken now that I have looked at the map. I guess the house has become quite a controversy with multiple variances granted to make the house go from 1500 square feet to 5000 square feet. The man continued shouting saying the house's builder had committed fraud under oath--and you could tell Councilor Garduno was becoming increasingly anxious. Several other people spoke hotly against the house for which Councilor Garduno apologized for not monitoring the situation more closely. I guess the house has had a temporary restraining order on it--halting all construction and it will likely go to court. I don't think this is the last time I have heard about 219 Richmond Drive SE.

The meeting of the Board was fairly routine after that. We discussed some Board business and what our purview was and was not. I can tell my fellow Board members are dynamic, highly individualist, hard working folks. Now it's time to roll up my sleeves and work to accomplish my goals on the board--and to work diligently to make my campaign promises a reality. I am so proud to be on this Board with all of these people dedicated to making a better Nob Hill a reality.

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Comment by David on September 18, 2008 at 3:20pm
Absolutely, Scott!


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